(Courtesy of Ron Erak)

Charlie Brown – KJR 1977 (6:02)

These are a few promos I produced while I was production director at KUBE 93 FM Seattle in the 80’s. Charlie and Ty ruled morning drive. The first promo is completely faked, we edited together Lionel Richie to make him say what he said. I’m not even sure where Charlie got the audio but we turned it into a promo that made it sound like he and Charlie were best friends. Then the song Charlie and Ty are singing about the zoo and elephants was when I had just bought a new Yamaha DX7 keyboard. So broke it in one morning and played the music in real-time and they came in and sang the Pacaderm song. Charlie was not only an amazing talent and radio legend he was a brilliant, creative, and sweet-spirited soul. Like so many others who know CB I love Charlie and will miss him. — RON ERAK

Charlie Brown – KUBE 1986 (4:55)

Jerry Kay (WCFL/Chicago) | KKMI SIGN-ON – Audio of Pat O’Day 5:30 a.m. introduction of 96.5 KKMI |


Rhodes Department Store audition recording from KJR/KOMO (1945)

KJR Police Report program (1950)

Moldie Oldie Jingles from acetate
These are worn acetate disc to tape dubs. With an assist from Chuck Bolland, one Sunday night, we transferred these to tape in the then antique production room, 1963 or 1964… It’s some nice radio history. Running time is close to 5.5 minutes. Duane Smart

THE BIG K – KJR from acetates “BIG RADIO”
{*is that the KJR tones – or the NBC chimes in one of the first of these jingles???}
Duane says: I can only take a wild guess. Late 50’s or early 60’s. Another guess is they probably were not from Pams. Also, since they were on acetates it might suggest KJR didn’t have cart machines.The disc to tape transfers probably used the wrong stylus size. Many acetates used a 3 mil sylus and I would guess now these were played back with a 1 mil stylus, and I know in the early 60’s KJR had RCA cart machines. KAYO used ATC cart machines (with vacuum tubes!) KOMO and KIRO used RCA and the FM station I worked at in 1964 had tube type ATC’s. Strangely, I think all the RCA machines used transistors.
KOMO and KJR once upon a time were NBC Red and NBC blue, but that goes way, way back.

Don Courtenay (Grimmer)
Don Courtenay Grimmer was in the sales department at KJR, at least in the 60’s. He had a great voice and did radio commercials and some TV commercials. I recall him doing Safeway commercials on television. The tag line was “Shop Safeway, You’ll see.” The audio I am sending is Don doing some KJR IDs and News intros. They were recorded directly from tape cartridges at KJR. Running time is about 1:10. courtesy of Duane Smart.

Don Courtenay-KJR

KJR/Courtenay & Roberts – January 1964
Duane Smart’s post of those Don Courtenay voice intros jogged my memory about this aircheck…
Here’s an on-air sample of KJR’s big voice guy Don Courtenay doing a news intro for a KJR newscast by Lan Roberts in January, 1964.

This provides a full taste of that somewhat eerie news background sounder KJR was using in late ’63 and ’64. This aircheck was from early afternoon with jock Mike Phillips, who you’ll hear at the end. KJR was a real powerhouse at this time, ruling the market and without competitive challenge until KOL cranked it up 16 months later. The KJR on-air lineup at the time: Lan Roberts 6-9, Lee Perkins 9-noon, Mike Phillips noon-3, Pat O’Day 3-6, Dick Curtis 6-9, Jerry Kay 9-midnight, J J Valley overnight. That also was the year Larry Lujack and Chuck Bolland arrived. Running time about 1:06.
— Ron DeHart
(Did anyone else pick up the irony of the first item in Lan Robert’s newscast?)

