LIZ DUEWEKE says goodbye to the Pacific Northwest & Q13


Liz Dueweke spent 9 years at KCPQ 13 and was at KOMO 4 previously (2013-2014), KOKH FOX 25/Oklahoma City (2010 – 2013), Flint, Michigan and Yuma, Arizona earlier in her career. Where does she go from here? Stay tuned…

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Author: Jason Remington

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21 thoughts on “LIZ DUEWEKE says goodbye to the Pacific Northwest & Q13

  1. Came in, Forced KC out which was my absolute favorite. Looked plastic, acted plastic and really only watched her for the rest of the Q13 staff.
    I watch less after MJ left.

    Good riddance.

  2. I just gave it a few minutes and see no reason to return.

    – Martin Howell
    Now retired. Formerly of
    Izzard/Howell Creative Advertising.
    2320 First Avenue South,
    Seattle (next to
    Thompson & Thompson).

  3. Lizabeth Dueweke

    Liz is excited to join KFOX14, anchoring alongside Robert Holguin at 5 and 9 PM.

    She comes to El Paso from Seattle, after a decade on TV waking up viewers in the Pacific Northwest.

    Most recently, Liz was the main anchor of the Emmy-award winning “Good Day Seattle” on KCPQ Fox 13 and before that, KOMO 4 Morning News.

    She’s also worked in Oklahoma City, Flint, MI and Yuma, AZ. Her cross-country experience has allowed her to cover a wide range of stories, from border issues to extreme weather and even Super Bowl Championships.

    No matter where the news takes her, she’s always working to make sure viewers have local news coverage that is responsible, empathetic, and authentic.

    In her free time, she loves biking, working out, reading, and exploring El Paso.

  4. This sucks, she was the reason why I watched FOX 13 Seattle News🤣and I don’t get KFOX14 News on my satelite 😥

  5. I’ve heard from insiders that Liz Dueweke moved to Texas to be with a new beau. Ain’t love crazy?

  6. From Market #12 to market #91. But she is the big fish in a small pond. I will be watch KFOX to see her during her first week.

  7. I hope KCPQ 13 doesn’t get too upset with me but I am going to have to watch KFOX 14/El Paso now and then for my Liz fix. I bet that I am not the only one here.

  8. Divorce can really change a person’s life, often for the better.

    2022 tore open cavernous holes in my heart, eroded old patterns, and gave way to revealing, massive hurt. Sometimes when all I see is loss or grief, I remember I have never truly been alone. Now I enter 2023 and those cavernous holes feel much less intimidating, patched up with the unconditional love of my chosen family. I am forever mending and healing by the hands and hearts of people who won’t ever let me fall. I am held together constantly by the hug of a girlfriend who is thrilled to see me, a morning text to make sure I am still okay, a last minute bike ride, or a cheap happy hour drink in exchange for priceless laughter and tears. I want to continue filling my life with these relationships and these memories that matter. These are my people: who despite my glaring mistakes and disgusting failures, remind me that I am loved and am still going to be okay. I am collecting the rest of my years until the day I die just like this: spilling over with gratitude for all of these moments, memories and absolute saviors who remind me why life’s beautiful instants are also worth enduring the pain and hurt. To my chosen family of friends, lovers and confidants: may you all understand my everlasting appreciation for you and be just as surrounded with the same love and support heading into this new year as you have shown me.

    Liz Dueweke–DECEMBER 31, 2022

    Dueweke had filed for divorce from husband Adam Mertz in early 2022.

  9. She casts “adult film star” vibes now. Perhaps that’s the future endeavor. Talks about picking her wedgies and stuff. Only Fans?

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