Jason Sloss, new to KIRO 7; Somerville (ex-SF anchor) ordered to do community service

From FOX 5/San Diego, Jason Sloss moves up the coast to Seattle’s KIRO 7. Which pic will KIRO use to promo Sloss? Hmm…

Former KTVU/San Francisco anchor, Frank Somerville, got just a slap on the hand for a huge squabble and charges resulting from an altercation with family and DUI in June 2023. Interviewed exclusively by blogger Rich Lieberman, the Bay area radio-tv watchdog, Somerville recounted his period of sobriety since the dust up and some details on the plea agreement laid out in court. (How did the mainstream media report? See COMMENTS here)

Former KOMO 4 reporter, Jonathan Choe has pissed off the pro-hamas faction of antifa/UW students/professors. So much that Choe has been doxxed. The campus has been spray-painted with Choe’s address and phone number, along with the usual scribbles, (you can’t even call it tagging or graffiti, it’s simply damage to what was once an institution of higher learning.) These soy boys will live in Grandma’s basement until the undertaker removes her dusty carcass. As for Jonathan Choe, his presence on campus alone upsets the pro-pal criminals who attempt to block his access. It often gets violent. The mainstream media will frame all of it as peaceful protests. We can only hope that the hunger strikes are taken to the extreme and the pro-hammie pals succumb to a quick death, putting them out of their misguided misery.

Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “Jason Sloss, new to KIRO 7; Somerville (ex-SF anchor) ordered to do community service

  1. See how the mainstream print media got the Frank Somerville story wrong:

    Ex-anchor Frank Somerville to do service projects instead of jail
    1 day ago

    San Francisco Chronicle
    Frank Somerville to wash Alameda sheriff’s cars instead of jail
    1 day ago

    Former KTVU Anchor Frank Somerville Sentenced to 30 Days for DUI and Probation Violation in Berkeley Incident
    1 day ago

    The Mercury News
    Longtime KTVU anchor Frank Somerville becomes the story, again, after new plea deal
    2 days ago

    Former Anchorman Frank Somerville Gets 30-Day Jail Sentence After Family Fight Turned Ugly
    2 days ago

    Who at the Chronicle thought the car wash headline was quality journalism?

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