Go_Go jingles used at Contest Time
Digging deep into the archieves is this “Let’s Play Go Go” contest open and close. The closing jingle does not sound like a PAMS creation. To me, it sounds like it’s from the company that produced the KAYO jingle packages. Mr. Music Man, Duane Smart

Lets Play Go_Go

And Now, It’s…News Time!!
From the mid 60’s here is a news open that KJR used, voiced by Pat O’Day. Mr. Music Man, Duane Smart

KJR News

Jazzy KJR jingle
Here is a KJR jingle, from 1965, done in the style of Ramsey Lewis. It’s a dub from a tape cart at KJR. I don’t know if this was a PAMS creation or if Ramsey Lewis was commissioned to record this jingle. Mr. Music Man, Duane Smart

KJR Jazzy 1965 jingle

Pat O’Day CRUISIN’ 66 album

From “request line operator” to radio DJ. Sam Lawson Bio & Airchecks

KJR Seattle Channel 95 jingles (1:51)
[Tim Shook Collection]

Ric Hansen @ KJR (1976)
Ichabod Caine at KJR (1977)
Mark Jeffries at KJR (1979)

Remembering KJR – Gas & Groz interview Pat O’Day
Gas & Groz interview Pat O’Day, the Godfather of Seattle Top 40 radio…

1968 aircheck / 2010 interview

KJR Series 29 PAMS Jingles

KJR Reunion featuring Kevin O’Brien, Burl Barer, Gary Shannon

John Stone – KJR November 1960
Lineup in 1960: Lee Perkins 6a- Dave Clarke 9a- Chuck Bras 12n- John Stone 3p- Pat O’Day 6p- Ron Bailie 9p- Russ Rebel 12m

Pat O’Day – KKMI

KJR Cash Call with Lan Roberts

Gary Shannon – KJR

Mike Phillips – KJR

95 KJR Jingle Montage

Norm Gregory – KPUG 1967

Norm Gregory montage KJR 1969-1971

Norm Gregory – KJR 1971
Lineup in 1971: Emperor Smith 6a- Lan Roberts 10a- Tom Murphy 2p- Norm Gregory 6p- Gary Shannon 9p- John Maynard 12m

Norm Gregory – KZOK 1980

Charlie Brown – KJR early-1980s

Ichabod Caine – KJR (1976)

Excerpt of final Pat Cashman show on KJR 3-18-2005

Roy Otis aircheck [John Maynard]

Tom Murphy GoodGuyRadio first day/KISN/Portland tribute station

Robert O. Smith
Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault – Robert O. Smith KJR 1967
Robert O. Smith as Dr. Zingrrr
A collection of Robert O. Smith video and animation voice-over humor.
Ron DeHart’s Voice Masters Audio — Robert O, Terry McManus, Lan Roberts

KNEW - Philco Bill

KNEW picture from Philco Bill’s website SPOKANE RADIO HISTORY

KJRB Golden Weekend 1969 and KJR 60th Celebration 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s

I agree with Bill Taylor that the “KJR Concerto” was one of their best. From PAMS Series 18.
I am attaching the KJR

and CFUN Concerto.

I believe CFUN changed formats and call letters in 1967. The sound quality is quite good.
Duane Smart

Who knew???

Radio London, on the air from December ’64 to August ’67 was a pirate radio station was the brain child of a Texan. He originally thought of using KLIF radio, in Dallas as his model and was going to play tapes of KLIF on Radio London. But, realized programming need to be done live to suit the British audiences. RCA outfitted the the studio and probably the transmitter in the United States. They even used some PAMS jingles. So, what we called The KJR Concerto, was know there as the Sono Waltz, obviously named after the Sonovox and the unique sound it made. The Sonovox goes back to the 40’s. Most of us will remember many KJR PAMS jingles used the Sonovox.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

O’Day stations

Here are about 11 minutes of Old Gold 77 KXA Jingles, including the KXA “Concerto”. I don’t ever recall KXA playing it. Enjoy this nice blast from the past.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

96 KYYX Jingles

Tommy Morgan 770 KXA

A vignette that aired daily on KJR and Top 40 stations across the nation – STORY LADY. The stories were a twist on how we may have originally been told the tale.

Story Lady presents “Princess Edna And The Knight”
Now you can do your own story lady or man stories with the theme. It’s from an Audio Fidelity Sound effects LP.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

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