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***Phoenix Radio Dial ran from 1998 – 2006***
The following is what has been saved from those old files…

550 KFYI
Clear Channel
NEWS – TALK “NewsTalk 550-FOX NEWS & TALK”
On the air as 550 KOY March 13, 1940 to April 23, 1999 when KOY flipped to 1230 AM and 1360 KGME moved to 550 AM. AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] merged with Clear Channel in 2000. Another frequency swap on September 25, 2000 moved KGME to 910 AM and KFYI moved to 550 AM.
580 KSAZ
Owl Broadcasting
580 in Tucson was KIKX “kicks” pop rock & roll -they were a good competitor for KTKT 990 which was a Leland Bisbee sister station to KRUX 1360 –There is a story about KIKX losing their FCC license because of a “news parody” — they were off the air for a long long time…{The tale of the news parody is true. Arthur Gopen aka Gary “Crazy Man” Craig staged his own kidnapping. Ironicially, the station owned by Walton Broadcasting lost its license but Gary kept his. He went on to work at WTIC-FM in Hartford, CT and is still in that market. Very creative guy….story from Burt Schneider who worked with Gary at KAIR in Tucson in the late 1970’s following the incident.
620 KTAR
First station licensed in Arizona 6/21/22 [KFAD 833kc.] owned by McArthur Brothers Merchantile Co.; 1924 [AM 1100]; 1925 purchased by Electrical Equipment Co.; 1927 [AM 830]; October 25, 1928 [AM 620]; November 14, 1929 purchased by Arizona Publishing Company, call letters changed to KREP [Republic]; January 30, 1930 [KTAR – Keep Taking Arizona Republic]; ABC affiliate since mid-40s; July 18, 1944 purchased by John J. Lewis; October 16, 1968 purchased by Combined Communications Corp. [Gannett); April 1, 1979 Purchased by KSD/KSD-TV, Inc Later: Phoenix Broadcasting (Pulitzer); March 1999 Hearst-Argyle took ownership; Operating under LMA by Emmis Communications effective July 1, 2000 — Sold to Bonneville Autumn 2004
Great source for stories about AZ media memories… AZSURVIVORS.COM

710 KMIA
Black Canyon City
Old call letters: KUET
740 KIDR
Radio Unica
Old call letters: KMEO [Beautiful Music] and later KIDR Children’s Radio
860 KMVP
Old call letters KIFN; February 1997 switched from Spanish [since 1948] KVVA to Sports under Pulitzer [KTAR] ownership. March 1999 Hearst-Argyle took ownership; Dropped all local sportstalk in February 2001 in favor of more network shows from ESPN.
910 KGME
Clear Channel
Old call letters: KPHO [on AM 1230 from 1940-1949]; KPHO 1949 to 1971; KJJJ “Big Coutry KJ” (1971-1986 Country); 910 KFYI sold by Broadcast Group (Fred Weber) to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor]in 1999; AMFM Inc. merged with Clear Channel in 2000 KFYI (910) moved to 550 AM September 25, 2000 swapping frequencies with KGME.
How about the old nemesis to KNIX that never could beat them… 91 Country KJ…KJJJ Phoenix, with great jocks like Bobby Butler, Gary Bender, Terry Black, Cec White, etc.
Or KRIZ jocks like Jay Stone…Mitch Heller…Dennis King…Art Webb…Mark James…Todd Wallace…Bob Shannon…Ron James…John Sebastian…Rick Diamond…Steve Casey
KRUX jocks like Dave Leigh…Richard Ruiz…Scotty Brink…Dave Trout…Johnny Toot.
KBBC in the early 70’s had W.Steven Martin on nights who defected to join KTUF/KNIX in mornings. Speaking of KNIX, remember afternooner “Layback” Lenny Roberts? Talk about Mr. Smooth on the air.
KOY was filled with talent…Bill Heywood, Nat Stevens, Dan Armstrong, Alan Chilcoat, Steve West, etc.
KMZK was once a pretty rowdy country FM before “Young Country” was a format in the mid 80s. Bobby Butler, Jon Town, Jim O’Neill, Tim Higgins (and myself)! In the AM studio on the other side of the building was K-Life with market vets Jim Spero and Jack Dey.
KQXE 1310 had an A/C format with Crazy Dave Otto, Phil Baykion, Mark James, Phil Gardner (one of the funniest personality jocks ever!) John McRae and Bob Bailey. Their signal kept them from beating KOY but that was a wonderful radio station complete with reverb on the mics.
I’m done rambling now!

