THE END: After 25 years, he’s dialing “S” for sign-off

Banquet puts those radio ads in the best possible spot-light

January 1988 – AM radio formats

KTNT radio has the Blues

Art Bell returns, Luke Burbank departs

Take a ride in the Wayback Machine: Gary Todd leaves KOL, Robert O. Smith leaves KSND for KOL; New ownership at KFHA; TV adopts the code of good practice

‘Him and me’ hit the A.M. airwaves

Speculation over FM station sale puts big dollar signs in local eyes

Bellevue firm to deliver packaged radio

Fowler returns to the air to try talk radio at KGNW

Flashback: Country KETO talks; Oceans of beautiful music return to KEZX

Flashback 1984: No dramatic rescue for stumbling KSPL; Glenn Beck @ KUBE

KWYZ takes a longer road

Robin & Maynard move to afternoon slot

Morton tries out for team

Comedy team will stay at KXRX

‘Beautiful music’ does a slow fade

Merrill Mael: A major voice in radio

Marty Riemer, late of KJR, hopes to talk himself into something new

KING talk show host is camping out until Congress votes on its raise

In with the R&B Oldies at KKFX

Casey’s Top 40 begins its first countdown Sunday noon on KPLZ

John Thomas adds pizazz to KLSY’s Wakeup team

The woes of radio-listener research

Attuned to its audience; KOMO invites you to listen and watch

12/8/1988 – KOMO team keeps top commute audience for Larry Nelson

11/24/1988 – KING’s new Mr. Controversy won’t be a turkey today

11/17/88-The new X-Man

10/10/88-KJR’s class acts to reunite tomorrow; New Age gets old heave-ho as KNUA seeks livelier sound

9/22/88-10/06/88–Former KJET makes ‘Cool’ debut with history of the roots of rock; Summit meeting silences Freddy Mertz

8/4/88-KIRO again rules the ratings roost; Larry will share time with Sally and Tom; Your favorite Martians? ‘War of the Worlds’ gets an updating

7/28/88-Another Big Band station

6/30/88-Relive the vibrant 1967 Monterey Pop Festival

6/23/88-Bruce Williams brings ‘TalkNet’ common sense savvy to Seattle

6/16/88-Doin’ the shuffle at KRPM