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31 thoughts on “GUEST BOOK – READER BIOS

  1. Thanks for a great job on Bill Drake’s History of Rock and Roll.

    Don Sainte-Johnn
    Ex 610 Air Personality

  2. Hello, I am not a broadcaster, but my Dad was friends with one of your graduates, Brian Peterson. My dad asked if I could find any info him, his name is David Ruffle, as am I, the 3rd. My dad says he moved to North Dakota to be a Country music DJ. If anyone has any info about Mr. Peterson, my dad would love to get a hold of him.
    Thank you for your time!
    *Message is coming from Alaska, on the Kenai Peninsula!*

    1. Brian Peterson: graduate of ______? Graduated what year approx.? Worked in what city? If info is to be found, there must be a little more info given.

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