Mike Lee
AM Show/Imaging
Brewer Broadcasting

My first Phoenix radio job (after doing middays at KEOS 690 AM) was at KJJJ am fill and nights, then KC-92 part time. I eventually made it to 6p-12m under Eric Foxx. I remember being in the studio (upstairs NW corner of the building) in the control room, when Martinez was on air, during the FIRST simulcast at 12 Midnight of the new KC-92! Within the first couple of live breaks, we heard “gunfire” outside in the neighborhood, right after Martinez opened the Mic! It actually went over the air! Anyway, your site had me flipping through the old index “card file” system to find the next Ronnie Milsap song to pull up and put on the air. Those were the days.
Carey Edwards
VP Programming
Ah, 940 AM. Memories…
“It went on the air when its owner moved down the dial from the daylight only 1550 position, and donated that to the Ewe Ovay. The first call letters were KHOS, which got its ass kicked by KCUB for two decades. The Phelan brothers AKA Western Cities Broadcasting flipped it to AC KMGX “Magic 94” in about 1976. Then it flipped to news-talk in ’82 as the original home of “Newsplus” KNST. They played 10-year-old Merv Griffin TV show audio off of 33-1/3 RPMs for some misguided reason at 9am that first year… KNST and KCEE swapped formats/calls sometime in the early 90s, no? Original call letters for KLPX was KCEE-FM in 1978, before the Beasleys sold itto Lotus)… A few corrections re KHOS and the above… The original airdate for the 940 freq. was 08/10/63, with KHOS as the calls. I believe it was originally 250w day and night; by 1973 it was 1kw-D/250w-N, DA-2 (per the 1973 Broadcasting Yearbook). The 1550 deal was another scenario: group owner John B. Walton had KFIF on 1550, a daytimer with 50kw. By 1967 he wanted a full-time freq. to better compete in Top 40-land with KTKT on 990 kHz (10kw-D/1kw-N, DA-2). Walton bought the 580 freq. (5kw-D/500w-N, DA-N) from a local company and moved the KFIF format to 580 as KIKX. (Remember Jefferson K–now Shadoe Stevens?) He donated the 1550 freq. to the U of A where it still exists today as KUAT(AM). 580 (was KTAN) went dark briefly in the spring of 67; 1550/KFIF went dark and KIKX/58 premiered at 3:00pm MDT on Saturday June 10, 1967 (yes, AZ was on daylight time that one year). I guess they didn’t know way back then that format changes are supposed to kick off on Thursday afternoons at three! KIKX segued music–jockless–the first afternoon/evening (the first song was “Up, Up And Away” followed by “Groovin'”), then on Sunday did the now-typical stunting by playing the same (horrible) song continuously while promoting Monday morning. Regular programming with jocks started at 6:00am Monday June 12–Jack Mitchell kicked off with “Six O’Clock” by the Spoonful. And unfortunately I have no airchecks of it. It’s all just in the vault–and I don’t mean Audio Vault. (At least the first day they pretty-much used new copies of 45s so there wasn’t too much cue burn on the air.) Evenings, 1550/KFIF used a great signoff song, Van Morrison’s (Them) “Here Comes The Night.” They were a good alternative to KRUX & KRIZ at the time. When commercials started, it was time to hit the button. KTKT also had a good enough 10kw signal to get into the Phoenix area. I had the extra push buttons on the radio set to 1550 and 990 for that reason. << << 580 (was KTAN) went dark briefly in the spring of 67; 155/KFIF went dark and KIKX/58 premiered at 3:00pm MDT on Saturday June 10, 1967 (yes, AZ was on daylight time that one year). >>> >>> My best recollection of sign-off time in the latter days of KFIF (say, May 1967) was PM drive jock Russ O’Hara (4:00pm-8:15pm) reading the sign off blurb over an instrumental: “…KFIF offices and studios are at 257 North Stone Avenue in downtown Tucson…with studio and transmitter twelve miles north of Tucson on the Casa Grande Highway…” –the production studio was at the downtown office, on-air studio was at the XMTR site. >> Since you have a good recollection of Tucson Radio, do you have any further insight or details concerning KIKX losing their license doing a news spoof? << Mid-70s (1974?), two DJs (one was Gary Craig, the other name escapes me) staged a fake kidnapping on-air. Uncle Charlie attempted to yank the station's ticket but it took a number of years and appeals before 580 went dark for a while. It was reborn briefly as KJMM (year?) then dark again, prior to the current occupant KSAZ, with the COL--and sticks--moved to Marana. KSAZ first surfaced as a daytimer before they could get their three-tower DA-N up and running. It has been 5kw-D/320w-N, DA-N...three Qs: 1) wonder why the previous 500w-N had to be reduced to 320 when they're only about 30 miles closer to Fresno, 2) has their CP for 550w-N come about yet, and 3) what's the deal with the weird guy (local show, not Stardust) they have on Saturday mornings at 11...?" (postings from Valley of the Sun Media MessageBoard, January 2001 - as several old farts recall the Golden Days of Tucson radio. Credit: "oldiesfan" and "fusejockey") 960 KKNT Salem [Common Ground Broadcasting] Conservative "The Patriot" Phoenix Old call letters: KOOL; KARZ late '70s; KOOL Oldies; KPXQ; KPXQ began simulcasting on 1360 July 23, 1999, pending move to 1360. KCTK 1360 would move to 960 effective September 7, 1999. Call letters changed to KKNT 2003. 990 KTKT TUCSON-- RAY LINDSTROM REMEMBERS: from In my sophomore year in high school, the end of 1956, the family moved to Tucson, Arizona. The number one radio station in town was KTKT and it was great. It was a top forty format and had great disc jockeys like Chris Borden, Buck Herring, Bob Sinclair, and Frank Kalil. My best friend Burt Schneider and I would spend hours practicing our "disc jockeying" technique with his home tape recorder. At the new Catalina High School we would do announcements on the PA system and played records for the kids in the lunch room. FM RADIO? WHAT'S THAT? There were two types of radio. AM and FM. In the 50's AM was the biggie. Hardly anyone had an FM radio. Oh, maybe a few intellectuals who liked to listen to classical music, but that was it. In Tucson there was one FM station, KTKT-FM at 99.5 on the FM dial. It was owned by the top forty giant, KTKT, and largely neglected. The only paid person at the station was Dr. Lambert, a professor at The University of Arizona. He programmed the music and got announcers to work...for free. In the spring of 1957 I got a lead that they were looking for some announcers at the station. I applied and got the job. I told Burt about it. He applied and got one, too. Our shifts were on weekends and the pay was zero. Zed, zilch. You worked for experience so "someday you could enter the highly paid world of professional disc jockeys on a station where folks really listened." One small problem: we lived way on the east side of Tucson and the station was on the west side. We were only 15 and couldn't drive yet. Good old Mom. My mother used to drive us to our shifts. But, we were disc jockey!! My folks had to go out and buy a radio in order to listen. And, that was not easy to find. We played classical music on the weekends, and we were awful! First, there wasn't much to say. Popular music tunes may have lasted two minutes, but classical pieces lasted for hours. Really boring. But, the few things we had to say we really made the most of it and screwed it up royally. At least I did. Burt was more erudite than I was. I can remember introducing Pablo Casals and his cello. It was more like Pablo Castles and his Sello. And music by Wagner. No, not VOGner, I mean Wagner. Whew. There was an old lady who lived in the foothills, Mrs. Fischer, who called constantly to correct me. I'm sure she was my only listener. Summer came, Mom got tired of driving, and we both quit. It was a great experience for a fifteen year old. FINALLY, A JOB THAT PAID! A buddy of mine from Catalina High, Ted Bowen, had a job as a "prop boy" at KOLD-TV, CBS, in Tucson. These were the days of no video tape. Everything that went out over the air, went out live, just as it was done. Scary business. So in order to put up and take down displays quickly in and between programs, they had a kid on duty and that was his job...put up and tear down displays. Ted was getting ready to graduate and asked me if I was interested. Interested? Are you kidding...a job in TV. I found out it even paid money!! A buck an hour. Heck, minimum wage at that time was about fifty cents. This was big time. I went down, applied for the job and got it. This was the spring of 1958. I just got my driver's license and a car and I needed gas money. I worked about 20 hours a week, nighttime and weekends so it didn't interfere with school. One of the shows I specifically remember was the Sunday morning local cartoon program hosted by Herb Lahr. He was the son of comedy actor Bert Lahr who played the lion in The Wizard of Oz. I would rush between segments setting up kids shoes and cookies. Actually the job was pretty boring. Lots of time between shows with nothing to do but sit around...and watch tv. This was the golden age of TV, at least in Tucson. We were all learning what to do and how to do it. Nobody knew very much. In Tucson you either ran network shows live, or you would run in on film, or kinescope, later. Take the Ed Sullivan Show. It ran at 8 in New York, 7 in Chicago, and delayed everywhere else. So when Elvis appeared for the first time, we saw him a week later on scratchy poor quality "kinescopes." That was basically a camera taking movies of the TV screen. I worked here for 3 months, then left to go to Chicago to live with my Dad for the summer. When summer was over I came back to Tucson for my senior year in high school. Mom was managing some apartments, so that's where we lived. One of our guests was working at a local radio station. He heard I had some experience and asked if I would be interested in a job after school. Would I! It was at a small station, KTUC, 1400 on the dial and a lowly 250 watts. Their programming was a mish mosh of talk and musical standards. I didn't care, it was radio. The job? I hosted the "Courteous Driver Show." Every afternoon after school I would go out with a police officer and we would look for a courteous driver; someone who was nice to someone else. Then the cop would stop the person and I would interview them for the program with my portable tape recorder, award them some prizes, and do a commercial for a car insurance company. It's not easy to find a courteous driver. After trial and error we found the perfect solution. We would wait by the old Broadway underpass where it went from two lanes to one lane. Someone always had to give way to another driver. That was our courteous driver. Then I would go back to the station with the tape and they would put it on the air -- piece of cake. Took about an hour and I got paid $5 a day. Hot stuff. Several weeks went by with this boffo, socko routine that I'm sure made listeners hang on my every word. It all came to an abrupt halt one afternoon as I wandered in from the road with my newest tape. I ran into the station's general manager in the hallway and he said, "Well, who'd you get today?" "Nice Negro man." I said. The terms "black" or "Aftrican-American" were not used in those days. A look of panic crossed the manager's face. "What gift did you give him," he asked. "Dinner for two at Mama Louisa's Italian Restaurant," I replied. "Oh, no! You've got to get that certificate back. Call him. Give him some records instead. They don't serve niggers in that restaurant. Go on, get on the phone." I was shocked. First, I grew up in all white neighborhoods in the midwest. It just never occurred to me that blacks couldn't enjoy the same things we did. Second, whenever my Dad would hear someone use the "n" word, he would always tell me that everyone was equal and it was just wrong to ever use a racial slur. I told the manager that I wasn't going to call the guy, that it was wrong, and I wouldn't insult him like that. I also told him, "I quit." That was it, I walked out the door and never went back. One of my first lessons in the real world. That restaurant stayed in business for years and whenever I drove by I would think about that day. I never ate there. COLLEGE? ARE YOU KIDDING! NOT WHEN I CAN BE A FULL TIME DJ. I graduated from high school and went to college at the University of Arizona. I was a month into my freshman year and still attempting to promote our latest Zoom Record, Doreen by the Nightbeats. I discovered, much to my dismay, that in college, unlike high school, you really had to study. What a bummer. That was no fun. I was not even 18 yet and I just wanted to have fun. But, mostly I wanted to be on the radio. One fateful Friday night I was at KAIR radio, 1490 on the dial, and close to dead last in the rating books. I was there to promote our record. I had met the disc jockey, Johnny Hyde, before. He was sick as a dog that night with the flu. He took one look at me and said, "Hey, you've got some radio experience, doncha?" I've got to go home and go to bed, how about sitting in for me tonight on my show?" Mind sitting in? Like I would mind a date with Jayne Mansfield? Like I would mind finding a million dollars? Mind sitting in, I thought. My answer was affirmative. He spent 5 minutes showing me the ropes, "Here are the records to play. Here are the commercials. Here is the program the commercials it shows. Turn the mike on here when you want to talk. The next guy in will be at midnight, in 5 hours. Good luck." He walked out and in walked my short, unillustrious career as a disc jockey. What's the first thing I did? I called my buddy Burt. "Hey, Burt. Guess what? I got a job as a disc jockey. I'm at KAIR and I'm on the air right now. Come on down and help me. You can do the news." Burt came down and we "played radio" that night. It was fun. The next day I got a call from the Station Manager. He said I sounded pretty good, and would I like to work full time. Bye-bye college, hello big time radio. Hah! Well, in just the 2 months I was going to school I was flunking all my courses anyway. The big time radio station job? KAIR was 250 watts of power, just barely made it past the city limits. And, the format...they'd been through about one a month. The month I started they were playing country and western. The manager, Ron Barrington, offered me the 11pm-6am shift. For $37.50 a week. 75 cents an hour. But, remember in 1959 the minimum wage was just 50 cents an hour. I was awful, but it didn't matter, I had no listeners anyway. I would have contests to give away prizes and nobody would call. Not one call. I had to make up the names of winners. I stayed at KAIR for six months and learned how to be a disc jockey, albeit a not very good one, but of course, I thought I was really hot stuff. The station struggled and went from country and western to easy listening to top forty. It never had many listeners. I even got a decent shift. After about 4 months I did the 6pm to 12m gig. Not much pay in either time slot although I think I progressed to a buck an hour. Wow. In March I got disgusted and quit. They convinced me to stay. The next week they fired me. It was the only time in my life I was fired and I learned a lesson. When you quit, quit. Don't stay and get let go on their timetable. I was out of work and the prospects didn't look good in radio and TV so I delivered flowers for about 3 weeks just to keep eating. Then an old high school buddy, Gary Palant, called and asked if I would like a job in TV. Let's see now, I could either deliver flowers or work in TV. Tough decision, but I decided on TV. STILL THE GOLDEN AGE OF TV... AND STILL JUST CLOWNING AROUNDING! So, in May of 1960 I was hired as an announcer at KGUN-TV, Channel 9, ABC in Tucson. It was still the golden age of TV, defined by that period of time before videotape. Oh, there was just the beginning of videotape at the networks, but in Tucson it was only a dream. Everything we did was live. We didn't even have an audiotape machine. So, I worked every night from 4pm-sign off. You heard my not so golden tones announce every half hour, KGUN-TV, CHANNEL 9, TUCSON. Exciting, huh. I was only 19 at the time, but I always looked older, so I started doing some on-camera announcing in addition to the booth work. During the late movie I would go out in the studio, set up the props, hang the copy next to the camera, open up the lens, put my coat and tie on, and when the red light came on, make the pitch. When the light went off, I took off my coat and tie, closed the camera, put away the props, and waited to do the closing "Star Spangled Banner Announcement." Mostly it was sitting around watching TV...all those great Warner Bros. shows like Hawaiian Eye, Bronco, Sugarfoot, Bourbon St. Beat, 77 Sunset Strip, Surfside Six, Adverntures in Paradise, et. al. And, the Untouchables, the number one TV show in 1960-1961. The station decided to start a new kids show in the afternoon called Toy Time, sponsored by J.C. Penney. Some genius figured a clown on stilts would be just the right character. Tom-Tom, the world's tallest clown. Paid an extra $25 a week. So, I learned how to walk on pretty good as a matter of fact. Did the whole costume; white face, red nose, etc. Told jokes to the kids like, "Hey kids, what is yellow, weighs 1000 pounds, and flies?" "Two five hundred pound canaries!...let's have another cartoon." The sponsor finally came to his senses and after Christmas it was cancelled. I was about ready for something new, anyway. After a summer vacation in Chicago, I was back in Tucson looking for deejay work. I had a couple short stints at KTAN radio playing lots of Montovani and not saying much, and at KOLD radio, the old CBS station. It was the end of network radio as we knew it, but we still had a few left over shows like Arthur Godfrey. The audience was miniscule. But, I was always looking to getting on the town's big rocker, KTKT. And, I bugged the program director, Guy Williams, unmercifully. Finally, I got my chance. Sunday morning from 6-12N. I was getting better and was eventually offered the 6pm-9pm slot and the Top Forty show on Saturday 10:30am-3pm. This was DJ heaven. The guiding force at KTKT was Frank Kalil, a real radio genius. The station sounded great. And, best of all, it had over 50% of the audience in a 10 station market. When you drove around town, half the cars had the KTKT sticker in the back window. And, all the record shops had the latest KTKT TOP FORTY CERTIFIED SOUND SURVEY Guy Williams, who hired me, left shortly after I arrived. (I'm sure there was no connection) He went to progressively larger markets and ended up at KMET in Los Angeles where he pioneered FM rock under his real name, David Moorhead. I stayed at KTKT from 1962 until 1965 when I graduated from the University of Arizona. I was newly married and decided I needed to do more with my life than be a disc jockey. I wasn't a great disc jockey, so that was a big part of my decision. I was okay, but not great. One day the GM Phil Richardson asked me what I planned to do after graduation. I said, I didn't know. He suggested I get into radio sales...selling advertising. Sounded good. After all, how hard could it be selling commercials on the number one station in town? Well, considering the other, older salesmen had all the good accounts, it was hard. But, I did okay, and 4 months later was offered a job at their sister sation, KRUX in Phoenix. We packed up and moved to the biggest city in Arizona. As a tribute to the management at KTKT, the first thing I noticed about my new station was not as good as KTKT. It wasn't as sharp or as bright. And, the jocks weren't as good. Looking back at it now, KTKT in Tucson from the late 1950's to the late 1970's (when FM radio took over rock radio) was one great radio station. It was fun to listen to and even better to work there. The disc jockeys were all pros. In addition there were Lloyd Couch, Roger Galloway, and Gene Adelstein in the news department. Other jocks included Joe Bailey, Mike Hunter, and Dick Nelson. KRUX-PHOENIX, HOME OF THE "GOOD GUYS" In 1965 I started my radio career in Phoenix, which was the last radio show I ever had. Al McCoy, Program Director, (now voice of the Phoenix Suns) hired me for a part time gig on Sunday morning 6am-12n. I was a full time salesman for the station so this was a way of picking up a few extra bucks. Al didn't like the name I used in Tucson, Ray Lindstrom, which I liked of course because it was my real name. Nobody used real names in those days. You had to have an "air name"; something slick, smooth, and easy to remember. So, he dubbed me Ray Lindy. Who was on the station and what happened to them? LUCKY LAWRENCE (Real name: Larry Wright) Larry never saw a glass of booze he didn't like. Everyday after work he was on a stool at Kim's Bar. Smoked like a chimney. Then he found Christ and changed his life. Really a terrific guy. For the last 20 years or so he was an inspiring speaker and leader of the Abundant Life Ministries of Phoenix. He passed away recently. NORM SEELEY (His real name!) I ran into him a few years ago. Good voice, but quit the business. Inherited some money and has no financial worries. Been retired for years. DICK GRAY (Real name: Richard Snyder) Real nice guy; good voice. Had marital problems. One New Year's Eve in the late 1960's at a party, found his wife messing with someone else, and tragically ended his life with a garage full of carbon monoxide. He'd been drinking heavily that night and that's what probably caused it. Booze. KIT CARSON (Real name: Charles Carson) Somebody says he became a lawyer. I knew him when he was a pilot. Well rounded guy. Lost track of him many years ago. JACK DANIELS (Real name: Harold Shumway) AKA Mike Mitchell. Actually I knew him best by the moniker Mike Mitchell. Mike was, and is a real smart guy. He had his FCC first class license and was a disc jockey at powerhouse KOMA in Oklahoma City for a while in the 60's. He sold time for KUPD in Phoenix also. Then he built 2 radio stations in Wickenburg, sold them, and is now retired. I have contact with him to this day. Probably the richest of all the jocks on this survey. WILKERSON (Real name: Dennis Wilkerson) The all night man. Certainly the most well read person on the staff, and had the best broadcasting career. For a while in the 1980's was the leading anchor man for a top Atlanta TV staion. I saw him in the late 1980's when he was a reporter for a San Diego TV station. In 1968 I left KRUX for KTAR-TV, the local NBC-TV station. That was the end of my radio disc jockey career. It was a great time. I met some terrific people. It was the days of the great top forty stations. In those days you played what was popular, no matter what the format. If it sold, you played it. Your top forty survey could include everybody from The Rolling Stones to Dean Martin to Elvis Presley to Percy Faith to The Trashmen to Frank Sinatra to Chuck Berry and everybody in between. Today if I walk into a station to record spots for my business it is like walking into a hospital. Antiseptic. No character. No tapes. Just a computer and a microphone. The good times are gone for good. But, ooooh, they were good! I stayed at KTAR until 1972 when I went out to open my advertising agency. That was my last broadcast job, or any job really. I've been unemployed ever since. --Ray Lindstrom 1010 KXXT James Crystal Enterprises AIR AMERICA Tolleson Old call letters: KHCS Religion; KCAC [the Valley's original Progressive Rock station in the late '60s] KXEG began Christian programming on 1010 in 1972. KXEG swapped frequencies with 1280 KTKP (complete July 11, 2001) KTKP adopts new call letters (KXEM) at 1010 dial position. KXEG calls and Christian format moved to 1280. Changed to whiny, conspiracy-theory radio, Liberal talk KXXT Summer 2004. 1060 KDUS Sandusky SPORTS Tempe Old call letters: KUPD "Cupid" in the '60s with Bill Heywood in the morning and a full-service MOR format. They competed with KOY basically. It went to a mainstream Top 40 in the late 60's or early 70's. Around 1971 or 72, they added KUPD FM which remained Top 40 until about 1978 when they went rock. 1060 later went through formats such as: Alternative; KKKQ [R&B;]; KUKQ [Country for a few months and then Alternative] and Sportstalk in 1995. 1100 KFNX North American Broadcasting Syndicated Talk Cave Creek/Carefree June 1997 KCCF MOR format with Bill Heywood and many of the old KLFF DJs. Sold to North American 9 months later. 1150 KCKY NicaMex Inc SPANISH Coolidge 1150 KCKY was country for years with a neat directional pattern @ night that reached up to the Globe area, etc. They carried U of Nebraska Football for years on Saturdays. The station was All-Sports in fact for a period in the late '80s.,switched to Spanish late 1994. SINGER LEE HAZELWOOD'S RADIO CAREER -- In 1953 he became a country DJ at KCKY radio in Coolidge. He earned $40 a week with this job. Lee developed his own on-air style with the help of characters, which he pre-recorded on tape. He talked to them live' on the air. Among them was a Gabby Hayes sound-alike character Lee named Eb X. Preston. The start of Lee's career in the music industry was in fact caused by the frequent visits to the KCKY radio station in 1994 by the young Duane Eddy, newly arrived from Bath (New York) and whose father worked at the local Safeway store. ...The association soon developed into a working one. Duane played guitar on KCKY in a duet with his high school buddy Jimmy Delbridge, on piano. The two had auditioned for Lee at the station singing with a Louvin Brothers harmony vocal style and ended up performing every week for 15 minutes. The duo even formed a band, The Pinal County Twisters and their first job was a show at the Pinal County Fair. In 1955 Lee Hazelwood started as a DJ at KRUX radio in Phoenix after he had been fired by KCKY in Coolidge the day before. The gig lasted approx. 1 year before Hazelwood moved on to a recording career in music. Source: The Lee Hazelwood Story 1190 KMYL Interstate Broadcasting of AZ Syndicated Talk Tolleson Old call letters: 1190 in Tolleson originally signed on by E.O.Smith as KZON, before trying a Spanish format and later becoming KRDS. KRDS ["CARDS COUNTRY" in the '60s] and Christian programs starting in the mid '70s. KMYL added 50s, 60s and 70s Oldies to it's prgramming - as well as the "Music of Your Life" programs, comedy hour and bartered infomercial programs in January 2001. 