Christopher Nunley leaves KING 5 meteorology gig to assist where family needs

Christopher Nunley has been updating viewers about a health situation involving a family member. Now, he has decided to devote his full attention to helping out during troubling times for his family. Nunley leaves KING 5 to return to the Choctaw Nation tribal grounds in Oklahoma to take care of his ailing father.

Author: Jason Remington

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16 thoughts on “Christopher Nunley leaves KING 5 meteorology gig to assist where family needs

  1. I am just learning of your departure from Seattle this evening. So sorry to see you go you were a pleasure to watch on the news. I think it’s extremely admirable of you to make this choice, to go home and care for your father. You’re a good son, God bless you and everything that you do. Hopefully we will see you in another year or two back here in the rainy northwest, best of luck to your Christopher

  2. Christopher, I am glad to hear that you are following your heart to help with your father. You are truly missed as our favorite Weatherman on King 5 news. You were always so kind and animated in your delivery. And thanks for loving all our dogs, even the Husky “dawgs”. May God be with you wherever you go. Hope to see you soon back in Seattle delivering the weather.

    Dave Parks

  3. I started to notice someone was missing at King5. The dog loving bright young weather man! Reading this has really touched me. It sounds like your decision was a good one, for your family and your career.
    Barbara from Puyallup WA

  4. Christopher, so sorry you HAD to leave. Husband and I have been wondering for weeks now, if not months, where you are..I finally went on the “net” this a.m., to find out. You & Farah seemed to have such a “partner” relationship. It worked so well & made us sitting at home in ‘TV Land’ [yeah, I’m dating myself] in our robes, savoring that cuppa (no better cuppa than here in WA State) feel happy to have you two handle that Sat Morning “situation”. So Christopher, bless you for doing what you had to do. Only “Big Dawgs” do what you did. We lift your family up in prayer & we miss you..but ‘with understanding’.

  5. It is very sad to lose you here in Seattle, but our thoughts and prayers go with you. I derailed my career to stay with my father as well, best decision I ever made…it was amazing!

  6. Please come back when you are done caring for your father which is admirable. And King 5 u betta hire him back….he’s a good guy and I enjoyed watching him….

  7. I’m wishing Chris and family all the best. My prayers and thoughts are with Chris and family 🙏🥰. He will definitely will be on King 5 News

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