1230 KOY Clear Channel MOR/NOSTALGIA Phoenix KOY, the oldest call letters in Arizona. [6BBH October 1921] licensed for broadcast as KFCB AM 1260 September 1922 owned by Nielson Radio Supply Co.; June 1, 1927 [AM 1230]; November 11, 1928 [AM 1310]; February 8, 1929 [KOY]; February 18, 1929 [AM 1390]; November 10, 1936 purchased by Salt River Broadcasting Co. (affiliated with the Prairie Farmer, owner of WLS, Chicago.); March 13, 1940 dial position changed to 550; December 8, 1948 Purchased by KOY Broadcasting (Glen Snyder, George Cook, Albert Johnson, John Hogg, John Williams [former gov. of AZ], and Irwin Jennings; June 30, 1967 Purchased by Harte-Hanks Radio; December 4, 1984 Purchased by Edens Broadcasting; August 8, 1993 Purchased by Sundance Broadcasting; May 1996 Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting; August 1996 Purchased by AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] Broadcasting; Switched frequency from 550 to 1230 April 23, 1999 Other stations at AM 1230: KPHO [1940-1949]; KRIZ Top 40, battled 1360 KRUX in the 60s/70s. Some of the KRIZ DJs were Dave Biondi, Bobby Christian, Morton 'Doc' Downey Jr., Ron Edwards, Carol Field, Jack Frost, Barnie Groven, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Joe Light, Pat McMahon, Bumper Morgan, Don Pietro - The Purple Pizza Eater, John Sebastian, Bob Shannon, Lee Smith, Gary Stevens, Jonny Wallace, Guy Williams, Johnny Williams, Long John Ball, Jay Stone, Tony Evans, Captain Curt Powers, Jack Elliot, Chuck Dean, Dave Trout, Dave Anthony, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Charlie Fox, Bruce Miles, Dennis King, Rick Diamond, Steve Casey, Dave Willmont, and Jeff Young. Hi, I was at KRIZ near the end of their run as a Top 40 station in 1978. I did afternoons under PD Gary Firth and then Chuck Dean, with fellow staffers Bumper Morgan, Bruce Miles, Chris Edwards, and Jack Elliott Best, Jeff Young - KRIZ was sold by Doubleday to Family Life Radio in 1978, call letters were changed to KFLR; KAMJ [Boston Globe]; KMYL; KAMJ [Sports/Talk]; KPMX [Sports/Talk]; KISP in 1992 before becoming KISO. KISO [R&B;, later Country Oldies] KISO was eliminated when KOY moved to 1230 April 23, 1999. AMFM (formerly Chancellor) merged with Clear Channel in 2000. We are aware that STEVE ALLEN started his career at KOY in Phoenix. But, DID YOU KNOW: the late MARTY ROBBINS was also a local media "star". Marty Robbins, singer and songwriter, was born on Sept. 26, 1925 near Glendale, AZ. In 1947, he was hired to play and sing at radio station KTYL in Mesa. Later, he got a job at a bigger station, KPHO in Phoenix, where he was given an early morning half hour long show called, "Chuck Wagon Time". When KPHO-TV was created, they asked Marty to do some live performances for them. Marty, who was extremely shy, agreed to host their show only after he was told he would lose his radio show if he refused. His fifteen minute show, "Country Caravan," was shown four days a week and was a big hit. Another country music star bought a Phoenix radio station and later many more, plus a baseball team. Gene Autry bought radio station KPHO in Phoenix near the end of World War II. Later, he acquired a television station in Phoenix, KOOL. His radio and TV empire began to grow. He purchased radio station KMPC in Los Angeles for $800,000 in 1952 and tv station KTLA for $12 million in 1964. He sold KMPC in 1984 for a reported $18 million and KTLA in 1982 for $245 million. His Golden West Broadcasters also included radio stations in San Francisco and Seattle. 1280 KXEG James Crystal Radio Christian Phoenix Christian formats since sign on in 1956; Was KHEP until May 31, 1999, when it became KTKP (Talk) added morning and afternoon AP Network news blocks in January 2001, replacing most syndicated talk shows. KTKP swapped frequencies with KXEG 1010 (complete July 11, 2001) moving the AP News format to 1010 AM with new call letters KXEM. The KXEG Christian programming moved to 1280, using the slogan "The Spirit of 1280". 1310 KXAM Embee NEWS/TALK Mesa (Syndicated "Men Are From Mars..." originates from KXAM) 1310 Mesa was originally KTYL (see: FM listing for 104.7) Call letters later switched to KBUZ (Kay Buzz) Beautiful Music, with a loud buzzer when IDing. 1360 KPXQ Salem "Eternal Talk" Christian Talk & Christian programming Glendale Old call letters: KRUX, which moved from AM 1340 (and was fined several times for over-modulation with their 250w transmitte--Bob Dreste) around 1957 [Top 40] The DJ line-up over the years at KRUX included Lucky Lawrence (Larry Wright) ruling the mornings for years doing the "Lucky Lawrence Mess". "Your boy, Al McCoy" from 9 til noon.(today's Suns' announcer) Dick Gray 12 til 3 PM [there were several afternoon drive and evening people] Diamond Jim (Clawson), Rob (The Vandal) Randall, Mike Mitchell & graveyard shift was Wilkerson ((D. L.) Dennis) former KRUX newsman. Kit Carson started doing weekends and later did nights. With the KRUX of continuous news @:55 were the legendary Dean Murray and Rod Peterson. Later in the 60's Rhett Hamilton Walker the first(R.H.W.1), William Edward Compton afternoon drive - Compton later to start KCAC 1010 underground / KDKB 1510 & 93.3 FM. KRUX nights in the late 60's was Bobby "Pooh" Shannon the Pimply Faced Anemic. Mighty Ed Mitchell, B. Mason Dean. Other KRUX alumni were Chuck Browning, Sonny Knight, Jack Dillon, Christopher Haze, Rich 'Mother' Robbin, Harry Scarborough, John Sebastian; KLFF [Big Band] DJs Jim Spero, John McKinney, Frank Pollack; The rock format was changed to the NBC NIS service on KNNS 1360; News-Talk switched to Sports-Talk KGME in August 1993; 1360 KGME moved to SPORTSRADIO 550 APRIL 23, 1999. 1360 call letters changed to KFDJ and New Century Arizona "tri-mulcasted" 1360 with KDDJ 100.3 and KEDJ 106.3 FM until 1360 sale to Salem and Big City purchase of FM properties. 1360 frequency sold to Salem Broadcasting. Ownership then transfers to Common Ground Broadcasting in July 1999. Common Ground Broadcasting is a subsidiary of Salem. 1360 stopped simulcasting KEDJ and began simulcasting Salem's 960 KPXQ July 23, 1999. Changed call letters to KCTK July 1999. KCTK call letters and new conservative talk format moved down dial to 960 September 7, 1999. KRUX DJ Lucky Lawrence [Larry Wright] died Oct. 7, 2001. Wright worked at KRUX from 1956 to 1968. Lucky Lawrence KRUX (Larry Wright) From The Arizona Republic, October 10, 2001. Larry Wright was born February 6, 1933 and died on October 7, 2001. After graduating from college, Larry and his wife, Sue, moved to Phoenix from Oklahoma. Larry was in radio broadcasting for 26 years and became Arizona's leading disc jockey in the 1960s under the name Lucky Lawrence. Deteriorating health including rheumatoid arthritis and throat cancer started to limit Larry's traveling, but his schedule remained full with two Bible Studies and a position as teaching pastor at Northwest Community Church. Larry always said he wouldn't stop talking about Jesus Christ until he was physically and verbally unable. It was Sunday morning at Northwest Community Church when Larry, preparing to do what God had gifted him to do so many times before, suffered a heart attack..... Great source for stories about AZ media memories... AZSURVIVORS.COM Hi, When I saw my name in the column of "do you remembers" I was astounded. I was at the giant of Tucson, KTKT, until 1965, when I was brought to Phoenix in radio sales at KRUX. They had an opening on Sunday morning 6am to 12 noon. I was Ray Lindstrom (my real name) in Tucson. PD Al McCoy said the name wasn't good for radio, thus he dubbed me "Ray Lindy." The Sunday gig allowed me to pick up, yes, choke, an extra, wow, $20 a week. A little over $3 an hour. Of course, the minimum wage then was $1 an hour. And, I replaced God in that time slot. What, God? Yes. The jock who had that time period before me was a guy named Alan Jeffory. He had been in big market radio; great voice. So great in fact they used his voice as (no lie) God in the movie Ten Commandments. So, the question was, why would they want to replace a guy with the voice of God for an unknown part-timer from Tucson. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), Mr. Jeffory liked to break format by playing the spoons. Management just didn't go wild over a clicking spoon rendition of "Lady of Spain" between The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Apparently they couldn't break him of the spoon playing urge, thus the introduction of Ray Lindy. Of course, I always enjoy telling the story of the time I replaced God on the radio because he liked to play the spoons. I still keep in touch with some of my old friends from those days, like Al McCoy, Mike Mitchell (owner of KSWG in Wickenburg), and Bob Shannon (now calling himself R. W. Adams, owner of an acting school in Hollywood...he has appeared in TV shows including Law and Order). I owned an advertising agency and infomercial company in Phoenix. Now I am in Laughlin, NV selling watches . Forbes Magazine has dubbed me The Sultan of Shlock. And, it all started when I replaced.....never mind. Keep up the good work with the site. Ray Lindstrom aka Ray Lindy Nov 1999 --- Anthony Gallegos, 38, despondent over a pending divorce, climbed to nearly the top of a KPXQ radio tower, where he hanged himself as spectators watched below. The suicide happened Wednesday after a two hour attempt by police, firefighters and the man's estranged wife to coax him down from the tower. His wife had filed for divorce in early October. The three KPXQ towers are in the 7300 block of West Camelback Road. Gallegos was not an employee of the radio station. MORE from LARADIO.COM: LARP - Is there a mentor or someone who helped you at a critical juncture in your career? Bob Pond: My interest in radio began at birth in the shadows of the WBBM-Chicago towers, where my dad was an engineer from 1932 to 1958, for the CBS o&o; (remember that term)! He taught me about the electrons so I could get my 1st class license ticket. It was my ticket to becoming a dj because, in those days, AM stations had to have a holder of a "1st ticket" on duty anytime they were directional. While in high school in Phoenix, the two jocks that let me "hang with them" made first string in 1956, when Bartell changed KRUX 1340 to 1360, upped the power from 250 to 5,000 watts, and took over the market. Before his big break, Johnny McKinney not only showed me how to do the mechanics of DJing in a professional way, at KONI (1400AM), but taught me to speak from the diaphragm and practice pronunciation and enunciation. (Those were the days!) The other mentor chosen by the legendary Bartell group was (the late) Jack Carney. Having learned the basics from Johnny, I produced, and participated in parodies on Jack's nightly "fence-sitters" show on KPHO (910AM). The talented Mr. Carney was doing several voices between records, resulting in a one-man "zoo." When he was chosen to go to KRUX, he dropped the shtick and did about the smoothest presentation of music I have heard. He was a master of "talk-up" - without a stopwatch. I became a dj from 7 - 9 p.m. at KPHO (for $1.25/hr) while attending ASU, got a full time break at Shel Engle's KRIZ (1230), and moved on to KRUX when Johnny and Jack went on to KBOX (Dallas) and KYA (voice of the Bay), respectively. When Shel took over 1400, (then KXIV), he brought me over and hired Al Taylor from Bartell's WOKY in Milwaukee. Al taught me to "present" the musical artists as if we were MCs at a live concert, rather than just guys sitting around playing their records. He taught me to get the time and frequency in after each record so listeners would remember where they tuned. At that time, stations only gave their call letters, assuming everyone knew their dial position and didn't need to know the time except on the hour! 1400 KSUN Cabacos SPANISH Phoenix Old call letters: KONI; KXIV at one time, owned by Dick Van Dyke, MOR in the 70s with George Scott, Jack Dey, Jim Hutton, Jeff Munt, and Jim Spero. Frank Pollack was PD; Went to Spanish format in 1987 Related info: "You noted KONI, which I also started in downtown Phoenix in July 1953. They had a sister station, KELE, but that fx escapes me right now. Also simulcasted. Their tower atop the old Arizona Savings & Loan building (where KTAR had been for many years) blew down during a bad storm one Saturday afternoon. I was to go on in about an hour and was standing in the alley to escape the high winds when the first large piece of debris landed about 30 yards away. The RF breakers kicked out before there was any damage to the xmtr. We received permission from the FCC to use feed a wire antenna stretched across Central Avenue to the Adams Hotel. Had an archer shoot a lanyard across the street. The FCC was quite helpful too. When advised of our poor coverage from the long-wire antenna, they authorized an increase in power. KELE was dark for several months, however." Bob Dreste Jason, I was scanning over the AM radio page...and just a note about KSUN 1400...before it went Spanish in 1987 it was a jazz/urban A/C format, owned by former Detroit Lion's receiver Leonard Thompson. The line up was as follows 6-10 Keith Bell/PD who lated moved to morning news at KMEO 10-2 Mike Lee (was also doing swing/weekends at Country FM KMZK as well) who joined K-Lite in 1987. 2-6 Carlos Ibarra, now deceased. 6-12 Larry Angulo I don't remember who did overnights...some guy named Ricky who got fired for stealing cash from the GM's office. The station also aired Phoenix Firebirds baseball. The format never took off, but the few promotions we did do brought out a very loyal audiance. Before the Jazz/Urban A/C format the station had run the Radio AAHS format and almost went broke. At the end, I remember being on the air and the power went off. I called SRP to report that the power to our transmitter was off and they told us when we came up with $2,000 they would turn it back on. We were dark for 3 days. Ahh...the cost of being a radio star in Phoenix. Moving to K-Lite was a dream come true. State of the art equipment and they paid their bills on time. However, Leonard Thompson was a stand up guy. When payroll was late one time, he paid us cash out of his pocket. Love the website. Mike Lee Hi Jason, I read the message on your website from Mike Lee about KSUN 1400 AM. If I can remember correctly, KSUN was ahead of its time programming a LOCAL Children's Music (Sesame Street songs, etc.) format in 1985, five years before Radio AAHS debuted in Minneapolis. At night, after the kids went to bed, they changed their playlist to an R&B; mix competing with 1060 KUKQ. The children's format lasted just about a year. Eric 1440 KAZG Sandusky OLDIES Scottsdale Old call letters: 1440 Scottsdale was originally KPOK (Cow Poke) going along with the cowboy image of that city. Later, KDOT [MOR]; KOPA switched from Oldies to "Stardust" format January 1988; KXAM [R&B;]; KSGR [Oldies]; KOPA [CNN News] and in 1996 KSLX AM; Switched call letters to KAZG and went to Oldies format April 2001. 1480 KPHX All Comedy Radio Network Comedy Phoenix Continental's "Galaxia X" Latin Rock - Hip-Hop - Raggae; Diamondbacks Baseball in Spanish -- Sold to Comedy Radio Network in 2004 Old call letters: KHAT [Country in the '60s]; All News KPHX in the mid 70s 1510 KFNN CRC BUSINESS/FINANCE Mesa Old call letters: KALF; KMND; KDJQ; KDKB [simulcasted the FM in the '70s]; KJAA [Country, late '80s] 1540 KASA Radio Hogar Inc. CHRISTIAN Phoenix 1580 KMIK ABC-Radio Disney Top 40/Children's programming Tempe Old call letters: 1580 KYND was 50,000 watts but reduced power drastically at first @ nightime. Kitt Carson was on KYND for a time when they began broadcasting. They played an adult rock mixture. In the 70s, KYND became KTUF which was country music; KNIX; KCWW [Country] Jason, I worked with Smilin' Jay Andrews when he was Production Director at KLFF/KMZK/KONC 1985-1986. Being new in the radio sales business, he always went out of his way to help me and our clients! 15 years later, I still remember his kindness. He's one person I'll always remember in this business .- Richard W. Korzuch/Tucson, Arizona You do good work, my friend. Charlie Van Dyke lives out there in your neck of the woods. Does voiceovers as you probably know. I've a mention of him in my KLIF The Mighty 1190 essay under "Shannon's Corner" of the site. I was thru Phoenix in February. I and a friend, Brad Wilson (another radio ex who went from radio to become the actor, Robert Duvall's assistant and co- producer from 1985-1995) have a small partnership, The Wilson Shannon Company ( ... I had never driven to LA from Fort Worth before - always flew -- so it was nice to cruise close to the cactus. I remember the long underpass north of downtown and the mountain on the left side of the Interstate as I was leaving Phoenix. Hadn't been to Phoenix since 1980 -- it sure has grown. I remember best the green picante sauce! Hey! It ain't Texas picante sauce if it ain't red 'n hot! Keep in touch ... Keep me posted! L. Shannon OCTOBER 1967--. Al McCoy is the new PD at KOOL in Phoenix; he'd been PD of KRUX. (Billboard Magazine) FEBRUARY 1967--The new lineup at KRIZ Phoenix, includes Doug Cornet from KCPX, Salt Lake City, Phil Motta from KRUX Phoenix, and Joe Light from KISN, Portland. JULY 1965--KRDS, a Phoenix country station, did a promotion featuring remote broadcasts from the poolside of a local motel with local teens dancing, that grew so big that the "Country King Jamboree" eventually moved into the Phoenix Sportatorium. KTKT AM 990 Tucson May 1965 12-6 AM Dick Clark 6 - 9 Jerry Stowe 9 - Noon Dan Gates Noon-3 Tom Madison 3 - 6 PM Frank Kalil 6 - 9 PM Joe Bailey 9 - MID Colin Gramasky "Kosmic" KUPD Phoenix 4/14/72 Airstaff: 6-9 a.m. Lew Jones 9-noon Art Webb noon-3 Doc Holiday 3-6 p.m. Joe Bailey 6-9 p.m. Ric Diamond 9-1 a.m. Phil Flowers 1-6 a.m. Roach Rogers weekends Bruce Miles KUPD airstaff March 1972: Mike Mitchell 6am - 9am Doc Holiday 9am - 1pm Chuck Browning 1pm - 4pm Joe Bailey 4pm - 8pm Bobby Otis 8pm - 12mid Ric Diamond 12mid - 6am (note changes in April 1972 KUPD list below) KRIZ Phoenix - February 1971 airstaff: Steve Martin Phil Motta Art Webb Don Elliot Mark James Bruce Turner Jim Nelson 88.3 KNAI/KPHF Nat'l Farm Workers/Family Stations Incorporated SPANISH/CHRISTIAN; Shared frequency Phoenix 89.1 KLVK Educational Radio Foundation Christian Pop "K-Love" Fountain Hills Began broadcasting Contemporary Christian music in 2000, switching to "Classic Gospel" in July 2001. KBIE then became "K-LOVE" East Valley translator in 2003 KLVK. 89.5 KBAQ Maricopa community Colleges "K-BACH" CLASSICAL Mesa 90.3 KFLR Family Life Broadcasting CHRISTIAN/INSPIRATIONAL Phoenix 91.5 KJZZ Maricopa Community Colleges NPR/TALK/JAZZ Old call letters: Originally KFCA; then KMCR; Switched to Jazz/Talk format August 1995 Mesa 92.3 KKFR Bonneville "Power 92 Today's Hottest Music" HIP HOP Old call letters: KXTC. 92.3 KXTC was a commercial Jazz station in the early and mid-70's until succumbing to the disco craze round about 1978 or 79. [Disco, later Urban] and then Country. "It actually started country while still KXTC and was KC-92. They brought me to town in August 1980 to be their morning guy. Dennis McBroom was mid-day and programmer Erik Foxx was the afternoon guy. Mike Morgan did nights followed by Charlie Martinez midnight to six." [John Gibson, KOOL 94.5 FM] Calls were changed to KJJJ "KJ-92" until 1984. It remained Country but changed to KEZC "EZ Country" from 1984, and this lasted until 1985. In 1985, it debuted as "The Fire Station" with a CHR/Oldies hybrid format. At some point between 1985 and 1988, they dumped the "Fire Station" name and just called themselves "92.3 KKFR." The Oldies were also phased out. In 1988, they started calling themselves "Power 92." The format had also become Rhythmic CHR. July 4th at 4pm Steve Goddard opened the mic and was the first to utter the words "Power 92" according to Valley radio folklore. On December 16, 1993, under PD Rick Stacy, they dumped Rhythmic CHR and tried a truly awful Alternative-intensive Mainstream CHR format. It bombed. They began to move back towards their roots, and by April of 1995, they were a Rhythmic CHR again. The slogan was the tried-and-true "Today's Hottest Music." In July of 1997, they adopted the hip-hop/R&B; format with the "Where Hip-Hop Lives" slogan. In August of 1998, they brought back the "Today's Hottest Music" slogan, but the format is still hip-hop and R&B.; Station spun off to EMMIS in the Clear Channel purchase of Chancellor (AMFM) stations. Glendale 93.3 KDKB Sandusky AOR Old call letters: KMND [Country] Mesa LARADIO.COM: KYSR's Danny Bonaduce had a job in Phoenix radio where he had to call himself Danny Partridge on the air. "I tried to get around it by just calling myself Danny, but the pd said, 'You call yourself Danny Partridge four times an hour every day," remembered the "Star" morning man. "He belittled me in front of the staff." 94.5 KOOL Infinity 60s OLDIES; Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting May 1996, sold to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] January 1997 Station sold to CBS/Infinity in Clear Channel/Chancellor merger in 2000. Phoenix 95.5 KYOT Clear Channel SMOOTH JAZZ/SOFT ROCK "The Coyote" Old call letters: KRFM (beautiful music in the 60's/70's); KQYT [Beautiful Music in the mid '80s] Later, Contemporary KOY FM. Switching to Adult Top 40, the moniker "Y-95" and the Adult Top 40 format were adopted on July 10, 1987. Eventually, they evolved from Adult Top 40 to straight ahead Top 40. They were some form of Top 40 right up until September 2, 1993, at 12 Noon. That's the day that Y-95 died, and for the next 24 hours or so, the station stunted with what it called "The American Radio Museum". On September 3, that ill-fated "Rhythm and Rock" format debuted. "The Coyote" Smooth Jazz in March 1994. Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting May 1996, sold to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] January 1997. Chancellor merged with Clear Channel in 2000. Phoenix 96.9 KMXP Bonneville ROCK AC "MIX 96.9" Old call letters: KEPI (mid 60s); KMEO [Beautiful Music]; KPSN [Oldies]; KCHT later KHTC [Classic Hits]; KGLQ [Classic Hits] Nationwide Communications sold to Jacor (Clear Channel) 1998 call letters changed to KMXP; Licensed to Emmis in 2000, sold to Bonneville in 2004 Phoenix 97.3 KRXS Linda Potyka ROCK & COUNTRY Globe 97.9 KUPD Sandusky AOR After 20 years, Dave Pratt walked off his morning show in August 2001. Pratt went on to KZON afternoon drive and later KMLE morning drive. Tempe 98.7 KKLT Bonneville ADULT CONTEMPORARY/ALBUM ROCK "The Peak" Old call letters: KTAR FM; KBBC [Top 40 early '70s]; March 1999 Hearst-Argyle took ownership from Pulitzer; Operating under LMA by Emmis Communications effective July 1, 2000. Became "The Peak" playing 70s-90s rock in 2004 and sold to Bonneville in Summer 2004 Phoenix 99.9 KESZ Clear Channel ADULT CONTEMPORARY; Beth & Bill in the morning Old call letters: KNNN Spanish in 1979 or early 1980. It didn't last too long before becoming "Classy 100" KLZI. Became KESZ January 15, 1988. Jerry Ryan, General Manager under KLZI & KESZ fired by Owens Broadcasting 1998. Ryan GM of Heftel KHOT 105.9 April 1999. KESZ Sold by Owens/MAC to Jacor (Clear Channel) March 1999. Phoenix 100.3 KMRR HBC Hispanic Broadcasting Company Spanish Love Songs "Amor 100.3/106.3" Old call letters: KIKO; KEYX; KGRX; KZRX [Album Rock]; KHOT [Talkradio] began simulcasting "The Edge" 106.3 in July 1995 as KDDJ. Hispanic Broadcasting bought Big City Radio properties in Phoenix in September 2001 and changed station formats to Spanish programming. Globe 100.7 KSLX Sandusky CLASSIC ROCK Old call letters: KDOT [Classical]; KOPA; The station dumped KOPA (Top 40) in very early 1986 in favor of KSLX and the Classic Rock format Scottsdale 101.1 KNRJ Sierra H Broadcasting Dance On the air: December 1998; Classic hits KESP changed calls to KAZL 2/22/2000. Sold by Brentlinger family Sierra H Broadcasting to Marathon Media (Chicago) November 2001 as KAZL Classic Rock "Loop 101". All Commercials, All The Time Stunt 06/19/02 45:00 Before its call letter/format change to KNRJ Energy 101/Dance, KAZL stunted with playing nothing but old radio & TV ads, with a couple of current ones also. Payson 101.5 KZON Infinity ALTERNATIVE Old call letters: KHEP [Classical in the late '60s]; KONC [Classical] KAMJ [Magic 101 late '80s]; KMXX; 1992 Sundance Broadcasting changed KMXX AC format to KZON Alternative; Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting May 1996, sold to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] January 1997 Station sold to CBS/Infinity in Clear Channel/Chancellor merger in 2000. Flipped formats from Modern AC to Top 40 (early 2000) and back to Modern AC (August 2000) - then Alternative with HOWARD STERN in the morning Phoenix 102.1 KAHM Southwest FM Broadcasting EASY LISTENING Sadly, there are fewer than 50 "beautiful music" stations left in the US. Prescott 102.5 KNIX Clear Channel "ARIZONA COUNTRY" Sold by Buck Owens to Jacor (Clear Channel) March 1999. Phoenix Jason, KNIX was owned by Dick Gilbert (rumored to be broadcasting from his front porch via tracked lp's and reel-to-reel tape) until he finally moved the operation to the top floor of Camelback Towers, in the room next to the laundry room). Gilbert would track showtune and original cast recordings. THE studio was spartan at best, two Altec mono pa mixers side by side (one for left, the other for right channel) ancient Sparta cart deck and a beat to hell reel to reel. The old ribbon mic was pretty shot too. "Warm" did not adequately describe it. The transmitter was less than 5 ft from the back of the board, and the room was rife with RF and various clicks, pops and hums. Once Buck Owens bought the operation about '68 or so (if you remember the '60's, you didn't live it...), the decision was to try "Freeform Rock". So at midnight one Sunday night, KNIX signed off with showtunes. 6am Monday, it was Zappa, Traffic, Iron Butterfly, et. al., driving the doctor and dentist offices who had the 'old' KNIX on crazy. The phones lit up for literally days, people screaming. But the kinds loved it! Andy Moore was the PD of the 'new' KNIX, I remember. I had the pleasure of midnight-6a, my first full-time on-air gig. Dusty Baker (PS Cool site! ) 103.1 KCDX Classic Rock Desert West Air Ranchers Non-stop rock, no commercials, no DJs since 2000. Florence 103.5 KLNZ Spanish Entravision Old call letters: KCWB and then KTWC, "Twice 103.5" an eclectic mix of pop/MOR, format switched to Smooth Jazz KOAZ 1995 and to an unsuccessful "Wild Country 103.5" KWCY with Tim & Willie on Labor Day Weekend 1997. Purchased by Z Spanish March 1999 as KLNZ "La Zeta". Glendale 103.9 KEDJ New Planet Alternative "THE EDGE" Old call letters: KQEZ [Country]; KAZR [Satellite delivered Classic Rock]; KBZR "The Blaze" Modern Rock/Top 40 hybrid; "The Blaze" was dumped from 103.9 in either March or April 1996. This is when they first began preparing for the "Party Station" format. They stunted from March/April up through October 30, 1996 with an all "old school" format ("old school" referring to Latino-oriented gold selections from the hip-hop, R&B;, disco, and freestyle genres), and a stunt about "S-T-E-V-E" which can be best described as a radio version of "Where's Waldo?" They debuted on October 30, 1996 (3:30 pm) as "The New 103.9, Arizona's Party Station" with a Latino-oriented Rhythmic CHR format. The calls changed to KPTY in the Spring of 1997 to match the moniker. On June 4, 1998, shortly after 12 Noon, they changed to a hip-hop/modern rock hybrid, calling themselves "Party Radio @ 103.9." April 1999, dumped the Hip-Hop for a CHR/Alternative format. January 2000, changed to TOP 40 after stunting with sounds of broken CD machine playing "We Like To Party" (VengaBoys) non-stop for 48 hours. November 2001, THE EDGE format and personalities were brought over to KPTY after Big City Radio sold KEDJ and the other Phoenix properties to HBC. The entire "Party Radio" staff and Hip-Hop format was dumped. Later took KEDJ call letters Gilbert 104.3 KAJM Marathon Media Mega 104.3 "Arizona Jams" R&B;/Hip-Hop Payson Old call letters: KRIM [Country] KBZG "B-Best" Oldies, Rhythmic Oldies, KBZG changed calls to KAJM 12/23/1999. MEGA 104.3 R&B; OLDIES debuted April 20, 2001. Carey Edwards (PD) Sold by Brentlinger family Sierra H Broadcasting to Marathon Media (Chicago) November 2001 as "Arizona Jams" Oldies. Payson 104.7 KZZP Clear Channel "KISS FM" Old call letters: KTYL [1950, first FM in Arizona and they were also the prime contract supplier when MUZAK came along in the late 50's. It was placed on KTYL-FM's subcarrier. This was before Muzak used leased phone lines to feed to commercial establishments.] KTYL was owned by the Harkins family. They also founded Channel 12; KBUZ [Beautiful Music]; KIOG; KZZP; Station became Mainstream Top 40 in March 1980, and it stayed that away until late April 1991. The KVRY Hot AC format lasted from April 1991 through March 8, 1996. On March 8, 1996, at 3:00 pm, KZZP returned with a Modern AC format. On April 2, 1999, the format shifted to Mainstream Top 40, following about 6 weeks of "evolving." Sold by Nationwide Communications to Jacor in 1998. Jacor acquired by Clear Channel in 1999. Bruce Kelly resigned June 30, 1999 when new PD Marc Summers and Clear Channel took over. New morning team, Ron & Don from San Francisco, along with Jackie West debuted September 10, 1999. Ric Dees morning show debuted September 2000. The slogan was "104-7 ZZP Arizona's Hit Music Channel" It didn't help. Top 40 KZZP "104-7ZZP" relaunched as "104.7 Kiss FM" 4/23/2001. The station brought in Krazy Kid Stevens and Ruben S. to pump up the morning show April 30, 2001 on the NEW "KISS FM" debuted. Stunting had begun Friday April 20th with "KISS" by Prince played ad nauseum. Mesa 105.3 KHOV HBC Hispanic Broadcasting La Nueva 105.9 - 105.3 FM Spanish Old call letters: KTIM [Country]; KRDS Country/ later Contemporary Christian; Music of Your Life KRDS AM&FM;(1190/105.3)changing calls to KMYL AM & FM at noon Friday 3/21/97. KMYL "Music of Your Life" syndicated format from Los Angeles. Station owned by Interstate Broadcasting of Arizona. was purchased by Big City Radio of Los Angeles in July 1999. Call letters switched to KSSL January 2000, Que Buena" (Very Good!) hit the Phoenix airwaves on 105.3fm as Arizona's first Hispanic contemporary hit music station in March 2000. Sold to Hispanic Broadcasting Company fourth quarter 2001 as KSSL "Viva 105.3" KHOV Wickenburg 105.5 KLVA Educational Media Foundation "K-Love" CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN Casa Grande 105.9 KHOT Hispanic Broadcasting Company La Nueva 105.9 - 105.3 FM Spanish Old call letters: 1996 KXLL [Country]; KBUQ [Young Buck Country] July 1996; "Hot 105.9" debuted shortly after 6:00 pm on October 10, 1997. The format change to Spanish occured on April 5 at 6:00 pm. Heftel had purchased the station. Heftel becomes Hispanic Broadcasting Company April 1999. Paradise Valley 106.3 KOMR HBC Hispanic Broadcasting Company Spanish Love Songs "Amor 100.3/106.3" Old call letters: KWAO [MOR]; KMZK [Rock/Oldies, Country] PD Jon Town; KONC [Classical, picking up the format and calls when abandoned by 101.5 in 1987]; Became "The Edge" Alternative in 1993. "Howard Stern" show began broadcasting on KEDJ in March 1995. Hispanic Broadcasting bought Big City Radio properties in Phoenix in September 2001 and changed station formats to Spanish programming. Sun City 1997-- KRDS changes to Music of Your Life and change is about to happen at KHTC. Farther up the FM dial 106.5 KONZ is on the air with Album Rock. Broadcasting from Arizona City, 50 miles SE of Phoenix, the music is a good mix of current AAA/Alternative type songs plus uptempo rockers from the 60's, 70's and 80's, occasional reggae, and jazz influenced songs, and even a couple of longer progressive type selections. The station starts out commercial free with no DJ's. The music is only interrupted at the top of the hour by the legal ID and then every 15 minutes for brief recorded statements like "Real Album Rock, 106.5 Stereo", or "We don't talk much, 106.5 FM", or "Thanks for listening - both of you! 106.5 FM". Michael Hagerty explains: "Station's been dark for 4 years...used to be a repeater for Classical KONC(106.3), the Arizona City signal folded when KONC became Alternative KEDJ in 1993." (From the archives of Broadcast.Net) 106.5 KKMR HBC Hispanic Broadcasting Company SPANISH Arizona City Old call letters: KONZ-FM. March 22, 1997 the station changed its call letters to KBZR. "The Blaze". KBZR call letters had been used at 103.9 prior to the switch to KPTY at 103.9. Purchased by Big City Radio, KBZR began simulcasting "The Edge" (106.3) in 2000. Hispanic Broadcasting bought Big City Radio properties in Phoenix in September 2001 and changed station formats to Spanish programming. 106.9 KDVA Entravision Radio Romantica(simulcasts 107.1 KVVA) Buckeye Urban "Majik" KMJK sold by to Spanish language programmer Entravision December 2000. Station will simulcast 107.1 KVVA. KMJK changed calls to KDVA 2/1/2001. November 18, 2004--Entravision Radio announced that KVVA and KDVA in Phoenix have begun simulcasting the "Super Estrella" format, giving Phoenix its first Spanish-language Pop station. The format appeals primarily to Latinos ages 18 to 34 and plays artists like Shakira, Ricky Martin and Alejandra Guzman. Entravision also operates KLNZ-FM and KMIA-FM in the Phoenix market. 107.1 KVVA Entravision Radio Romantica 107 SPANISH Old call letters: KSTM "Storm" format ended June 1987 as Spanish format took over. November 18, 2004--Entravision Radio announced that KVVA and KDVA in Phoenix have begun simulcasting the "Super Estrella" format, giving Phoenix its first Spanish-language Pop station. The format appeals primarily to Latinos ages 18 to 34 and plays artists like Shakira, Ricky Martin and Alejandra Guzman. Entravision also operates KLNZ-FM and KMIA-FM in the Phoenix market. Apache Junction 107.9 KMLE Infinity COUNTRY; Dave Pratt in the morning Changed from Christian programming to Country 1988. June 1996, Tim & Willy leave KMLE for a gig in Chicago. A year later, Chicago station changes format, Tim & Willy return to Phoenix at new Wild Country 103.5 [now defunct] and later KNIX Station sold to CBS/Infinity in Clear Channel/Chancellor merger in 2000. Chandler Historical Sources: Bud Wilkinson, longtime AZ Republic Radio columnist; Bob Dreste, and Media Watchers John Adkins, John Davis, Keith Elster, Mike Femyer, Tanim [former Radio MessageBoard moderator], Rick Lewis, Doug Nick, Burt Schneider, Eric Stein, Stanley Vorce, the files of the Arizona Republic & Gazette. I apologize for forgetting anyone. Email me if you have been overlooked. December 1998 JAY LAWRENCE and DAVID LIEBOWITZ switch shifts starting January 5th at Newsradio 620 KTAR. LIEBOWITZ takes over the 9-midnight weekday shift. LAWRENCE moves from that time period to Saturday & Sunday evenings 7-10 pm. "The Lost Tapes of KTAR" will be broadcast the last week of the month on Newsradio 620. These are some very old recordings from the station archives. KTAR is one of Arizona's oldest radio stations, on the air since 1922. "KXAM - One billion gazillion watts vertical, one billion gazillion watts horizontal. KXAM the most powerful radio station in the known universe." A bold, though not quite accurate station promo currently running on the Independent talker. "Delilah" returns to 99.9 KEZ on Christmas eve. She'll play the requests, chat with listeners and keep kids updated on Santa's trek from the North Pole. Her show was pre-empted by KEZ's "continuous Christmas music" which started on Thanksgiving. We think that is a bit TOO MUCH! If you've had it "up to here" with the same crappy Christmas tunes, ["Granma Got Run Over By..."] tune to 89.5 KBAQ [K-BACH]. The Classics have never sounded so good. Cleanse your music palette with the soothing sounds from the Valley's Classical station. Second choice might be 95.5 KYOT. Starting Christmas eve, "The Coyote" [smooth jazz] plays 36 hours of holiday songs. If you can pick it up, KAHM 102.1 might also be a safe haven. PRESTON WESTMORLAND and listeners discussed the topic of telemarketing on KTAR this afternoon. The answers to that problem ranged from "getting an answering machine" and "caller I.D. blocking" to "just hanging up." An angry telemarketer gave PRESTON a piece of his mind. His argument "for" did not stand up to the general complaints of listeners who were fed up with this irritating situation. KTAR made one of my Christmas wishes come true! Starting January 5th, DAVID LIEBOWITZ will have a permanent slot in the talk show line-up. Monday through Friday, LIEBOWITZ takes over from 9pm to midnite. The announcement was made this morning during LIEBOWITZ's stint subbing for PAT MCMAHON. Email from BUD WILKINSON. Sunday Showtunes on KOY and 8 other markets, has a website at Just click on it here. I've heard this fine program and had meant to mention it earlier. Thanks for the note, Bud! Email from radio pro MATT MILLER, who landed a gig at KCWW, that Mickey Mouse operation at 1580 on the dial. "I am very excited, not only am I a Marketing & Promotions Director, but I am a Marketing & Promotions Director with the company that practically invented Marketing and Promotions! [DISNEY] ... KIDR-AM 740 must broadcast the Legal ID in English. I am very impressed with their on air sound and I wish them the best....[Matt worked there when it was Radio AAHS and he does part-time at the new "MIX 969" KMXP] "I do not think there will be ANY changes in the near future [KMXP]. NO Oldies, NO easy listening. My feeling is that changes will only be made if there is a major management shuffle at Jacor when the Clear Channel deal is done. We'll see, but that's my $.02. Is it just me, or has the AM programming in this town started to sound better and have more personality than anything on the FM? For me it's talk or kids only! Am I sounding like Larry King?" --Matt KTAR 620 presents the stage performance of A Christmas Carol. The broadcast will be live from the Herberger Theater and features KTAR celebrities. Performing on the broadcast will be PAT MCMAHON, BILL HEYWOOD, MICHAEL DIXON, PRESTON WESTMORELAND, NED FOSTER, JAY LAWRENCE, KARILYN FRAZIER and TONY FEMINO. Also participating in the production, ALICE COOPER and wife SHERYL, plus from "WALLACE & LADMO", BILL THOMPSON. See it live or catch it on KTAR. **** 1998 The way it was/the way it ended up.... It started out with KEZ #1 [12+] in the 1997 4th quarter book. KNIX was #2 and KOOL was third. Don't get me started on what became of KOOL. KRTH-Los Angeles morning personality CHARLIE VAN DYKE was still in Phoenix at EAGLE 96.9. JACOR purchased the station and changed the call letters to KMXP. Nice call letters, same format as KZZP no matter what the "positioning statement" says. KSLX altered it's format when the Eagle flew off. "The Evolution of Rock" includes much of the Eagle playlist in hopes of catching ex-Eagle listeners. KRIM changed format to Oldies and call letters to KBZG. The signal is spotty in Valley areas, translators help just a bit, ratings show no significant life. TY FLINT moves from KUBE Seattle to do mornings with LINDSEY CIPSIC at the new "HOT" 105.9 KHOT [formerly KBUQ]. LISA TRYGG and JERRY DIXON were added to the line-up later. The JAMMIN' OLDIES station was up slightly in the last book. JUNE THOMSON returned from SAN FRANCISCO and landed at KPHO CBS 5. RON HOON moved to KSAZ TV 10. BOB BOZE BELL & DAVID K. JONES took the morning talk shift at KXAM. KCCF was sold to North American Broadcasting, bringing to an end the dream of RAY COX (owner). BILL HEYWOOD moved from KCCF to KTAR, getting out of his contract early, long before the station sale. TOAD HALL died in March, he was 55. BRUCE KIRK was dumped by KTAR. KISO changed from R&B; to country oldies. It's automated. KFNN owner RON COHEN bought another station, KNUU Las Vegas, selling advertisers spots on both stations. KOY went live and local with DANNY DAVIS & CHARLIE MARTIN in the morning. TIM & WILLY couldn't save KWCY. The "Wild Country" station was canned/automated, put on the block, and TIM & WILLY were moved to mornings at sister station KNIX. STEVE HARMON was fired from KNIX and eventually found a gig in Pennsylvania. KWCY was bought by Z Spanish. Childrens Broadcasting Corp. sold it's stations, including KIDR 740, to Catholic Radio Networks. In an amendment to that sale, some of the stations, including KIDR, were sold to RADIO UNICA. KRXS changed format to a more "mainstream" album rock format and added ART BELL to it's line-up. That's talkradio on FM! Imagine that. Where could they go with this? IMUS In the Morning? This station could be dangerous with a slight signal improvement. Both KDKB & KPTY paid a price for profanities broadcast over the air. DAVE PRATT got a new partner in LAURIE MICHAELS. KYOT stretched the definition of "Smooth Jazz" several times with soft rock and AC cuts interspersed with Kenny G. RICK SHOCKLEY replaced BRIAN CASEY as PD at KOOL in June. BRUCE KELLY was fired or quit KKFR. He bounced back and took over mornings at KZZP with sidekick LOU VALENTINO. TED SIMONS moved from mornings at KZON to afternoon news at KTAR. KTAR/KMVP/KKLT sold to HEARST-ARGYLE. KTAR gave TOM DILLON a new contract. It forbade him from broadcasting games for teams not associated with KTAR. DILLON walked. After more than a decade as GM at KESZ [nee KLZI], JERRY RYAN was fired. He is now with BRENTLINGER BROADCASTING. OwensMAC Broadcasting was formed. Owens Broadcasting took control of MACAmerica's KESZ. Owens Broadcasting sold KCWW to DISNEY. KGME boosted it's signal to 50kw. Chancellor bought KFYI & KKFR. Clear Channel is buying Jacor. There are many other salesformat changes to come. We will keep you posted, right here! Hi can you tell me what happened to "The Eagle", I noticed you said it died. I visit the Phoenix Metro area pretty regularly and listened to the station when I was there and I'm surprised to see it go. Can you also tell me what happened to "Lou" the female afternoon drivetime presenter. Many thanks. Andy" --JACOR bought the station and changed the format to a KZZP clone [see our Radio Dial page] and LOU VALENTINO went to KZZP to share morning drive duties with BRUCE KELLY. Latest rumors run from 96.9 soon changing hands again or just a format change to Easy Listening or Oldies. The Easy Listening format is unlikely [people reminisce about KMEO too much] but any good Oldies station can clean up in Phoenix. KOOL numbers are on the way down, from 4th to 11th [in 3 books]. The new KTAR 620 website is up. Be careful typing the address in. Someone has snagged the address and has put some naughty things there. You may just want to click here to go to KTAR620.COM - THE KTAR 620 Website. You'll find sound bites, interviews, and station personality info. Who is that doing afternoon drive at JAMMIN' OLDIES 105 in New York?? 6-10a -- AL BANDIERO & PATTY STEELE 10a-2p -- CAROL FORD 2-6p -- SUPERSNAKE 6-10p -- LINDA ENERGY 10p-2a -- CYBERJOCK (ED MCMANN, DIANA STEELE, DALE DORMAN, JOJO KINCAID) 2-6a -- ANN DURAN JANUARY 1999 Former KOOL FM morning personality Rick "Coach" Marshall makes his return to Chancellor Oldies KXKL 105.1 FM (Cool 105) Denver this week. Marshall had left KXKL a couple of years ago to join Chancellor Oldies KOOL 94.5. Marshall will do mornings with Paxton Mills. ALAN STEIGLITZ was ousted from his position as GM at KOOL 94.5 this week. Regional Marketing Manager, Clancy Woods, will over see ALL CHANCELLOR stations in Phoenix ... then announce the new GM for KOOL, who will over see KOOL & KMLE. HEFTEL is purchasing "The NEW HOT 105.9" KHOT! New Format: Spanish -- the change comes sometime in March. That's approx. $18. million to current owners New Century Arizona. KHOT currently runs an R&B; Oldies format. KZZP's BRUCE KELLY announced he has a drinking problem and will be taking time off to recover. KZZP management is allowing him this time until sometime in March. Correction: [Thanks to Bruce St. James of KKFR] Eric Edwards, Production Director at KPWR Los Angeles is our image voice. All the work is produced in house by our Production Director, Mark Casoli. I'd hate to see slighted some of the guys that do such great work for Power 92. KESP 101.1 FM is now promoting itself as "LOOP 101." Behind the construction and street traffic sound effects, BRENTLINGER BROADCASTING is reshaping it's recently debuted radio station. KESP has a great mix of Oldies from the 70s and 60s. There are some great tunes you won't hear on KOOL FM, such as: DEAR PRUDENCE/BEATLES - OLD DAYS/CHICAGO - I PUT A SPELL ON YOU/CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - JUST LIKE A WOMAN/BOB DYLAN. Deeper cuts, better variety, larger playlist. Movement...KPTY 103.9 "Party Radio" morning man BIG MAMA is headed to nights to WILD 98.7 in sunny Tampa....CHARLIE MORRIS (formerly CHARLIE MONOXIDE) at KLPX Tucson is the new host of CHARLIE & COMPANY, debuting February 1st on WZGC (Z93) in Atlanta. During an ASU sports broadcast, the KMVP board op missed a queue for commercials. One sports announcer, thinking he was off the air, was heard to say [slightly off mic] "I gotta cool it on these Diet Cokes. I have to take a wizz!" KWCY is running promos for KNIX, mentioning the change in KWCY ownership and format. KWCY was purchased a couple months ago by Z Spanish Broadcasting. GREG "3RD DEGREE" BURNS leaves his Marketing Manager position at KPTY 103.9 and has moved across town to 95.5 KYOT, this time as a Media Consultant. Children's Broadcasting Corporation announced it has completed the sale of its last 3 radio stations. Radio Unica Corp. paid CBC approximately $29.25 million in cash for WJDM/WBAH-AM, Elizabeth, New Jersey, KAHZ-AM, Fort Worth, Texas and KIDR-AM, Phoenix, Arizona. Press Release: KOOL 94.5 HAS A WINNER [January 13, 1999] (Phoenix)...KOOL 94.5 is proud to announce the addition of Bill Gardner, Billboard Magazine's Major Market Personality of the Year, to host the morning time slot. Gardner comes to Phoenix with over 31 years of broadcast experience, including stints at WFIL and WIBG in Philadelphia, KCBQ in San Diego and KVIL in Dallas. Gardner says, "Mornings on KOOL 94.5 is genuinely a dream situation." "Happy New Year to KOOL 94.5 for finding Bill. He is the consummate pro. KOOL 94.5 has waited years to find a talent like Bill Gardner. Now Phoenix will find out what morning radio is all about," says General Manager, Allen Stieglitz. KOOL 94.5 Program Director, Rick Shockley couldn't agree more. "We are absolutely ecstatic to have someone of Bill's caliber join the already great staff at KOOL 94.5. Bill's a perfect fit." Gardner's first day to wake-up Phoenix will be February 1, 1999. Brian Casey and "The Coach" are "out of the game" at Chancellor's KOOL FM. Casey, former KOOL PD will be replaced by BILL GARDNER. KOOL veteran TOM PEAKE will most likely continue to do the morning show until GARDNER takes over February 1st. GARDNER has sweated over hot turntables at stations such as KVIL/Dallas, WIBG & WFIL/Philadelphia and KCBQ/San Diego. KMXP (MIX 96.9) & KZZP PD DAN PERSIGEHL has been promoted to OM, and MD DAVE COOPER is the new PD of the stations. COOPER will also handle the music as well, for now. CHUCK BUELL has left KKLT (98.7) to do mornings at KBZT, Jefferson-Pilot’s oldies outlet in San Diego. That areas "North County Times" referred to BUELL as a "baby boomer" who's worked at stations in Denver, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco. BUELL replaces longtime local DJs KEN COPPER and CYNTHIA HEATH, who were sacked last month from their morning show DJ duties. BUELL plans to be on the air by Feb. 1. KBest program director KIPPER MCGEE said "BUELL will bring more of a contemporary feel to the morning show." Programmer John Sebastian is back. Scouting his next station, Sebastian is not only looking at just "music" stations, but maybe talkradio. Sebastian developed the KUPD format in 1979, and brought KSLX back to life in the mid 90's. He has been at many of the major stations including: KRIZ & KRUX Phoenix back in the 70s, KHJ Los Angeles, KDWB Minneapolis.... Since MIKE GOLIC has gone full-time with ESPN, an opening has occured at KGME 1360. Taking over that spot is JIM TRABER. He joins BRUCE JACOBS on the sportstalk station morning show. In mid-January, Jacor Communications Inc. is launching a country music network in Ohio. The Buckeye Country Network will originate out of Jacor's country station in Columbus, WCOL-FM, and will include six or seven of the broadcaster's smaller stations in that region. "We can improve the quality of the programming in the smaller markets by importing the talent from other stations," said Tom Owens, Covington-based Jacor's senior vice president of programming. Creating regional networks also lowers operating costs of the smaller stations and provides Jacor a package deal to offer advertisers. It's part of the broadcaster's plan to bring the many low-performing "stick" stations it has acquired over the last three years into profitability. In addition to the Buckeye Country Network, Owens said Jacor is also launching a nine-station "oldies" regional network out of Las Vegas. Expect more such announcements down the road, he said. Finally, the tight playlist gets tossed. 105.9 KHOT has over 1,000 tunes compiled for airplay in what they're calling "R&B; A To Z." New artists and titles will be added to the mix. This might be called the "R&B; Evolution" as KHOT follows KSLX in moving away from a redundant rotation. TIM MARANVILLE has until recently been operations manager at the three SANDUSKY rock stations in town. Now, due to the "dry spell" in new "rock" music, the stations are getting their seperate program directors. MARANVILLE will program just KDKB. J.J. JEFFRIES takes the PD duties at KUPD and morning man RICH CREEGER becomes PD at KSLX. Over at KUPD, Laurie Michaels has split to take on a new morning gig in Denver with her husband, formerly with KSLX, JOEY TEEHAN. MAILBAG: Wow! This is a great radio resource. When I started out in the broadcast business in 1960 I had no idea we'd be in touch with broadcasters all over the world with the click of a mouse. You're invited to check out our award- winning weekly syndicated program at Where each week's show is heard in real audio. A link to our site would really be apreciated. RE: recent message from Lan Roberts, could this be the same Lan Roberts we used to listen to every day on KJR Seattle back in the mid '60's. What a great line up they had back then with Lan, Pat O'Day, Mike Phillips, Dick Curtis, etc. Best Regards Hugh McLennan **** Yes, it's the same LAN ROBERTS. We traced him to a small town in Texas. Drop him a line. MAILBAG: [On the subject of receiving some sort of response when sending an aircheck & resume] "It would be great if we responded in person to every job app, resume and industry song inquiry. The reality is that in this day and age few of us have the time or manpower to process the volume of unsolicited material we receive. At a previous station, (where I was afforded an Assistant) we responded to ALL applications in writing and even sent along a follow-up letter to simplify our files and fulfill our EEO requirements. In the 1 year I was there we sent out nearly 300 such letters. My Assistant spent countless hours with this process and I hope people appreciated at least an acknowledgment of receipt. Budgets being what they are, few of us have that type of help available anymore. Now, there is no way on Earth I can respond to every request made upon my time. Most PD's receive as many or more phone calls than I do (over 30 actual calls a day) and many of those are job seekers. I do not screen my calls and I answer my own phone. I encourage people to send T&R;'s, but usually preface it with the fact that we are not currently in need of new talent. Those of you with jobs might appreciate the idea that your boss isn't constantly shopping your gig. The reality is, if I'm not in need of talent... I don't actively seek it out. We can all dream the dream that an aircheck tape dropped in the mail is going to cause a PD to fire someone to make room for your immense talents. In the meantime, spewing venom and threatening payback might not be the best course of action. I can't be the only one who appreciates persistence, and I usually like at least 2 "communication attempts" (from my Comm. 101 class) so I know the person is serious and not just blindly mailing to every station that starts with a "K". Good luck in your job search!" [Name withheld by request] **** The issue boils down to common courtesy between professionals and [here] time & money. By the way, my immense talent caused an opening to occur in two cases I can recall. Though that was through "networking" rather than tape and resume, I believe it IS possible. I agree that persistence pays off and I trust/hope most jocks have done some research into each station they send a tape to. On his inaugural weeknight KTAR broadcast, DAVID LIEBOWITZ took calls and kicked butt. As will happen, the audience for the JAY LAWRENCE show was offended and upset. Upset with change. LIEBOWITZ was unduly spit upon with all the venom these people could muster. Change happens! LIEBOWITZ, newspaper columnist, is new in the talkradio field. He is fresh, smart, opinionated and somewhat sarcastic. You get that from reading his newspaper column. He is also honest, thoughtful and caring. He is "the new blood." Sleepy, evening talkradio could be a thing of the past in Phoenix. Get used to change. It is here to stay! [I think that was Yogi Berra that said that.] DAVID LIEBOWITZ has opinions that may not be politically correct. He might keep you awake later in the evening. He might make you think about the issues. Change is good. The blustery winter weather problems across the country caused many flight delays at national airports. In fact, Phoenix commuter Charlie Van Dyke recently missed his morning show on KRTH Los Angeles due to airline traffic delays elsewhere. MAILBAG: Jack from Phoenix writes: "I was always under the assumption that those of us who decided on a career in broadcasting did so because we had something to say or in other words we are "Professional Communicators". Then why is it that when you send a tape and resume to a PD or OM they don't respond? No letter of acknowledgement, No call. Have they forgotten what it was like when they were looking for a job before they landed in the seat they are currently occupying. And if they think they'll be in that chair forever, they better think again. I hope they remember broadcasters like myself who try to communicate with them when they are back on the street, and they will be [you know radio]. When I have held positions of management I always tried to remember what it was like when I first started out. Hoping for the phone to ring, checking the mail box daily for any kind of response. Personally I think the current crop of Program Directors/Operations Managers need to take a course in in Communications 101. Every month for nearly the past 6 months I have sent a tape and resume to every station in town that I feel I would fit in comfortably (about 7 stations) I have haven't heard a word from any of them. They don't even return phone calls. I'll end here and thanks for letting me vent." *** I've experienced this, Jack. A couple years ago, I sent tapes to about 8 stations in Phoenix. I heard back from KCCF and KMLE. The usual "we don't have any positions open now, so until we do, hang by your thumbs." [I joke-- this is at least the response we want, even though we imagine all the PDs calling immediately with fabulous contracts and huge signing bonuses]. I got a call from KOOL, where I was eventually hired. The rest of the PDs didn't bother to write or call. I imagined them tossing my tape into a box 3/4 full of rejected airchecks from other jocks around the country. I appreciated the responses I did get, this was not only courteous, but I believe the professional response. As PD, I had always taken the time to respond. I was well aware of the need to stay in touch/respond. As you say, that PD that tosses your tape aside without a response, may someday be working for YOU! By the way, when you get into a PD gig, let me know, I'll send you a tape. ABC's "REAL COUNTRY" network weeknight talent, Mark Andrews, shoots us a note from Tempe with a little bio: Top 40, Beautiful Music, A/C, Nostalgia, [over the course of his career] and landed in Country to stay in 1981 at KWJJ in Portland, Oregon. Moved to the late KEBC in Oklahoma City as PD for two years before coming to the Real Country Network in 1991. I've got 30 years in this business under my belt, and feel very blessed that I continue to work in a craft I dearly love." More about "REAL COUNTRY NETWORK" as I hear from Mark. They are still broadcasting to other parts of the nation from studios in Tempe. MAILBAG "Thanks again for your continued listener ship of KXAM! I set up the interview with Eddie Albert and Bill Straus about two months ago, and it continues to be one of my favorite shows! A comment on an earlier comment of yours: I have been in love with Uncle Russell Shaw's voice and sense of humor since I came to the valley over ten years ago, and when we added Jones and Boze as our morning show I thought it appropriate to call up Unca Russ as well. Talk radio can be at times a wee bit, uh, [dry], so I thought by breaking up my liners and promos with a snappy sense of warp factor humor we could at least get a chuckle out of folks! ..... we are adding MORE live, local, programming during the week and on the weekends starting this Saturday with "Choices" with Keith and Carol at 3 pm and "The Inner View - Adventures in Spirit" with Philip Burley at 4 pm. On Wednesday and Friday at noon, "The Well Tempered Investor" with David Sobol and Joe Scheid of Pollikov Financial will make all those confusing investment issues go away. So thanks again to you Jason, my peers, and all those listeners out in Radio Land that support Independent 1310, KXAM! Regard for a Healthy and Successful New Year, Tom Green Director of Operations, KXAM [January 1, 1999] EDDIE ALBERT was a guest on a "Best of Straus" broadcast interview today on KXAM. 90 year old ALBERT sounds just like the character he played on "GREEN ACRES". His topics, beside show-biz, were agriculture and his military career. Listeners shared conversation and some poetry with the great actor. This was a celebration of his 60 years in show business, from the mob movie "BROTHER RAT" to "GREEN ACRES". It's starting to sound as though KESP 101.1 has the right mix of Oldies. There is some repetition, but there is more depth in the selections. DON HENLEY "SUNSET GRILL", NILLSON "JUMP INTO THE FIRE", SANTANA "OYE COMO VA". NICE STUFF! This along with the FOUR TOPS, SPINNERS, AND GLADYS KNIGHT. FEBRUARY 1999 Fresno, California has a Z Spanish outlet that uses the calls, KHOT. The station is on the AM dial. MAILBAG: Actually, somewhere in between KTYL and KZZP, 104.7 FM had the calls KIOG, playing a progressive mix, and calling itself "The Alternative"--circa 1979-80. I do have an aircheck of the last day of the format, with Jeff Parets. (it includes a message from KUPD PD John Sebastian asking listeners to make the switch to KUPD) -- JJJONES "The Storm" or "new wave" format from KCAC to KDKB, KIOG, KSTM, KONC and KEYX ran for the better part of the 80's. Jeff Paret's KIOG format was tweaked a bit and moved over to 107.1 KSTM when KIOG became KZZP in 1981. 107.1 "The Storm" was replaced by the Spanish language programming of KVVA in June 1987. In searching for KIOG, turns out those call letters have not been picked up by any other radio station. Nor have the calls KEYX or KONC. KSTM is in use in Indianola, Iowa and KCAC is a non-commercial FM in Camden, Arkansas. KZZP 104.7 has altered it's playlist for certain day-parts, including more "dance" music in the evenings. This half-hearted attempt to attract some of the KPTY 103.9/KKFR 92.5 audience would be like KKFR adding an hourly 5-minute newscast in an attempt to lure the KTAR listeners. But then, bold moves are not the method of today's broadcast programmer. The "NEW" KLNZ 103.5 is "La Zeta," a Spanish-language station. "Wild Country 103.5" was sold by OwensMAC to ZSpanish, which also owns KVVA 107.1. Programming on the two stations will remain seperate. Another Spanish language station is coming in March. HEFTEL takes over 105.9 which is now KHOT "Jammin' Oldies." Whatever became of Phoenix's old radio call letters? SUNNY 97 KPSN rattled KOOL FM's cage a few years back, playing oldies before several format/call letter changes brought the frequency to the present Rock AC formatted KMXP. The call letters KPSN are now used in Payson for a TV station featuring the programming of COURT TV. KCHT is being used in Astoria, Oregon. It was really a reach, but those call letters signified the word "Hits" when used in Phoenix, before management realized the calls were more similar to a 4-letter word we shall not repeat here. The calls were changed to KHTC and later dropped for KGLQ. No station has picked up KHTC or KGLQ. When Phoenix (and the rest of the major markets) turned a deaf ear to the Beautiful music format, the KMEO call letters bounced to a place called Flower Mound, Texas. ABC owns that station. KOAZ lives on in Oro Valley, AZ. Before there was KZZP, KTYL operated at 104.7. In fact, it was the first FM on the air in the Valley of the Sun (1950). The Mesa station switched from KTYL to KZZP and then to KVRY for a short period and finally reclaimed the KZZP calls. KTYL is now an AM/FM combo in Tyler, Texas. Oddly enough, the "Variety" calls KVRY haven't shown up anywhere (do you detect a bit of sarcasm here?) KCCF has a new home in Ferndale, Washington, near the Canadian border. There is also a TV station in Katy, Texas with those calls. It's legal to have two seperately owned stations in seperate markets share the same call letters. But, do you see some sort of Texas connection going on? Ponderous. KRIZ is now an R&B; station on the AM dial in Renton/Seattle, Washington. KRUX FM operates from Las Cruces, New Mexico. KTWC (remember "Twice 103.5"?) is not currently assigned to a radio station, nor is KBUQ. That "Young Country" format seems to be taking a hit in many markets anyway. Prior to KTAR, we had KFCB at 620 AM. Those calls haven't been in use lately. About KCCF: The old KCCF in Phoenix is getting it's own commemorative web page. When the web author notifies us, we'll tell you how to find it. It is under construction at this time. KTAR's Pat McMahon was given the "Real McCoy", a lifetime achievement award. Also picking up awards during the evening were KTAR's Brad Cesmat, W. Steven Martin from KNIX for community service and Camelback Jack of KOOL for best afternoon show. Al McCoy from KTAR won for best play-by-play. MAILBAG: On Friday, at 6:00 pm, KZZP began evolving from Modern AC to CHR! They are playing about 3 new CHR tracks per hour, in addition to the Modern AC tunes that they already have on their playlist. It's now 7:54 is what I've heard since 6:00: Cher "Believe" (Dance); Will Smith - can't recall which tune it was (R&B;/borderline mainstream hip-hop); Brandy "Have You Ever?" (R&B;); 'N Sync "I Want You Back" (Pop/Dance); Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" (Pop/Dance); Tone Loc "Wild Thing" ("retro" rap track from late 80's); Monica, "Angel of Mine" (R&B;); They are also running promos claiming that you can hear all the hits on ONE station. This promo features All Saints "Never Ever" (a Pop tune) with two Modern AC songs. At this point, I would say KZZP is a Modern-intensive CHR, because they are in the process of evolving. I expect them to become even more like a true CHR as the weeks progress. It's about time!!! I haven't been this excited about radio in this town in AGES! Tanim (Phoenix Media MessageBoard) Bruce Kelly's partner at KZZP 104.7, Lu Valentino is out the door. Sources say Valentino had been on thin ice since a late January incident at Disneyland. Dan Persigehl has moved market veteran Jackie West out of evenings to partner with him in morning drive, at least until Kelly's return in early March. General manager Dave Pugh says a search is beginning for a permanent replacement for Valentino. The legendary HUMBLE HARVE starts at Westwood One's Oldies Channel this month. NOT available in Phoenix. "It's not your mother's radio station anymore." ALICE COOPER liner heard on 620 Newsradio KTAR. Premiere Networks' JIM ROME is in the middle of contract negotiations and will cut his sports radio show "The Jungle" [KGME 1360 in Phoenix] to three hours sometime in the next few months. The reason for dropping an hour? Rome is having to spend more time on his Fox Sports Television show. Radio programmer John Sebastian will have a show on KXAM from 4-7 pm weekdays starting Monday, February 15. ERIC STEIN writes: It looks like the controversial KPTY is bringing in the syndicated Mancow Muller radio program from Chicago for their new morning program. From what I've heard, his program is formatted like Howard Stern's (Stern calls Mancow an "imitator" - even though he's beating Stern in the Chicago ratings). This is not the first time a Phoenix station has tried a Chicago personality on the radio - KZZP failed to bring listeners to Jonathan Brandmeier's show back in 1996. MAILBAG: The BIG station in San Jose (KBAY) several years ago, both from a coverage standpoint and its Arbitron ranking, was owned by a partnership of families whose ancestors founded the station. They had resisted all purchase offers, even though they had received some very attractive proposals from, among others, a Spanish language group owner. Along came the new rules and a company called American Radio Systems. ARS personified the "new look and feel" of broadcasting. One of its favorite come-ons was that broadcasters, due to the might and clout of new mega-owners, were no longer going to have to settle for the "7% share" of advertising budgets allocated to electronic media. ARS offered really big bucks for KBAY that the owners couldn't refuse. The Spanish folks offered even more, but the families declared that they did not want to see their fathers' life's work become a Spanish language outlet. ARS assured that it would keep the station just as it always was. "After all", they said, "we aren't buying loser stations to fix up--we want performers!" After the sale was announced, there was a big rah-rah meeting with the heads of ARS and the staff of the station. The blarney flowed so thick and fast in that meeting as to cause numbness. "We aren't going to make any changes at these [there was an associated AM] stations. We know YOU FOLKS are the ones who made these stations great. The only difference you will see is that your job will be easier because you will have access to our corporate resources." And on and on and on. After the meeting was over, salespeople and talent alike retired to offices to use the phones. I overheard such phrases as "we're really excited about this...", etc. Those few of us who had been around the block a few times shook our heads. "If these folks only knew!" At closing, the ink wasn't dry on the contract before ARS immediately spun off both stations. The monster FM to the Spanish folks--making a nice profit in the instant transaction, and the AM to another foreign language outfit. What was the heart and soul of KBAY was transferred over to a facility one-tenth as powerful as before, and massive changes were made. Syndicated programs were put in at night. The rest of the time went from live assist to full voice-tracking. The image of the station was changed from a unique blend of new-age/jazz to "Lite Rock" (the first time the "R"-word had ever been used at the station) and the playlist cut from 3000 cuts to about 300. In other words, ARS screwed everyone: the original owners, the station's personnel, the listeners. When what was left of the station was finally sold to CBS, ARS had made millions reducing a San Jose institution to formula crap. CBS, to its credit, is actually beginning a long, slow process of attempting to restore some of what-was, but the hatchet job done on the station ran wide and deep. As ARS was acquiring stations with a vengeance right after the rules changes, it was laying down this line-o-crap about it being a "long-term player" whose "mission it is to improve the quality of radio by consolidating resources". As it turns out, the mission of ARS was to make the principals rich and to then ensure a steady income stream by stealing all the transmitter sites and leasing them back to the stations through the subsidiary, ATS. But that's another story for later. John Higdon MAILBAG: Just happened to stumble on your page a couple of weeks ago. You do a great job and a great service to those of us who are in, or have been in radio. I am not currently working in radio, but spent 16 years working in markets other than Phoenix. Keep up the great work. You kick the crap out of the guy who does the newspaper version. --DAVE Thanks, although we prefer a non-violent existence, the thought revs me up and fogs my glasses. Longtime KMLE KAMEL KOUNTRY 108 afternoon personality STU EVANS, has signed on for an additional two years. KNUU ("K-News") in Las Vegas is the ONLY news-talk format in the LAS VEGAS market. KNUU is a CBS/AP/Bloomberg affiliate and is owned and operated by entrepreneur Ron Cohen, who also owns KFNN Financial News Radio in Phoenix. Is it KNIX "live" or tape delay? Sometimes it is KNIX sweepers and a seperate audio feed playing on the now defunct KWCY 103.5 FM. Simulcasts [fed via ISDN to KWCY from KNIX] cause a 7-10 second delay. KWCY IDs fire once each hour, but otherwise the KNIX programming is all you will hear until new owners Z Spanish take control with new programming soon. MARCH 1999 NEW CENTURY ARIZONA is selling their Phoenix stations in a two-way split. Arizona's best sportstalk station 1360 KGME has been sold to SALEM BROADCASTING, owners of KPXQ 960. The second part of the sale involves the FM combo KEDJ/KDDJ to BIG CITY RADIO, Los Angeles. This probably won't affect the Howard Stern show since the stations have a contract good through 2005. Phoenix doesn't need another Religious station, but we shall see what SALEM does with 1360. Some of the Chancellor stations will be relocating in town. The moves take KOOL FM from their 7th Street location to the facility at 840 North Central Avenue that houses KZON, KOY & KYOT. Moving into the unit at 7th Sreet are KMLE, KFYI, KISO along with HEFTEL's 105.9 which will "lease" studios from KMLE. Changes should occur within 6 weeks. KKFR will be moving to a location either at 840 North Central or possibly moving to a new location along with KZON. .... do I sniff a cluster of stations here for possible sale? What do YOU think? Say "Adios" to 105.9 "Jammin' Oldies" KHOT. Changes are expected Thursday as HEFTEL will take control of the station with a new Spanish format. Jerry Ryan, former general manager at 99.9 KESZ will manage the new Spanish station at 105.9 once Heftel Broadcasting takes ownership of the station in April. Ryan was displaced when KEZ management changes took place last June. Owens Broadcasting had taken control of KESZ operations in co-ownership of the station with MACAmerica. Ryan had been with KESZ for 12 years. RYAN oversaw the changes in format and on-air staff from soft rock 99.9 KLZI to KESZ, now the #1 station in the Valley. 93 KDKB needs a morning show producer for TIM & MARK. Send tapes and resume to TIM MARANVILLE, KDKB, 1167 West Javelina, MESA AZ 85210. Monday through Friday, from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm, check out the new Art Laboe Weekday Special on Tucson's KOHT 98.3 FM. KOHT also broadcasts the ART LABOE SUNDAY SPECIAL live from Hollywood every Sunday night from 6:00pm to 12 midnight Art Laboe played a big role in the American Rock 'n Roll movement of the 1950's. Art stimulated the development and acceptance of "Rock 'n Roll" by being the first to play Rock 'n Roll on the airwaves in 1955. Art is currently working on a book about his life as a DJ. Could happen! Without leaving Phoenix, KEZ's popular morning duo, Beth & Bill, could be the next #1 morning show in Denver. When JACOR takes control of KESZ & KNIX, some of the personalities from those stations might be tapped for use on the PROPHET system JACOR uses around the country. This computerized method of programming allows JACOR to put some of their noted talent in more cities. The down-side of that for Phoenix is that we may lose some of our "live & local" talent when the same system replaces them with talent from other cities. The programs [comments, quips and LINERS] are recorded in advance and sent to the network computers for airplay the next day or later. KRXS 97.3 FM is about to get a power increase. KRXS is the only FM station with top of the hour news covering the Valley of the Sun. Check out the website for more information on the station: Heard on the street: MIKE REAGAN's 1 year contract is not being renewed at KXAM. Will they hang onto the G. GORDON LIDDY program? Sometimes callers to radio talk shows make quite an impression on the audience. It may be an outrageous opinion expressed or, in rare instances, literate, thoughtful insight into issues. Now, BILL STRAUS has developed "listener roundtables". Jason I've been experimenting with "listener roundtables" for a few weeks. I put together a trio of listener/callers and we just bounce from subject to subject. It's been terrific. And on Friday, April 9th, we'll enjoy a one-on-one faceoff between two of the most well-known, prolific, passionate and totally polarized callers in Valley talk radio: "Bob from Peoria" vs. "Seth from Scottsdale." It's something a little different in talk radio." - Straus (Bill Straus 1310 KXAM) Brian Lee keeps the morning drive slot despite KIXD Tucson switching formats from Country to Oldies. KIIM is now the only country station on Tucson FM [Update from the Mailbag: KAVV 97.7 markets Tucson with Country music from Benson.] Former KPTY 103.9 afternooner SUPERSNAKE just signed with WTJM "JAMMIN' OLDIES 105.1" New York for afternoons there. Would you consider TOM LEYKIS to be a talk show host or a "shock jock"? For the number of times LEYKIS and his callers say the words "tits", "ass", "nipples", etc. it almost sounds like the HOWARD STERN show. Some have referred to DON IMUS as a "shock jock" but the IMUS program is "tame" compared to the TOM LEYKIS show. Station Ownership clusters BRENTLINGER BROADCASTING 101.1 KESP Oldies - 104.3 KBZG Oldies - 106.5 KBZR Oldies CHANCELLOR 550 KOY Nostalgia - 910 KFYI Newstalk - 1230 KISO Country Oldies - 92.5 KKFR Hip Hop - 94.5 KOOL Oldies - 95.5 KYOT Smooth Jazz - 101.5 KZON Alternative - 107.9 KMLE Country HEARST-ARGYLE 620 KTAR Newstalk - 860 KMVP Sportstalk - 98.7 KKLT Adult Contemporary JACOR 96.9 KMXP Rock AC - [Purchase pending: 99.9 KESZ Adult Contemporary & 102.5 KNIX Country] - 104.7 KZZP Rock AC/CHR NEW CENTURY/ARIZONA 1360 KGME Sportstalk - 100.3 KDDJ Alternative - [Pending sale to HEFTEL: 105.9 KHOT R&B; Oldies] - 106.3 KEDJ Alternative SANDUSKY 1060 KDUS Sportstalk - 1440 KSLX Classic Rock - 93.3 KDKB AOR - 97.9 KUPD AOR - 100.7 KSLX Classic Rock Z SPANISH 103.5 KLNZ Spanish - 107.1 KVVA Spanish We've heard the rumors that JACOR may purchase KTAR/KKLT/KMVP. That would give them their limit of 5 FM stations and they could still grab another AM. They could buy one of the other sports stations or KXAM and become the dominant sportstalk player on AM. They might move KMVP to 620 AM. JACOR could then take their syndicated talk shows like RUSH LIMBAUGH & DR. LAURA from KFYI, moving the KTAR talk format to FM using the KKLT frequency, 98.7 FM. These seem like the right choices. KRXS is running ART BELL in their nighttime line-up and it sounds great. Talkradio without the fading or static. Of course you know what happens next. JACOR builds the stations up, in preparation for sale to another mega corporation. CHANCELLOR stations in Phoenix can also take their syndicated programs, like CASEY KASEM's TOP 40 from the competition. But currently, their is not a good fit for the program considering the formats of the CHANCELLOR stations in Phoenix. What's up with the SANDUSKY rock stations? Could they be the next to topple? The Deuce will have live local programing from 9a-1p M-F with Jeff Kennedy. Also the entire staff did not get canned, damn close, but Russ Bliss, Ed Swanner and Jeff will still be there. MAILBAG: Hi, Gosh I miss all the great folks in Phoenix. Beth and Bill, Perry, Marty and the rest of the gang were always top notch. That's why they are number 1. I've since worked in Atlanta programming a sports/talk station, and I've been program director and morning show co-host on WGAN in Portland Maine for the last 2 plus years. Things are going very well. I check in with your site quite often. My jaw dropped with I read that KNIX and KEZ were sold. Have fun in the Valley of the Sun. Dave "Duke" Winsor Former KEZ PD [March 18, 1999] Country giant KNIX FM 102.5 & Valley favorite adult contemporary 99.9 KESZ have been sold to broadcasting conglomerate JACOR in a deal worth $142 million. Owens Broadcasting announced the sale Wednesday to the staff of both stations in a meeting at the Tempe studios of KNIX. Staff changes are not expected at the #1 and #2 Valley stations. Owens Broadcasting had recently sold KWCY FM to Z Spanish and KCWW AM to Disney. Owens was one of the few local station owners left in a city where most of the broadcast revenue goes to corporate owners such as Chancellor, Sandusky and now Jacor. Jacor also owns 96.9 KMXP and 104.7 KZZP. [March 17, 1999] Stopping by to chat during the JONES & BOZE remote broadcast on 1310 KXAM this morning was KESZ's MARTY MANNING. MANNING wore green socks for the occasion. RUSS SHAW filled in for DAVID K. JONES, I didn't hear why he was absent. Is RUSS a supersalesman or what? After he admitted he knew nothing about a sponsor and without copy, SHAW laid down the best line of B*S* and produced one of the best spots that customer may ever have had. It is unlikely that Interstate Broadcasting of Arizona, the owners of KMYL 1190 will program a 24 hour LOCAL news station IF the rumored format changes take place. The question is, if the station does go to an all-news format, which satellite-fed national news service will it broadcast? The most recent such AM station in Phoenix was KOPA 1440 [now KSLX AM]. KOPA ran CNN Radio News. There are a couple such news providers to choose from, including the Associated Press Radio News. KMYL FM 105.3 is rumored to be changing to another music format, both KMYL AM & FM are currently broadcasting the Music Of Your Life format. John Cannon's last day at SportsRadio 1060 KDUS was Friday. He chose not to stay with the station until the April 2nd date, at that time all staff members would be let go. KDUS will fill the programming gap with the satellite feed from One On One Sports, which moves over from KMVP 860. Will KMVP hire some of the ex-KDUS airstaff? [March 16, 1999] Chancellor Media Corp., is ending its quest for a merger partner after just two months, with no takers emerging for its $20-billion price tag. The first TV station in Phoenix was KPHO-5, back in November of 1949. Channel 12 call letters were originally KTYL-TV in Mesa from 1953 to around 1955, KVAR (owned by KTAR but still located in Mesa) until around 1959 or 1960, KTAR-TV after their move to Phoenix until 1979, and KPNX since then. They've always been the local NBC station. In 1954, KOY-TV & KOOL-TV shared Channel 10. The stations alternated days. KOY-TV lasted for about 6 months. KOOL-TV was the ABC affiliate. KOOL-TV later became KTSP-TV and now KSAZ-TV. KTVK-3 signed on in 1955, the ABC affiliation switched to 3TV sometime later and KOOL Channel 10 became CBS. KAET-8 signed on the air in 1961 with programming from NET - National Educational Television. It wasn't until the late 70s that KPAZ-21 (TBN) signed on, followed by KTVW-33 and KNXV-15, both in 1979, KUTP in 1985, KASW in 1995, and KPPX in March 1999. Many TV stations across the nation were hit by a wave of network changes in 1996. In Phoenix, 3TV KTVK lost the ABC Network to KNXV-15. The Fox affiliation went from KNXV-15 to KSAZ-10. Channel 10 had just lost it's CBS affiliation, that went to longtime Independent KPHO 5. When KASW 61 signed on in 1995, it took the WB programming which had run for a short time on TV3 KTVK. The new United Paramount Network joined KUTP 45 in 1997. Is there a possible format change planned at the "Music of Your Life" stations, KMYL AM & FM? Sources say the AM would go to an All-News format while the FM would change to another music format. Gone from Valley airwaves would be the voices behind the Music of Your Life, Gary Owens [pictured], Wink Martindale, PD Chuck Southcott, Scott St. James, Teresa Payerle and Pete Smith. Unfortunately, the MOYL format had terribly low ratings at KMYL and is also being dropped at the Los Angeles affiliate KGIL. We've got MAIL: An earlier message noted that "Crazy" Dave Otto did AM drive on KQXE in the 70's. I'm not sure if that's true, unless it's taken in the context that KQXE simulcasted 100.7 FM (KOPA at the time). KOPA was a top-40 station in the late 1970's, and Crazy Dave was the AM drive host. He was pretty huge among the 18-34 demo. (I know, I was in high school from 1976-80, and Dave was pretty big in '79-'80). In early 1980, 104.7 KIOG switched to KZZP in direct competition with KOPA. They lured Dave away to do AM drive. Through some contractual snafu, the owners of KOPA lured Dave back to 100.7 (even played the old "Welcom Back Kotter" theme over and over to mark the occasion). That lasted a few days until KZZP snagged Dave yet again. I hope he got rich off this. This time he stuck for a few years until Houston beckoned, and Jonathon Brandmeier was brought in by KZZP. Interestingly, Dave came back to KZZP a few years later to do weekends and eventually a short stint in PM drive while Brandmeier did AM drive. I have a friend who works in Minneapolis radio, and he says Dave was recently doing AM drive there as the much-less-frantic "Mark Otto" (his actual name.) He's not in the Twin Cities any more, however.--- Doug 106.3 KIX Country has changed to MEGA 106.3, with a mix of Motown, Cruisin Oldies, and Retro Jams from the 70's. "MEGA OLDIES 106.3" The format bit the big one in Phoenix and many other markets, will the MEGA format survive in Tucson? LOOP 101 is airing a series of liners that toss in a word or phrase from the 60's or 70's. "Loop 101. Playing the hits from the 60's and 70's. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll." "You're on the LOOP. FM 101, playing the hits of the 60's and 70's. Power to the people." Those are examples. It gets worse. Some liners end with just one word. The taped liners are read by a female, very little enthusiasm, no music or production behind it. It just lays there. Perhaps a live jock with a bit about the 60's such as an event that occurred on this date? No. Maybe a produced spot put in the rotation with sound bites from that era? No. LINERS, read 'em and shut up. Better yet, read them, record them, and rotate them around the clock. Now, you're on THE LOOP, 101.1 FM. Where is the exit? On KXAM-- BILL STRAUS was talking about HATE CRIMES and the HOCKEY STADIUM issue. Also on the table, an issue we can all relate to: marking your territory at the check-out with the rubber divider. Why do some have a compulsion to lay that rubber divider down? My groceries need their space. MAILBAG: Jason, I think 1510 AM (Mesa) used the calls KDJQ at one time. 1980s maybe. 1310 AM (Mesa) used KQXE for a while in-between KBUZ and KZZP; this during the time when their FM--104.7 (Mesa)--was KIOG. "Crazy" Dave Otto did AM drive on KQXE with a more-or-less Top 40 format. 1440 AM (Scottsdale) used KXAM at one point in-between KOPA and KOPA (again). I recall it being R&B; of some sort. On the subject of 1440, does anyone remember the period in the '80s where they did sort of a delayed simulcast of KOPA-FM...the same songs (and spots too, I think) aired about 7 minutes later on the AM. I can't remember the AM calls at the time. I believe it was either jockless or else taped liners only by Tony Evans and possibly the other FM jocks. John Adkins Phoenix Just a quick switcheroo below to the call letter list for Phoenix AM stations. KOY, as BUD WILKINSON notes, was originally KFCB. KTAR started out as KFAD. KFAD -- that's what some people thought radio was in the beginning, a FAD. Although at the time, KFAD was just part of the letter series handed out by the Federal Radio Commission, so no real significance to those calls. [March 10, 1999] BUD WILKINSON sent this note: KOY's original call letters were KFCB, which stood for "Kind Friends Come Back." --- BUD WILKINSON was the local media columnist for the AZ REPUBLIC a few years back, we miss his radio columns. BUD now produces and hosts SUNDAY SHOWTUNES on KOY and several other stations across the country. KAMEL KOUNTRY 108 celebrates H.G. LISTIAK's 10th year with the station. The decade mark is March 18th. Afternooner STU EVANS celebrates his 10th year at KMLE in June. Sportsradio 1060 KDUS has fired most of it's local personalities due to low ratings. The station will cover the program gaps with the syndicated programming of One On One Sports. Chuck Artigue, Sandusky Arizona president and general manager, said the changeover will occur April 2. Phoenix has 2 other full-time sports stations, 1360 KGME and 860 KMVP. 620 KTAR runs several sports programs in addition to it's news-talk format. MAILBAG: There have been so many call letter changes here over the years, like everywhere else, it's impossible to list them all in an e-mail, especially the FMs. AMs aren't so bad, so I'll try (I'm guessing on some of the dates): 550 - KOY since around 1927 (on other frequencies before 1941), KFCB before that. **Updated info 620 - KTAR since around 1928, KFAD before that (also on other frequencies before 1928). **Updated info 710 - KUET (off the air) 740 - KMEO, KIDR 860 - KIFN, KVVA, KMVP since 1996. 910 - KPHO (moved from 1230 around '49), KJJJ (1971-1986), KFYI 960 - KOOL, KARZ, KOOL again, KPXQ 1010 - KCAC, KXEG (1972?) 1060 - KUPD, KKKQ, KUKQ, KDUS. 1100 - KCCF, KFNX 1190 - KRDS, KMYL since 1997. 1230 - KPHO (1940-1949), KRIZ (came on around 1950), KFLR, KAMJ, KISO 1280 - KHEP 1310 - KTYL, KBUZ, KZZP, KXAM 1360 - KRUX (moved from 1340 around '57), KLFF, KNNS, KGME (since 1994) 1400 - KONI, KXIV, KSUN 1440 - KDOT [KDOT original calls according to old AZ Republic article I read. -Jason], KOPA, KSGR, KOPA again, KSLX 1480 - KHAT, KPHX 1510 - KALF, KMND, KDKB, KFNN 1540 - KASA 1580 - KTUF, KNIX, KCWW, KMIK There was also a KDYW in the early '20s on 833 kHz (360 meters as it was called then), which was the only broadcasting frequency allowed at the time. It was off the air by 1924. If anyone can add to this or wants to try to come up with the FM list for us, email us. MAILBAG Has any station scored higher than a 7 in recent history (see KESZ)? That's a pretty high 12+ for this size market. Tom KESZ is a personality-oriented Adult Contemporary FM with "local" talent. Morning team, Beth & Bill also have a Saturday cooking show on 3TV in Phoenix. The afternoon team, Maggie & Marty keep the friendly conversation, contests and music flowing for the afternoon commute. The airstaff at 99.9 FM have been with the station for "years", there is not much turn-over. The only syndicated airshift is the 7-midnight Delilah show. The airstaff doesn't just read liners. The station is family friendly and the sound is consistent 24 hours. Seems with such great results, other stations might try the KESZ formula for success. New to Valley radio, The MICHAEL MEDVED show on KHEP 1280. MICHAEL MEDVED has written eight books covering subjects as varied as the White House staff (The Shadow Presidents, 1979), growing up in the '60's (What Really Happened to the Class of '65", 1976), the psychological pressures of the medical profession ( Hospital, 1983), and the excesses of the entertainment industry (Hollywood vs. America, 1992 and The Golden Turkey Awards, 1980). Over the years he has worked as an advertising executive, a Hollywood screenwriter, a junior high school teacher, and a political speechwriter for Senators, Congressman and Presidential candidates. Since 1980 he has also been one of America's best known movie critics, first on CNN and, since 1985, as co-host of "Sneak Previews" broadcast on more than 200 stations on PBS. MICHAEL MEDVED is also chief movie critic for the New York Post, and a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and the Sunday Times of London. The MICHAEL MEDVED program airs 3-6pm weekdays on 1280 KHEP. Station formats as of March 1999 (from Valley Media MessageBoard-- Talk (5): KTAR, KFYI, KFNX, KHEP, KXAM Spanish - all formats (5): KIDR, KCKY, KSUN, KPHX, KASA Sports (3): KMVP, KDUS, KGME MOR/Adult Standards (2): KOY, KMYL Religion (2): KPXQ, KXEG Financial News (1): KFNN Country (1): KISO Rock (1): KSLX (daytime only) Kids (1): KMIK FM Rock/Urban (definitions as listed in the Republic) - Total 16 Album Rock (3): KDKB, KRXS, KUPD Adult Contemporary (2): KKLT, KESZ Modern Rock (2): KDDJ/KEDJ (simulcast) Oldies (2): KOOL, KBZG Classic Rock (1): KSLX Hot Adult Contemporary (1): KZZP R & B Classics (1): KHOT (until April - not counted in total above) Rock Adult Contemporary (1): KMXP Rock Alternative (1): KZON Top 40 (1): KPTY Urban Adult Contemporary (1): KMJK Urban Top 40 (1): KKFR FM Other - Total 16 Religion (5): KPHF, KEAR, KFLR, KGCB, KLVA Spanish (4): KNAI, KZPZ (ex-KWCY), KHOT (April), KVVA Country (3): KSWG, KNIX, KMLE Classical (1): KBAQ MOR/Adult Standards (1): KMYL Public Radio/Jazz (1): KJZZ Smooth Jazz (1): KYOT We definitely have too many talk stations, no all-news station (I don't care what KTAR calls itself), at least one sports station too many, and too many FM rock stations that sound too much alike (I must be getting old 🙂 ). I realize that radio stations are in business to make money, like any other business, but with 53 stations in this market, we can do better than this. With 16 stations carrying one form of rock/urban/AC and formats overlapping all over the place, there could be a lot more diversity. Why not have a "true" top-40/CHR station? Why not a dance format for those who like it? Why do so many of the stations seem to sound exactly alike? What really is the difference between KKFR and KPTY? KMXP & KZZP? KFYI, KXAM, and KHEP? KGME & KMVP? Need I go on? I'd sure love to hear an intelligent explanation (not Power vs Party vs Edge juvenille stuff) for why Phoenix radio is in the shape it's in. Just some ranting and raving from a frustrated radio listener. Keith Elster KZZP night DJ, JACKIE WEST, does the morning wake up show with BRUCE KELLY starting Monday. WEST replaces LU VALENTINO who was dumped by the station a couple weeks ago. BRUCE KELLY is expected to return from leave taken after he recently made public an addiction to alcohol. KZZP management allowed KELLY time out for rehab and in that time, VALENTINO was blown out, due in part to an incident at DisneyLand which occurred just prior to KELLY's entering rehab. KZZP has an opening for a night DJ now. KZZP sent out a request for tapes and resumes weeks ago, they may already have someone standing in the wings for that evening position. Former KOOL PD/morning guy Brian Casey gets mornings at WRMF (Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, Dade). Joining him will be Jo Myers, from mornings at KIMN. --Tom Norwood MAILBAG: Hi Jason.... Just love the page. I am a Phoenix native working in Chattanooga, TN. and it really keeps me up on what's going on in my hometown. I used to work at KLITE back in the Mid 1980's and KLITE used to be KBBC. Before KBBC I think it was KTAR FM for a short time. I also worked at KMZK under PD Jon Town when it was country. Then owner Larry Mazurski dropped the bomb on us that it was then becoming KONC and going classical. Before it was KMZK, the station was a Sun City MOR as KWAO. Before KFYI was news talk it was 91 Country KJ...KJJJ Phoenix. Had some good talent on that radio station in the 1970's but it never could beat the KTUF/KNIX combo in Tempe. Also, KJ's FM which is now Power 92 was KXTC...It was disco, early urban and at one time KC 92, an FM country station. Long before KZZP was KVRY or KIOG it was KBUZ...a classical station. And I cannot remember what frequency it was on, but another Beautiful Music format was KDOT.I think KDOT became KOPA, and KOPA's AM was KSGR "K-Sugar" an oldies format. Before KDKB and KCAC was on the air, it was a very LOUSY country combo called "Kommand Country...KMND." And the origins of KUPD was a beautiful music format called, what else, Kupid. Also, KUKQ, was once top 40 KKKQ, and I remember when they once flipped format to Urban...trying to attract a black audiance. It was brought to their attention that KKK-Q might not be an approptiate call sign for a black station. That is when the calls were changed to KUKQ. That is what was in R&R; at the time anyway. KSUN used to be MOR KXIV, including jocks like George Scott, Jack Dey, Jim Hutton, Jeff Munt, and morning staple Jim Spero. The long time PD at KXIV was Frank Pollack. I cut my radio teeth doing traffic reports and weekend overnights at KXIV in 1976-77 when I was in high school. Those are my memories to add to the list of call letters. I hope the memories are accurate. Just one more comment. If you think about all the talent that came through Phoenix in the 1970's...Buzz Bennett, Todd Wallace, Jay Stone, Dennis King, John Sebastian, Tony Evans, W. Steven Martin, Art Webb, Crazy Dave Otto, Phil Gardner, Bill Heywood, Alan Chilcoat, Rich Brother Robbin, CC McCartney, Bobby Christian, Tony Mann, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Toad Hall, Bill & John, the list goes on and on. It's no wonder kids like me were inspired to do what they love. I left Phoenix for Tucson in 1986 and then Atlanta, and now here in Chattanooga. I prefer my life in the south but will never ever forget the great radio that came out of KRUX, KRIZ, KUPD, KOPA, KDKB, KBBC, KJ, KNIX it's mind boggling. Keep up the good work. Best, Mike Lee KXIV, KSUN, KMZK and KKLT alumnus. [March 1, 1999] Following up on the calls listed in Mike's note above: KSGR, great calls for SOLID GOLD RADIO or for use in Sugarland, Texas, are not currently in use. KDOT FM is in Reno, Nevada. KBUZ is a non-commercial FM in Topeka, Kansas, KXTC FM, Thoreau, New Mexico, and KBBC migrated to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. KMZK is an AM in Billings, Montana, KMND is in Midland, Texas and the call letters KXIV were not found. APRIL 1999 The FCC approved the deal for CLEAR CHANNEL's $3.8 billion acquisition of JACOR, provided the companies sell 18 radio stations in four cities to preserve competition. KFYI positions themselves now as Talkradio 910. This is similar to sister station Sportsradio 550. It seems CHANCELLOR is putting "JAMMIN' OLDIES" in every major market, can Phoenix be next? Will money, more promotion and hotter on-air presentation make the difference this time? 103.9 "Party Radio" KPTY has quietly removed most of the Hip-Hop and moved to a CHR/Alternative product. We've Got Mail!-- Hello, For the guy looking to locate John Dorame, I heard him Tuesday evening doing a newscast on 910 KFYI. Monica Reid, KNIX. Until the FCC approves the moves Chancellor is making with KGME and KOY, all stations involved continue to legally ID themselves with their original call letters. 550 makes only rare references to KGME. Legal IDs still identify the station as KOY. 1230 is legally KISO, even though all references are KOY outside the hourly station identification. BRYAN ALLEN has returned to KZZP after an absence due to a year-long bout with cancer. ALLEN was a part of the original KZZP in the '80s. LISA MALAY exits KMLE for family reasons. HOWARD STERN and the "Edge" programming is being simulcast on 1360 until SALEM takes over the frequency. KGME has officially moved to 550 AM with sportstalk. Let me take a moment to mention that JOHN GIBSON took time out his busy news announcing schedule to drop us a note. GIBSON is now the only "original" member left of the KOOL morning show. He has been there for over six years and lasted through five versions of KOOL mornings. In updating the RADIO DIAL page, I inadvertently left out a few notable members of the broadcast community and I hope someone will let me know when an error has been made. CHANCELLOR places MARV NYREN as VP/GM of "Power 92" KKFR & "The Zone" KZON. The volatile Phoenix radio market is experiencing something it hasn't seen, to this degree, in possibly 60 years, "frequency swapping." Call letter swaps have occured recently, but completely moving calls and formats as Chancellor is doing this week, is very rare. In losing the Country Oldies format of KCWW last year and now KISO, that audience is left wanting. The Nostalgia format of KOY will not serve the audience that listened on 550 AM. The 1230 signal will not reach certain retirement communities by day and fewer after the sunset power decrease. The clear winner is Sportsradio. This is a format that will have an audience for many years to come. Although the Phoenix sportsradio audience is split among 3 stations today, KGME at 550 AM will have an advantage over the other two. KGME will have a clearer, more powerful signal at 550 day and night. There will have to be major changes at the other stations to compete with the new Sportsradio 55 KGME. (4/15/99) RICK STEPHENSON checked in after signing off the KISO Country Oldies format: "I'm impressed...I checked the web at 9:30 and you had it there!" In my humble opinion, if the best choice were made, RICK STEPHENSON should be doing the wake-up show at KOOL FM. I'll save that commentary for later. Let me just say, if I want to read the Arizona Republic, I'll buy a copy. I don't need BILL GARDINER to read it to me. What ever happened to "show prep"? I'll shut up. MAY 1999 Channel 3 sports anchor TIM HEALY has announced his resignation from 3TV. Healy will become ASU's director of sports broadcasting and also the play-by-play voice for all ASU games. SportsRadio 550 has just snagged a 3-year contract with Arizona State U, to broadcast Sun Devil football, basketball and baseball. These broadcasts formerly broadcast on KTAR/KMVP. SHELLIE HART has resigned the PD post at KEDJ and is headed back to KUBE/Seattle, as OM/midday personality. HART remains in place for another month. No replacement named at KEDJ but it's anticipated that MD CHRIS PADDOCK could be named Interim PD.--All Access News Independent 1310 KXAM imported it's afternoon host from Flagstaff. He is BOB WITKOWSKI. "Kaleidoscope with Bob Witkowski" replaces TOM LEYKIS, who blew off too many KXAM listeners with his sex and shock talk. KDKB afternooner J. DAVID HOLMES resigned after three years. PD TIM MARANVILLE wants a person who can't be replaced by AUDIO VAULT or the PROPHET SYSTEM. Does that mean they felt HOLMES could have been replaced by automation/satellite feed? Ouch! That hurts. Or did HOLMES jump for a better offer? The FCC has granted Conditional Authorization to KRXS to upgrade from a class C-2 to a class C-3 FM station. "Our E.R.P. will go from 25,000 watts to 50,000 watts. What this means is that our power will increase from 160 watts horizontal & vertical to 640 watts horizontal & vertical. The reason why the power output seems so small is because of the height factor that come into play. Our antenna is located on Signal Peak in the Pinal Mountains. As you know, height means everything when it comes to FM. KRXS will continue to program to our local coverage area with a full service format. We are also planning to superserve our listeners in the East Valley." KGME 1360 is now KFDJ 1360, the FCC has approved the KGME calls moving to 550. Former KHOT midday air talent LISA TRYGG has been named APD/MD at Chancellor's KIOI (K101) in San Francisco. KOOL FM afternoon driver CAMELBACK JACK needs a day off just like everyone else. So, when he recently took an extended weekend breather, KOOL weekender SAMMY SHERWOOD filled in for two days. There was not a mention that this was SHERWOOD subbing for CAMELBACK. Listeners might have thought CAMELBACK JACK had been replaced. For the sake of continuity and to keep the listener informed, the name of the regular host should be mentioned often and an explanation that he will soon return will let the listener know what is happening. It was a case of one jock's ego vs. good programming sense. MICHAEL HAGERTY's RadioDigest has learned that there will be no programming change at AM 1190 KMYL. The "Music of Your Life" station will stay the course, also hoping to pick up listeners from nearby KOY 1230. For those who worried about losing WINK MARTINDALE and GARY OWENS, relax. KBZG identifies itself as "ARIZONA JAMS" these days. This move may be in anticipation of CHANCELLOR bringing JAMMIN' OLDIES to one of the Phoenix stations. BRIDGET VENTURA is new Music Director at 98 KUPD. KESP "The Loop" 101.1 is now rebroadcasting it's signal via a translator at 103.1 for folks in the Mesa-Globe area. BIG CITY RADIO announced it will acquire four stations in the Phoenix area. KEDJ 106.3 [Sun City] KBZR 106.5 [Arizona City] KMYL [Wickenburg] and possibly Christian KLVA 105.5 [Casa Grande) BIG CITY plans to employ its Synchronized Total Market Coverage technology to combine four signals into two stations that will provide full coverage of the Phoenix market. Urban KMJK "Magic 107" is now also broadcasting through a translator at 92.7 FM. Their 106.9 signal is not effective in reaching the East and South portions of the valley. MICHAEL OWENS has announced that he will resign effective the transfer of KNIX to Jacor/Clear Channel. Citing differences in management style between the old regime and Jacor, OWENS management will vacate the Tempe offices sometime in the next few weeks. They take with them plenty of "walking around money" from the largest radio station sale in the history of Phoenix radio, $142 Million. This was not just the sale of KNIX, but also 99.9 KESZ. Understand, it's all business and that the stations could not have survived in this climate of corporate monopoly, according to OWENS management. These are two of the Valley's most popular radio stations. They are about to given over to suits from out-of-town. It's all business, and that means changes WILL occur. "Have tape and resume, will travel." That's radio, folks! JUNE 1999 BRUCE KELLY resigned from KZZP 6/30. With new PD MARC SUMMERS and Clear Channel management taking over, there were bound to be changes at the station. Clear Channel also owns KNIX, KMXP and KESZ. JACKIE WEST will host the show with swingman PHIL STEINER and newsperson BRYAN ALLEN for the time being. Mar/Apr/May Arbitrends show KNIX at the top of the heap. Out of 30 stations in the survey, the three sports stations KGME, KMVP and KDUS come in near the bottom at #21, #27 and #30 respectively. Newsradio KTAR is right behind KNIX at #2. Otherwise the remaining Top 8 are Rhythmic KKFR, AC KESZ, Smooth Jazz KYOT, Newstalk KFYI, Oldies KOOL FM, Country KMLE, Soft Rock KKLT and AOR KUPD, in that order. LINDSEY CIPSIC (formerly of HOT 105.9 FM) has been hired for mornings, 5:30-10am at AMFM {Chancellor) Hot AC WDRV (MIX 96.1) Pittsburgh. The station is changing call letters to WPHH. The station moniker remains "MIX 96.1 THE BEST MIX OF THE 80'S & 90'S." CIPSIC is originally from Pitt and starts JUNE 28th. Clear Channel Communications has announced that MARC SUMMERS has been named as the new Program Director at KZZP 104.7 FM. SUMMERS moves over from Clear Channel KZHT FM in Salt Lake City. HELEN JORDAN will be the new Promotions Director. JORDAN held the same position in Salt Lake City. DAVE COOPER handles programming duties at KMXP "Mix 96.9." COOPER has been with the stations since 1987. KZZP and KMXP Operations Manager DAN PERSIGEHL has left the company. PERSIGEHL joined KZZP in March of 1996. All changes are effective as of today. Clear Channel also owns KESZ FM and KNIX FM. Chancellor execs were in town last week. Speculation has been Phoenix will soon see JAMMIN' OLDIES as the next big format to hit town. All sources say KZON is the most likely station to take the hit. The change was rumored to take place Monday, June 21. KXEG 1010 has applied for power change to 15,000 watts daytime. KXEG is licensed to Tolleson and broadcasts religious programming. Former AZ Attorney General GRANT WOODS will have a talk show which will be scheduled between the BARRY YOUNG and BOB MOHAN shows on KFYI soon. KISO PD RICK STEPHENSON has accepted the Program Director's job at Gulfstar's KRMD AM/FM, Shreveport replacing John Swan who is leaving for Lexington, KY. He will start there June 21. "I was at KRMD from 1993-1997, and look forward to returning! I'll give you an update once I get there!" We wish him the best! Sunday Showtunes is back on the air in Phoenix – the market where it all started in December 1997 – at 1190 Memory Lane. KMYL (1190 AM) re-launches the show on June 13 in the nation's 15th largest market, airing "Broadway's Biggest Hits" from 5 to 7 p.m. The nationally-syndicated Sunday Showtunes program airs in 15 markets coast-to-coast, including Boston (WPLM), Denver (KEZW) and Milwauke (WOKY), and is hosted by Bud Wilkinson. From December 1997 through January 1998, Sunday Showtunes aired on 55-KOY, ranking No. 1 in the 9 to 11 a.m. Sunday time slot throughout 1998 in its Adults 45+ target audience. It pulled an 11.7 percent share of the audience and reached 52,000 listeners, compared to the 8.6 share and 35,300 listeners recorded by runner-up KNIX-FM. The program entered syndication in October 1998 on a lineup of six stations. It can also be heard in Arizona on Tucson's KCEE from 8 to 10 a.m. and on Sedona's KAZM from 9 to 11 p.m. "I'm pleased that Sunday Showtunes fans in the Phoenix area will be able to hear the show again," says Wilkinson. "Fortunately, we maintained an extensive data base of listeners and winners when the show was on 55-KOY, and we're sending out hundreds of e-mails and letters to alert them of our new home." For more information, contact Bud Wilkinson: (602) 493-1886 or The FUN OLDIES are a thing of the past at KOOL 94.5. Now it's, "GOOD TIMES, GREAT OLDIES." I guess GOOD TIMES can be FUN and some GREAT OLDIES might be FUN to listen to. Don't expect this to cause a change in the playlist. As Radio Phoenix 1280 KHEP moves toward a more Conservative talk format, new call letters come into play. The station is now Radio Phoenix 1280 KTKP, TK as in "talk" and P for Phoenix, I guess. JULY 1999 The AZ Republic mentioned Bruce Kelly as one being considered to replace Pat McMahon as mid-day talk host at 620 KTAR. KMXP PD Dave Cooper will take over PD and morning host responsibilities at 100.7 KSLX, filling those positions left vacant since Rich Creeger was let go from the Classic Rock station. Cooper starts August 9th. We've Got Mail!-- The Cave Creek guys, David K. Jones & Bob Boze Bell, are taking their show to Apache Junction on Friday August 6, 1999. They are hoping to meet with more of their East Valley listeners as the transmitter for 1310 KXAM is in the Mesa area. Arrangements have been made with The Grand Hotel, at 201 West Apache Trail, to have their show there for that Friday morning. Breakfast will be available, just like at their present location, Tara's Mine Shaft in Cave Creek. They have invited the Apache Junction Mayor and other locals in that area to join in the fun. There is a special 99 cent breakfast offer that morning only. Jones & Boze can be heard from 5:30 to 9:00 AM Monday thru Friday on 1310 KXAM. Welcome to the Jones and Boze Home Page! Best regards, Stanley A. Vorce PS - I drove out to Cave Creek early on Wednesday morning to enjoy their show. Jones & Boze are even more fun in person. (plus the Cave Creek area locals are great to visit with...) The month of August brings a new beginning for KTAR's Pat McMahon. The Valley talk show host will take on new responsibilities at Newsradio 620. McMahon will become the new voice for KTAR editorial opinions, which will be broadcast on a regular basis. The rumor making the rounds lately: CBS is interested in the Phoenix Sandusky & Hearst-Argyle properties. Or would Clear Channel grab a piece of that pie first? Salem is running promos on KPXQ's pending move from 960 AM to 1360 AM. For the time being, 1360 AM is identifying as KCTK and simulcasting the programming of 960 AM. Long-time Sportsradio KGME "First Teamer" Bruce Jacobs is taking his talk show to Chicago as a morning host for One-On-One Sports Radio Network. Alan Cook, formerly of SUNNY 97 KPSN and KHTC, returns to AZ to replace legendary Rich Brother Robbin as PD of Oldies KWFM Tucson. Cook was most recently PD at KRNO Reno. The FCC has approved the frequency swap of Big City's 100.3 FM and Educational Media Foundation's 105.5 FM. 1360 KFDJ is now simulcasting Salem Broadcasting's KPXQ 960. When the transition is complete, the programming and call letters KPXQ will move to 1360 while 960 becomes KCTK "Compelling Talk Radio". From the Valley Media Message Board: A radiowatcher comments on KZZP and Valley radio in general: ......... with the transitory nature of this community. Does it really matter where jocks are from? Half the people in this town weren't here a decade ago. I find Phoenix a comfortable place to live. But this metro has no real personality. The people with money that matter to advertisers, all live in cookie-cutter houses deep in the heart of suburbia. What essence of their lives is an Arizona native or a long time valley resident going to tune into that an out-of-towner can't? Is the fact that they can't remember what was on some street corner before the Albertson's and the Home Depot went up going to prevent them from having success. Face it folks we live in a plastic community with zero sense of history and no sense of place. Metro Phoenix continues to grow at a rate only matched by Las Vegas. New residents arrive in droves. This isn't Boston or Chicago or Philly, where there is a vibe and a culture to disseminate and dissect. It's an endless sea of Suburban Sprawl. I have immense respect for those that made their careers here and chose to stay, people like Dave Pratt and Pat McMahon. But I guarantee you that 28 year old female who just moved here from Omaha, and commutes every day from her Ahwatukee apartment to her job at some bland Tempe office park, couldn't give a s**t whether or not the new ZZP afternoon jock has ever lived in Phoenix before. Radio is pretty homogenized from coast to coast with a few wonderful and special exceptions. You won't find those exceptions here in Phoenix. Radio here for the most part really blows. Summers and his act have as good a chance as any at being a winner. The old ZZP was pathetic and it nearly had a 6 share. There may have been a time when it was different, but in 1999 with the available CHR audience it's only about the music. Rich Creeger was fired from his morning gig at Classic Rock 100.7 KSLX. No word on a replacement or whether this signals a change in direction for the Sandusky rocker. "Ex-EDGE PD" SHELLIE HART returned to her old digs in Seattle and now says she "hated" Phoenix. Does she want some cheese with that whine? New morning talk host at KTKP 1280 is Austin Hill. Hill formerly of KYMS, KKLA, KZLA Los Angeles. KZZP 104.7's new afternoon drive jock will be WRVW Nashville's Imaging Dir. & afternooner KATO. KZZP 104.7's new PD MARC SUMMERS let three and a half year afternoon veteran CAREY EDWARDS loose to pursue new challenges. Valley broadcast veteran Larry Daniels exits KNIX. Replacing him as PD will be Alan Sledge from WUSN Chicago. Sledge was once PD at competitor KMLE 108 Phoenix. Rick Shockley has been replaced as PD at KOOL FM. Shockley has been pushed out in favor of market veteran Shawn Holly. Holly is a former PD at KOOL. HOLLY was also PD at "Eagle 96.9", now KMXP. Bud Wilkinson sent us the latest press release for his highly popular program: The nationally syndicated radio program Sunday Showtunes has landed four new affiliates in the Top 20 markets: Boston, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Diego. With the show's premiere July 11 on WGKA in Atlanta, Sunday Showtunes can now be heard in 13 markets from coast-to-coast offering two hours of "Broadway's Biggest Hits" each weekend. WGKA joins KSPA in San Diego, which introduced the show to its listeners on July 4, as well as recent newcomers KMYL in Phoenix and WPLM in Boston – giving Sunday Showtunes four outlets in the Top 20 markets. WGKA and KSPA air Sunday Showtunes between noon and 2 p.m. each Sunday. "1190 WGKA is very proud of our role in promoting arts-oriented programming. One of the most popular parts of our musical mix is music from Broadway plays and showtunes," says WGKA general manager Mike Rose. "When I heard about a national program dedicated to showtunes, I thought it would be a natural fit for The Voice of the Arts, 1190 WGKA." The same is true in San Diego. Sunday Showtunes began as a local show in Phoenix in late December 1997 and debuted in syndication in October 1998 on a lineup of six stations. "The success and growth of the show demonstrates the broad appeal of music from musicals," says host Bud Wilkinson, who notes that touring Broadway productions attracted some 26.5 million theatergoers during the 1998-99 season. Besides receiving kudos from listeners, Sunday Showtunes has also demonstrated ratings success. In its first full book on Milwaukee's WOKY, Sunday Showtunes pulled a 7.2 percent share of the 12+ audience – a whopping 227 percent gain from the 2.2 share the station earned between 5 and 7 p.m. when regular programming aired a year earlier. It ranked No. 3 in the time period. In Tucson, where Sunday Showtunes airs between 8 and 10 a.m. on KCEE, the show pulled a 4.6 percent share of the 12+ audience, good for a No. 5 finish. Among Women 45+, Sunday Showtunes ranked No. 1 with a 12.9 share. Sunday Showtunes mixes songs with giveaways and occasional interviews. "We present a wide variety of music -- from old favorites such as Camelot, My Fair Lady and The Music Man to new shows and revivals such as Rent, Annie Get Your Gun and Chicago," Wilkinson says. "We encourage listeners to send us requests – and reward them if their request gets played. We also invite them to visit our web site to get theater news and to find out more about the show." Recently, Wilkinson has taken Sunday Showtunes on the road for live, local broadcasts on WNAM in Appleton/Oshkosh/Green Bay and WOKY in Wisconsin as well as on WBYM in Norfolk, VA. While originally designed for adult standards stations, Sunday Showtunes has expanded into the news/talk, easy listening/AC and full service arenas. "No matter a station's format, Sunday Showtunes provides an attractive respite from regular programming – guaranteed to bring new listeners while satisfying current ones," Wilkinson says. Sunday Showtunes is available on a barter basis by calling (602) 493-1886. In FCC filings of late, Educational Media Foundation's CP for KBIE 89.1 FM in Fountain Hills is being transferred to a company called American Family Association. Also, Salem Media of Arizona is transferring ownership of 1360 KFDJ, Glendale, to Common Ground Broadcasting. This may be a subsidiary of Salem Media. The sale of KMYL-FM 105.3 Wickenburg, has been approved. Ownership now transfers to Big City Radio. Radio's "revolving door" spins again as Sherry Knight leaves the morning show at POWER 92 KKFR, destination unknown at this time. KKFR's Mark Medina also exits to return to KRQQ Tucson as Assistant Program Director and afternoon drive duties. 620 KTAR was the only local radio station covering the Clinton visit Wednesday (7/7). Reporters in the air were prohibited from flying close enough to give accurate reports on the motorcade. TV's INSIDE EDITION ran a story Thursday about the dust storm that swept through the Valley on Tuesday (7/6). They reported that President Clinton was in town at the time having dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Clinton did not arrive until Wednesday, a day after the season's first monsoon storm. 96.1 KLPX FM is into it's 20th year of rock radio in Tucson! KLPX targets adults 25 to 54 years of age with a blend of classic rock, 80's rock, and current songs and bands that are adult-appeal artists. A.H. Belo Corporation is buying independent KTVK-TV Channel 3 from MAC America Communications Inc. for $315 million in cash. The agreement includes rights to run KASW-TV, Channel 61, and 50 percent ownership of the Arizona NewsChannel cable operation. Seven KZZP listeners were arrested because of a stupid stunt by the new evening dj, "Naughty Boy". They were competing to win backstage passes to a contest. A skinny-dipping contest turned ugly when police arrived. The event, at Tempe Town Lake, involved two underage teen girls and five adult males. "NaughtyBoy" is part of the NEW "ZZP, a station which seems to be evolving and has recently dropped veteran broadcaster BRUCE KELLY from mornings. August 1999 Carey Edwards joins 101.5 KZON in afternoon drive. Slight format changes are to take place. Edwards will also be helping Paul Peterson as Assistant P.D. Previously, Carey Edwards was afternoon drive on KZZP from March '96 up until about a month ago. With the FM about to change format under new ownership, it's a shame KMYL AM has had so many transmitter problems lately. The FM has returned to simulcasting the "Music of Your Life", but the AM was off the air most of this past weekend. AM 1190 is back on the air (Monday morning). Former KCCF personality Guy King hosts the local morning show on the MOYL station. ESPN's Dan Patrick adds a new radio gig to his resume. Patrick will host a sports talkshow starting September 13th. It will be heard locally on 860 KMVP 10am - 1pm. The change in format at KZON, an uptempo, brighter sound should appeal to women, according to station personnel. Tony Femino may replace Pat McMahon at 620 KTAR. A final decision has not been made. McMahon is vacating the morning talk show slot. McMahon will do editorial commentaries at the news/talk station. 1480 KPHX "La Mexicana Super X" drops it's regional Hispanic format, bringing a blend of rock, hip-hop and reggae to the market instead. Bruce Kelly is staying in Washington DC at WJMO. He was reportedly in talks with KTAR to replace Pat McMahon, but has decided to stay in DC. WJMO plays "Jammin' Oldies." The PD position at Clear Channel's KMXP has been filled. Dave Cooper moved over to Sandusky's KSLX and Ron "Geronimo" Price takes over at MIX 96.9 September 7th. Price comes from KXMX, Anaheim. At AMFM's KKFR, the new GSM is Mark Waters. Waters held the GM position at New Planet's KPTY. MAILBAG: [Todd Wallace writes] "Tom Dillon joined 910 KFYI as Sports Director. He'll be featured in sportscasts at :15 and :45 each hour of The New Sound Of Wake-Up Arizona. Tom continues as the voice of the Cardinals, the TV voice of ASU, and has been named Sportscaster Of The Year for the last 16 years!" -- CORRECTION KFYI will be carrying U of A sports, not ASU. KGME has the sole rights to ASU KPPX PAX 51 begins it's new fall season. Among the new programs will be a "Star Search" type of program and a remake of the classic TV series "Flipper". Jeannie Sedello (formerly with "Jones & Boze" at KSLX) can be heard weekends on 94.5 FM KOOL. AOR KDKB PD Tim Maranville exits the station. Fired after disappointing ratings show the station at 17th in the market. Sandusky also fired Rich Creeger of sister station KSLX last month. Gil Tyree is off the Cardinals broadcast team this year. The games are broadcast on Sandusky's 1060 KDUS and 100.7 KSLX. Tyree's bosses at 3TV (KTVK) have said this presents a conflict of interest, Tyree working for the Cards. Tyree has been replaced by Barry Buetel who works for Fox Sports Net Arizona on Diamondbacks and Coyotes broadcasts. Bud Wilkinson's SUNDAY SHOWTUNES gained another affiliate. Wilkinson was the AZ Republic radio columnist a few years ago. "Good news came in two forms this past week for Sunday Showtunes. First, Seattle's KIXI (AM 880) committed to carrying the show beginning Sept. 19. It'll air between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and be followed by "The Sounds of Sinatra." The addition of KIXI gives Sunday Showtunes five affiliates in the Top 20 markets. The other good news came in the form of great ratings from news/talk WAAM (AM 1600) in Ann Arbor, MI. Arbitron reports that Sunday Showtunes was No. 1 in its Sunday morning time slot with a 5.8 percent share of the total audience. The show received a larger 8.2 percent share of adult listeners 35-64-years-old, which also ranked the show No. 1." We've Got Mail! Jason ...Loved reading about KRIZ! God what a flow of memories...I was the PD and morning guy there for Doubleday in the start of the 70's. Andy Mcullough(sp) was the news director...Lee Marshall (of WWF announcing fame) was the other news anchor. I hired Gerry Peterson to do afternoons after John Harding left....Hell we even had a "Gorilla" for our station mascot at all the charity basketball games starring the KRIZ DIRTY DRIBBLERS. I could take you back even further when Todd Wallace and I worked for KIMN in Denver Co....but the visual of Todd in his "daily blazer & turtleneck" makes me want to stop! Thanks for the memories and "the caring" that all this legacy stuff even happened. That alone makes it all worth it! Danny Davis PD/Morning Guy KOY The FCC announced new radio and TV ownership rules which allow six radio stations and two TV stations in one market with at least 20 media outlets, including newspapers and cable. Owners will still have the option of eight radio stations per market or seven stations and one TV station. In markets with less than 20 media outlets, the ownership restrictions are four radio stations and two TV stations. Radio groups that exceed these limits will be grandfathered for five years. Still no word on what the new format might be once Big City Radio acquires 105.5 in a trade with Educational Media Foundation. Big City will swap 100.3 for the 105.5 frequency. The new format will simulcast on both 105.5 and 105.3 (KMYL), which it is buying from Interstate Broadcasting of Arizona. Target audience for the new format is women 25-54. Might that new format be an "Eighties Channel" with music from artists such as John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, U2, Peter Gabriel, Madonna, Culture Club, INXS and Duran Duran? Big City Radio debuted this format this week in Chicago, replacing a Motown/Disco format. With Shawn Holly returning as PD at KOOL FM, what changes can we expect? My money is on a new morning team, possibly the return of Danny Davis and Skippy. We've Got Mail! Dear Jason, I was the Operations Manager at KCKY in Coolidge in the early 90's. I was told that either Waylen Jennings or Merle Haggard was a former jock at the station in the 50's. Also Steve Allen was one of the early broadcasters on the station. Still enjoy checking out your site. You still are way on top of what's going on in Phoenix radio. Dave After being off the air with transmitter problems, 1190 KMYL is back on the air with "Music of Your Life" programming. Speaking of KMYL, the legendary Charlie Tuna will join the other great voices behind the microphone at "Music of Your Life" in September. Todd Wallace [KTAR/KKLT, KUPD, KRUX, KRIZ, L.A., Dallas, Denver...] has joined AMFM as Dir./AM Operations overseeing News Talk KFYI and Sports Talk KGME as well as acting as Programming Consultant for Oldies KOOL-FM. [All Access News] On Tuesday, August 2, KMYL 105.3 began music programming seperate from 1190 AM. Announcements aired saying the FM was changing formats soon. "Music of Your Life" programming will continue on AM 1190 KMYL. KMYL FM is off the air at this writing (Wednesday). 106.9 KMJK has flipped to Satellite Music Network's "The Touch". That format was called "Heart and Soul", when heard on 1230 KISO. KMJK "Majik" is still running Tom Joyner in morning drive. First Pat McMahon leaves his talk show and now the news director quits. What's up at KTAR? NewsRadio 620 news director Andy Friedman is leaving for WBBM Chicago. 910 KFYI shuffles the schedule August 23rd. Barry Young will host a two-hour show from 3-5pm, former Arizona attorney general Grant Woods debuts his new talk show 5-7pm. Bob Mohan moves to nights at that time hosting from 7-9pm. September 30, 1999 Independent 1310 KXAM has a website now. K X A M 1 3 1 0 A M Thanks to Stanley Vorce for the "heads up" on this. Also, check this link for the Bill Straus page ... Strausplace Boze and company as well as Witkowski should also have their own www addresses, soon, according to Stanley's sources. September 29, 1999 A. H. Belo has announced that it will purchase KASW [WB 61 ] in Phoenix, as soon as permitted under applicable FCC rules. As earlier announced, Belo also plans to purchase KTVK [3TV] Phoenix, which currently operates KASW under a local marketing agreement with Brooks Broadcasting Company, L.L.P.. The Phoenix & Tucson Phase II Summer Arbitrends: [Persons 12+, Mon-Sun, 6a-midnite, quarter-hour shares for the metro survey areas] KTAR-AM 5.7-6.1 (News-Talk) KNIX-FM 6.4-5.9 (Country) KOOL-FM 5.5-5.6 (60s Oldies) KMLE-FM 5.9-5.5 (Country) KYOT-FM 4.8-5.2 (Smooth Jazz) KZZP-FM 4.7-4.9 (CHR) KKFR-FM 5.0-4.8 (Rhythmic CHR) KFYI-AM 4.8-4.6 (News-Talk) KESZ-FM 4.7-4.2 (AC) KUPD-FM 4.3-4.2 (Rock) KZON-FM 4.0-4.1 (Modern AC) KMXP-FM 3.4-3.7 (Rock Hot AC) KKLT-FM 3.6-3.4 (Lite AC) KDDJ-FM & KEDJ-FM 3.1-3.3 (Modern Rock) KSLX-AM & FM 3.4-3.2 (Classic Rock) KDKB-FM 2.2-2.6 (Rock) KLNZ-FM 2.0-2.5 (Regional Mexican) KOY-AM 2.3-2.3 (Nostalgia) KPTY-FM 1.9-1.8 (Modern Rock) KHOT-FM 1.5-1.4 (Regional Mexican) KAHM-FM 0.6-0.7 (Beautiful) KBZG-FM 0.6-0.7 (Rhythmic Oldies) KGME-AM 0.7-0.7 (Sports) KIDR-AM 0.7-0.7 (Spanish News-Talk) KMYL-AM & FM 1.0-0.7 (Nostalgia) KMVP-AM 0.5-0.5 (Sports) KVVA-FM 0.5-0.5 (Spanish Contemporary) KASA-AM 0.4-0.4 (Spanish) KFNN-AM 0.5-0.4 (Financial News-Talk) KSAZ-AM 0.3-0.4 (Nostalgia) KESP-FM 0.0-0.3 (Classic Hits) KMIK-AM 0.0-0.3 (Disney Kid's) TUCSON KIIM-FM 11.3-10.2 (Country) KRQQ-FM 9.4-8.9 (CHR) KMXZ-FM 7.3-8.7 (AC) KLPX-FM 6.8-7.3 (Rock) KNST-AM 5.4-5.3 (News-Talk) KFMA-FM 4.9-5.0 (Modern Rock) KZPT-FM 4.3-4.5 (Modern AC) KWFM-FM 4.0-4.3 (Oldies) KHYT-FM 4.8-4.0 (Classic Rock) KOHT-FM 4.6-4.0 (Rhythmic CHR) KGMG-FM 4.0-3.6 (Rhythmic Oldies) KQTL-AM 2.3-2.6 (Mexican) KOAZ-FM 2.7-2.4 (Smooth Jazz) KCEE-AM 2.3-2.1 (Nostalgia) KXEW-AM 1.6-2.1 (Tejano) KSAZ-AM 1.2-1.6 (Nostalgia) KTUC-AM 1.2-1.5 (Nostalgia) KCUB-AM 1.3-1.4 (Country) KTZR-FM 1.1-1.3 (Spanish AC) KZLZ-FM 1.1-1.1 (Mexican) KGVY-AM 1.2-1.0 (Nostalgia) KFFN-AM 0.7-0.9 (Sports) KGMS-FM 0.7-0.7 (Religious) KJLL-AM 0.8-0.7 (News-Talk) KYOT-FM 0.8-0.7 (Smooth Jazz) KDDJ-FM & KEDJ FM 0.5-0.6 (Modern Rock) KVOI-AM 0.4-0.6 (Religious) KTKT-AM 0.5-0.5 (Sports) KLNZ-FM 0.0-0.4 (Regional Mexican) Copyright © 1999 Arbitron Ratings Company. September 26, 1999 Jim Sharpe did an excellent job substituting for the Sunday afternoon host on 910 KFYI. He was sitting in for Fred Goldman. MAILBAG: As a longtime Philadelphia resident and loyal listener of WMMR. I'm pretty thrilled to have Joe Bonadonna programming KDKB. Do you have any idea if this will signal a change in direction at KDKB?? It seemed that WMMR's greatest success in the '90's has been it's attempt (while still CBS-owned) to go after a more older-skewed AOR audience (Bonnie Raitt, Billy Joel, Steve Winwood, Beatles, the Who, Van Morrison, etc.) as opposed to KDKB's (and KSLX for that matter) more harder-edged rock(Aerosmith, Van Halen, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Boston). Would Phoenix support this kind of station?? It seems KDKB, KSLX, and KUPD share too much of the same music. Anyway, Joe is indeed a rock radio legend in Philadelphia, and it should be great to have him here. (I wish KDKB would put him on-air though). Jack Jones Scottsdale WMMR LISTEN LIVE! September 25, 1999 No major media takeovers or mergers to report other than one in TV. NBC paired up with Pax TV, taking 29% stake in Pax with an option to go up to 49%. I was told by my teenage daughter that PAX TV is "GAY", which means, "it's programs are family friendly and you and mom would enjoy it." Will NBC make PAX it's "red-headed stepchild", tossing "seconds" to the infant broadcast network? Will the family-oriented wholesomeness of PAX be lost in a network feeding frenzy when FCC ownership rules are further relaxed? A few weeks ago, 105.3 KMYL was running promos about an impending format change and the end of "Music Of Your Life" on the FM dial. That all changed and now 105.3 is back to "MOYL" without the death knell promos. Big City Radio apparently moves sloooow in these acquisitions and format changes. Maybe someone "jumped the gun". Expect 105.5 KLVA to move to 100.3 soon. The FCC has approved that frequency for non-commercial usage. Later, Big City Radio will put the new, as yet unannounced, format on 105.3 and 105.5 FM. 106.3 has stopped referring to 100.3 in most liners and sweepers, anticipating the upcoming changes. KFYI adds Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the line-up starting Sunday at 5. Mayberr.., I mean, Maricopa County's #1 "crime buster" will talk "law and order" each week. Arpaio received national attention for taking a tough stance on crime. Like serving green bologna to inmates at the "tent city" erected to humil.., I mean, "house" inmates. Inmates are made to wear pink boxer shorts too. HA! Take that you thugs! If these things don't rehabilitate criminals and put the fear of Joe into them, nothing will. Except maybe a little roughing up from some of the jailhouse guards. Arpaio may even speak to other more important issues after all the "back slapping" gratuities are paid to him by his many fans. Or maybe he won't. Beyond all his "grandstanding" and blustering, will there be more to this than the chance for Buffor..., I mean, Joe to gain more attention before election time comes around? Arpaio won't be paid for his time by KFYI. But, listen up, Cletus, that kind of air time is "money in the bank" for old Joe. September 24, 1999 Bulletin Board discussions can be informative and sometimes humorous. All too often, the discussions stray and the board sees a dreaded example of "flame wars". Norm Gregory of KJR Seattle has set up a bulletin board for radio personalities. So, if you are tired of the garbage at the place you currently hang out, check out theSTARJOCK bulletin board. Post a topic and get something started. It appears to be brand new. Norm also moderates a "preplist" for jocks that you can receive via email. The "newest" new PD in Phoenix is Joe Bonadonna from WMMR Philadelphia. Bonadonna replaces Tim Maranville who left KDKB last month. Bonadonna had been with WMMR some 20 years and was PD as well as afternoon drive announcer there. "He will only carry PD duties at KDKB." And KDKB is pumped to have him, "Please do some research on him and you will find that he was a legend in Philadephia rock radio." KOHT "Hot 98.3" MDnight dude Latin Rascal has been picked up by KSJM "Jammin' 102.5 in Sacramento for their night gig. He'll start there Oct. 11. KOHT overnightermixer D-WAYNE CHAVEZ has been upped to MDnights for Tucson's only rhythmic CHR. -- [Beau Duran] September 23, 1999 MAILBAG: Hey, thanks for bringing the KRQ question to my attention. That overview is something that we had at my station for whatever reason, so the KRQ part may be a little bit off. I'll find out! As far as Mojo and Betsy go, in the last book(Spring 99) the morning numbers look like this: 12+: Country KIIM(Max and Mary): 11.7, KRQQ(M & B): 9.3 18-34: KIIM: 11.7, KRQQ: 13.6 25-54: KIIM: 12.1, KRQQ: 8.6 Of course when the Phase II trends come out next Tuesday, I'll let ya know!!! --- [Beau Duran] Hi Jason, Regarding Beau Duran's Tucson radio report...he said that KRQQ has been playing Top 40 hits since 1983. I thought that the year was 1977? I can pick up KRQQ from my home, and in 1997, I remember hearing sweepers on there which stated that KRQQ had been "Playing 20 years of Today's Best Music." If they haven't been doing Mainstream CHR for 20 straight years, then perhaps it's just the KRQQ calls that have been in place that long, with the CHR format in place since 1983. BTW - aren't Mojo & Betsy still #1 among 12+, 18-34, and 25-54? --Tanim hr> September 22, 1999

Beau Duran has offered to post news from Tucson radio “as it happens.” Today, a look at the Tucson Radio Dial.

Tucson Radio Market Overview

The Tucson TSA covers a population of 949, 100 persons 12+. It is served by 28 am and fm radio stations, 7 TV stations and two daily newspapers. This overview provides thumbnail descriptions of the programming of each radio station.

Stations grouped by Ownership Entity where applicable

Arizona Lotus Corporation

96.1 KLPX fm – Tucson’s heritage rock station. In 1999, KLPX celebrates 20 years in the same format.

92.1 KFMA fm -Tucson’s home of new rock and alternative music, superserving the young adult population.

990 KTKT am – Tucson’s CNN News Radio affiliate also offers well-know local talk show hosts Burt Lee and John C. Scott.


93.7 KRQQ fm – Perennial CHR teen leader has been playing top 40 hits since 1983. With #1 18-34 morning show “Mojo and Betsy in the morning”

92.9 KWFM fm – For the last seven years KWFM (Cool-fm) has been playing oldies mostly from the 1960’s.

790 KNST am – A mainline news/talk/sports station, KNST is the home of conservative Rush Limbaugh, Dr Laura and U of A sports.

940 KCEE am – KCEE is an adult standards station playing a 50’s/60’s blend of nostalgia.

Slone Broadcasting

99.5 KIIM fm – A heritage contemporary country station that is one of the perennial market leaders.

1290 KCUB am- Traditional country.

107.5 KHYT fm – KHYT is largely a niche station with music focusing on 70’s pop hits.

97.5 KOAZ fm – The musical mainstay is Kenny G. Tucson’s only FM programming “smooth jazz”.

1400 KTUC am – Nostalgia hits of the 40’s and 50’s.

Journal Broadcasting

94.9 KMXZ fm – A pretty standard “mix” station featuring a blend of music from the 80’s and 90’s. In format since 1993.

106.3 KGMG fm – A new entry in February 1999, replacing KIXD (Country). The new KGMG plays mostly Motown-style hits from the 70’s.

1490 KFFN am – “The Fan” is mainly a satellite-based sports-talk station with some play-by-play coverage of teams like the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals.

104.1 KZPT fm – “The Point” came on the air as an alternative music based station two years ago. The playlist today is an eclectic blend with traces of alternative, CHR and rock.

The Others

1080 KGVY am – Green Valley daytimer programming big band music of the 40’s.

1330 KJLL am – Formerly KMRR, station switched to news talk in the Spring of 99. Main attraction is Imus in the Morning, and Tom Leykis afternoons.

97.1 KGMS fm – Contemporary religious music.

98.3 KOHT fm – Programming an amalgamation of CHR, and Hip-Hop, the station battles KRQQ for teen leadership.

1210 KQTL am – Traditional Spanish music.

580 KSAZ am – Adult standards (Frank Sinatra, etc).

1450 KTZR am – Traditional Spanish music.

1600 KXEW am – Plays Tejano-style music.


Scanning your “radio dial” section, I thought I’d add a bit to the 92.3 frequency background. You rightly referred to it when it was KJ-92, but that was after the fact. It actually started country while still KXTC and was KC-92. They brought me to town in August 1980 to be their morning guy. Dennis McBroom was mid-day and programmer Erik Foxx was the afternoon guy. Mike Morgan did nights followed by Charlie Martinez midnight to six.

Keep up the great work.

John Gibson KOOL 94.5

Hi Jason,

I thought I’d comment on KZZP’s new morning show and the station’s format.

Regarding Ron and Don – right now, even though they are trying to sound “controversial”, I feel that they are a pretty average morning show. They’re not outstanding, but they’re not as bad as some people claim. Their content really doesn’t offend me; I just ignore it if I don’t like it. However, I agree with most of the comments regarding the music: there isn’t enough of it being played in the morning.

Looking at the music itself, while I personally like what KZZP plays, I do think that the station is still somewhat out of focus given the demographics of the market and the layout of the other stations. Contrary to what certain people seem to believe, it IS very possible for a Mainstream CHR to be “focused.” I don’t understand why “pure” Modern AC songs (i.e. songs that generally ONLY get played on Modern ACs or Modern Rockers and not CHRs), such as “Counting Blue Cars” by Dishwalla, “Lightning Crashes” by Live, “Ants Marching” by Dave Matthews Band, “The Sweetest Thing” by U2, etc. are still receiving airplay. Don’t get me wrong – those are all great songs – but NOT for a Phoenix Mainstream CHR in 1999! Having those songs (plus a lot of the 80’s Retro) in rotation means that it still shares too many titles with Rock Hot AC sister Mix 96.9. People who want to hear those songs probably gave up on KZZP long ago in favor of KZON or Mix…so why continue to alienate the remaining listeners who probably aren’t interested in those tunes?

I think that dropping those selections and perhaps making the playlist somewhat more Rhythmic (but definitely NOT totally Rhythmic) would help KZZP’s ratings. See sister station KHTS/San Diego (which has taken this approach and has subsequently passed CHUrban competitor Z-90 in the ratings) for a successful example. If KZZP is trying to take audience from CHUrban competitor Power 92, then more Rhythm and less played-out Rock is in order.

But hey, what do I know? I’m just a listener, right?


Tanim Hussain

Globe’s 97.3 KRXS airs the “ Dance Party” every Friday & Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. KRXS serves the East Valley with popular music, hourly newscasts and the Art Bell “experience”.

Freddie Snakeskin, from KEDG Las Vegas is doing weekends at “The Edge 106”.

September 19, 1999


Love the site, I check it as much as I possibly can, but I was dissappointed in your analysis of Kid’s show, and all the recent talk about Ron & Don. First of all, I didn’t hear Kid’s bit, but I get the joke, and it’s a damn funny one. The guy in the restuarant probably couldn’t understand a thing they said, and that was the point of the bit. I probably would’ve been cracking up had I heard it, because I’m more in their target than I’m assuming you are. Power 92 is deffinately targeted 18-34, if not 12-24, and that’s why U didn’t enjoy it. I’m assuming you’re probably not in that age range. That brings me to another point. With the Ron & Don whine line, U said yourself that there were more negative comments from men, and more postive ones from women. Again, this is perfect for ZZP, since they, like any other Mainstream CHR, is targeted WOMEN 18-34. MEN 18-34 are targeted by KUPD, the Edge, and even, theoretically, the Zone, although I have no idea what their direction is. When ever a new morning show starts on a station after a huge morning show leaves(as is the case at ZZP w/Ron & Don after Bruce Kelly), everyone thinks they suck untill they get accoustomed to the new show’s style. This is no different for Ron & Don, and I predict that within 2 books they will be a morning force to be reckoned with. Sorry to take so much time here! I got carried away! Again, Jason, I love your site. U do one hell of a job keeping those of us not in Phoenix up to date on what’s going on up there in the valley! Maybe U could truly make this AZradio, and include some Tucson radio news! I’d love to help out if ya need!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Beau Duran

We’ll see if Beau knows! I’m not taking sides on the Ron & Don issue. Just reporting the reaction of listeners so far. I’ll give them a couple weeks to ease into it and find their “zone”.

You’re right, Beau. I am “43”, slightly older than the Power 92 demographic. If I had caught Krazy Kid doing a gut-busting bit, I would have raved about it. KKFR must be doing something right, being #5 in the latest trends. I didn’t think it was funny, and felt it might be offensive. The KKFR audience, as a previous reader wrote, is largely Hispanic. Take the same bit and do it on KNIX or KESZ. Wouldn’t work. Krazy Kid or Ron & Don would have people picketing in front of the station if they worked at KNIX or KESZ. I guess there is just a different standard at KKFR, KZZP and KEDJ. I don’t usually comment on Howard Stern’s program, because he is not a local personality. But maybe Krazy Kid, Ron & Don, Dave Pratt and Mancow [syndicated on 103.9 KPTY] feel the only way to compete with Howard Stern is to mimic his style. Howard does it better. Offensive, yes often, I don’t always like what I hear. But the bits are usually at least funny and well executed. The others need to find their own style.

Recently, Don Barrett announced he would provide his Los Angeles Radio news and gossip website on a subscription basis only. This news was met with plenty of negative email from long-time readers who always thought Barrett provided a great service, until he started charging for it. Then it apparently didn’t seem so great. Many others have subscribed and will continue to enjoy the latest news about LA Radio People.

Prior to this decision, Barrett had accepted “advertising” on his website. Many felt that was an irritant. “What’s a radio news and gossip webmaster to do?”

I am not, and maybe never will be, ready to make such a bold move. The PHOENIX RADIO DIAL website was built, and continues to thrive on the information and suggestions of it’s readership. I do not want to lose my readership, besides this is a hobby. I’ll shut it down and see you go without these “golden nuggets of radio gossip” before I’ll ask you for money to support your nasty habit!

But, the idea of running promotional ads or banners for Phoenix area radio stations is definitely something I WILL accept. NO CHARGE [based on bandwidth available and frequency of your submissions, I’m not “giving it away.” I’m not that kind of webmaster!!]

So, when DANNY DAVIS submitted some copy to plug the morning show at KOY, I thought this would be an opportunity to announce this new addition to the site. What better way than to work with Danny’s copy and add some color, a little song and dance, etc., etc.

Future promotional material must be supplied in whole by the stations. I have a “real” job and it doesn’t allow me the time to write and produce this same quality advertising everyday. So, Danny, I hope you like it, I added more to your copy, it needed work. I look forward to future ventures with the rest of you. [The following ad is NOT endorsed by AMFM Inc., but is just for informational purposes and the entertainment of the demented few who are regular readers and have little else better to do with their time. Shouldn’t you be working?]

Jason ….
… I can’t help but wonder however, could a “brainstorming session” have prevented THAT face being on THAT body!!!!??

You have a future in advertising my boy ….just get those eyes checked!

Thanks for the help,

Your Pal,




I agree completely with your analysis of the Krazy Kid bit on KKFR. What makes this shocking is that KKFR’s hiphop and R&B; format is heavily targetted towards young Hispanics! It’s amazing that their PD even allowed this, considering that he himself is a vehement defender of Latino-targetted radio, often heavily criticizing those who display racism on or off the air….

Darren McClurg

September 18, 1999

Nice to see you are a fan jason! (obvious sarcasm)

Krazy Kid

I’ll laugh at anything that is funny and is executed well. The bit Friday morning on KKFR was NOT funny and might be considered “racist” by some. In a market that has a huge Hispanic population, that sort of thing doesn’t go over well. Would you have called a rib joint and done your best “Amos & Andy” impersonation? Why not do something “clever” to entertain the audience that isn’t obviously offensive, as this was. As a morning dj, where ratings count most, you should be trying to win friends and influence people, rather than alienating your listeners.

One man’s opinion. Comments are welcome.

September 17, 1999
It’s no longer Jones and Boze, David K. Jones has taken a real job. It will be Boze & Company mornings from 1310 KXAM.

45 minutes spent flipping through the FM dial this morning:

A promo for Camel Country 108 Humper stickers on KMLE.

Ron and Don at 104.7 KZZP checking out the “Whine Line” found plenty of listeners who think they…suck. Not good. The team is new in town. But the reaction in week one has been less than favorable. I count more negative complaints from males, more favorable comments from females. Now, why would they call it the “Whine Line”? Did they know they would get such audience reaction?

Tim & Willy at 102.5 KNIX took listener predictions on the outcome of the Trinidad-La Hoya fight. The guys also play a request for the Dixie Chicks song, “So Long, Earl” about two women taking revenge on a wife beater. I was tired of those “I’m drinkin’ ‘cuz she left me” songs anyway.

Stef & John on KZON 101.5 commenting on Stef’s husband’s talent [or lack thereof] for singing.

“Blinded By The Light” and “Cinnamon Girl” back to back at 100.7 KSLX.

Beth & Bill sent Brad Hanna to America West Arena where Bruce Springsteen tickets will go on sale today. “What’s This World Coming To?” included a news item about a xxxo flick which was mistakenly shown on a movie flight. Only 20 seconds of the film ran. Geez! Hardly worth the money you paid for the airline headphones.

98.7 KKLT’s Monica Nelson gave a time check at 6:44 am. That is a rarity these days on the radio. Can someone explain the reason for seldom, if ever, giving the time? Monica also gave “caller seven” a couple movie tickets. Bonus!

Another Ultimate Wake-up Block of Rock requests played on the Dave Pratt show on 98 KUPD. Those will certainly wake you up!

Traffic and commercials on Mix 96.9 FM. Guess I caught them at a bad time.

Hmmm, music on 95.5 KYOT. Husband and wife Jim and Melissa Sharp sharing the studio this morning. Jim was filling in doing the news.

John Gibson with the 7am news and about the only levity you’ll hear on the KOOL 94.5 morning show.

KDKB’s Tim & Mark show was broadcasting from America West Arena.

The morning crew at KKFR Power 92 made a phony phone call to a Mexican restaurant reciting all the Spanish phrases from High School Spanish class. Krazy Kid failed to communicate with or get a laugh from the guy who answered the phone. Can you say “Dud” in Spanish?

September 16, 1999
According to 1998 revenue figures from the top three groups, radio is big business:

AMFM, Inc. – $1,839,400,000

Infinity (CBS) – $1,755,400,000

Clear Channel $1,323,100,000

CBS hasn’t moved on the Phoenix radio market…yet.

KTKP 1280 is giving away tickets to see Steve Forbes [he’s running for some office of some kind] and lunch with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. The event is tomorrow. Tickets will be given away by Sidney Hay on “High Noon Arizona” today. See our RADIO DIAL page for the new KTKP line-up.

Former KOOL 94.5 PD Rick Shockley has formed an agency called SHOCKLEY BROADCAST SERVICES. It specializes in Oldies and AC formats.

Big City Radio moves a new PD into position at KDDJ/KEDJ. It’s Paul Kriegler, former PD at KOZN Kansas City.

“Compelling Talk” on 960 KCTK this morning. What’s old is new again. Mike Gallagher rails against …Jane Fonda. She’s loose again. And Gallagher is…well, he mentioned treason and a hanging. Wow!!

What’s this talk about “farting” in the studio on the Jones and Boze show this morning on 1310 KXAM. It doesn’t fall under the “compelling talk” heading, but that’s not their slogan. “For Over 5,000 years, considered the greatest radio station on Earth – 1310 KXAM”. That’s their slogan. Among the “Small Town News” a bit about “Standin’ On The Corner In WINSLOW, Arizona.” It’s quite a monument, based on the song. Plus a fact that in Sioux Falls, SD., police used to send teens to the showers if caught after curfew, while authorities went through their clothing. The court said that was unconstitutional. Plus… the razzing of “best boy/gaffer” [what is the term in radio?] producer, Kondi Kleinman. Brutal! I get so much positive comment in the email about Jones and Boze. If you haven’t listened yet, just do it!

KZZP is running a promo taken from an old aircheck of KKFR PD Bruce St. James. On it, he raves about how great KZZP is. As I said, it’s an OLD aircheck.

What will they say next! Danny Davis and Charley Martin [1230 KOY] yesterday: commenting on the return of Chick Watkins [his program follows their show], “He was gone an awfully long time…” “Yeah, rehab!”

“Drea” is a new partner in the morning show at KKFR with Krazy Kid Stevens and the crew.

MAILBAG: Hey Jason…………I enjoy reading your news and stories on the Phx radio dial….interesting to hear the history of the people in this market………..I’ve been in the business for twenty years and wished the other markets I’ve worked had this kind of “service”…thanx! …….Response to “Cliff”. He mentioned how disillusioned he was with the new AM show at KZZP and said he was going to go over to the ZON or MIX for their morning shows cuz he hates all the chatter…………….Hey Cliff!…..If ya hate all the talk, then try the morning show on KSLX……..They’ve cut the talk in half with no stupid jokes or phone calls or contests..You may want to try them out……………Just a suggestion…..Evan

September 15, 1999
Jay Lawrence has returned to his old weeknight 9-midnight shift at 620 KTAR. Since David Liebowitz took the offer to replace Pat McMahon, here was a chance for the station to put Lawrence back in the evening line-up. This may or may not be a temporary move.

Former Partridge kid and ex-Phoenix morning DJ, Danny Bonaduce has landed mornings at “Star 98.7” in Los Angeles.

September 13, 1999 ** Updated **
So, just how many talk/sportstalk stations does Phoenix have?

On the AM DIAL:

550 KGME Sportstalk

620 KTAR Talk

860 KMVP Sportstalk

910 KFYI Talk

960 KCTK Talk

1060 KDUS Sportstalk

1280 KTKP Talk

1310 KXAM Talk

1510 KFNN Finance/Talk

Phoenix has most of the major national talk shows represented through the talk/sportstalk channels listed. If you want to count trashtalk we have Howard Stern and Mancow also. New shows are getting syndication deals every week. Don Imus is either losing affiliates or being shuffled to new ones at cities across the country. Imus is not heard in Phoenix. Our local talent ranks right up there with the best of the national shows. Mohan at KFYI, Straus at KXAM, Femino at KTAR. I left out KFNX 1100. I don’t consider Infomercials in the talk show category. KFNX 50,000 watts, what a waste!

US West has duplicated [within the new area codes] all the radio station request and contest lines that use the 260 prefix. It will not be necessary to dial a 10-digit number when requesting those same tired Shania Twain songs.



I like Ron and Don. I think in time, they will grow an audience. Already this morning they had lots of phone calls and I didn’t hear anybody complain. I usually listen to KZZP anyway but I think they are a good addition to the station. Jackie West by herself was pretty bad.



By KZZP’s own admission, the station “sucks”. As far as the new morning team, time will tell. I expect them to be blown out and wonder where the next morning “zoo” will come from.



I don’t know why all morning jocks use “sex” talk as the key to grabbing an audience. The new ZZP Ron and Don show was pathetic. They talked about sex, and made a few racist remarks on the first day’s show. I’ll listen to KZON or Mix 96 instead. It is just way too much chatter for me. Keep up the great work. I check your website almost everyday.


Ron & Don, new morning team at KZZP, hit the airwaves on this Monday morning with a couple HOT topics. The first was sexual in nature, R&D; and Jackie West talked about “cheating” in relationships. Listeners were asked whether they had ever cheated or been cheated on. The Mesa Police sexual scandal was discussed. “SEX” on the job. It was also revealed that a female staff member at ‘ZZP was sexually harassing one of the new male members of the morning show. The Clear Channel EEO sexual harassment policy was cited. Jackie talked about her cheating ex-husband. A listener called about her sexual relationship with Ron years earlier. She said he coaxed her into table dancing for his entertainment after he got her drunk. R&D; also dialed up AOL to check out “On-Line Dating”.

How else do you relate to the audience to get attention? There was plenty of listener input. Not your cup of tea? Well, it was tame compared to your typical Howard Stern/Tom Leykis broadcast. Besides, it’s early in the game. ‘ZZP promos tout the fact the station “sucks big time”. We’ll see how Phoenix responds to the Ron & Don show after a couple ratings books.

September 11, 1999
With emphasis earlier this week on the changes at 860 KMVP, I didn’t want to slight the talent at Sportsradio 550 KGME. Therefore, here is the line-up: 5:30-10am Jim Traber & Vince Marotta;10am-2pm Jim Rome;3pm-7pm John Gambadoro & Tim Liotta. Great entertaining sportstalk and often times the place where the story breaks first! I wanted to run the picture of Gambadoro and Liotta but didn’t have room. Bandwidth you know. Pictured are Eryn Cole, left, Laura Delisa and Sarah Prince, Playboy Magazine’s “Girls of the Pac 10” during a recent visit to the KGME studios.

In a move similar to ones by corporate radio across the country, AMFM Inc., has taken a 10-year lease on a Camelback office complex that will eventually house all 8 AMFM properties. The location will be 2850 East Camelback. Phoenix offices owned by AMFM will be sold. Expect other radio companies to do the same.

The #1 spanish language morning radio show hit Phoenix this week. 105.9 KHOT carries the syndicated “Boogie Man and His Crazy Troop” from 5am to 11am. Renan Almendarez Coello hosts from the Hispanic Broadcasting Company’s Los Angeles station “La Nueva 101.9” KSCA.

September 7, 1999
Phoenix radio’s NEW FALL SEASON starts today. Among the many changes will be the debut of conservative talk on Salem Communication’s 960 KCTK. The Christian programming of KPXQ has moved down the dial to 1360. Michael Medved and Michael Reagan are part of the new KCTK [“Conservative TalK” or “Compelling TalK”]. The Medved show was part of the programming at 1280 KTKP [the former KHEP] now serving up conservative talk programming as well. KTKP features local talk show host Austin Hill in the morning and a mix that includes Oliver North, “Nolan At Night”, and Stan Major throughout the day. See our RADIO DIAL page for complete listings from KCTK and KTKP.

104.7 ‘ZZP presents the debut of Ron Upshaw & Don O’Neil from San Francisco radio station “The Ticket” this Friday morning. Ron and Don come from a sportstalk background, lots of “guy talk”. This will be tempered by the presence of Jackie West as part of the new morning team.

ESPN Radio 860 KMVP has a new line-up starting today. Tony Bruno & Mike Golic in the morning, Kevin Ray follows, Ron Wolfley and Dave Burns will be heard in the afternoon. Starting September 13th, ESPN’s Dan Patrick will host a sportstalk program, heard locally on tape delay Noon-3pm.

Changes at NewsRadio 620 KTAR include David Liebowitz 9am-Noon [starting mid-September] and Tony Femino 3-7pm, starting today. Femino will be talking about general interest and news topics. If a major sports story breaks, he may comment on that as well. Femino came to the Valley in 1994 and has spent those years on sportstalk stations KGME and KTAR’s sister station KMVP.

September 5, 1999
Hey, Dads! Don’t forget, the first Sunday of each month is Father & Son Day. It’s a tradition with Marty Manning at 99.9 KESZ. Manning brings his sons to the station and they participate in the broadcast. The kids read liners or intro tunes. I don’t think many broadcasters could pull this off and maintain a professional sound. Marty is a pro, making it sound comfortable, fun and entertaining.

September 4, 1999
AZ Republic columnist David Liebowitz has been chosen to fill the time slot vacated by Pat McMahon at NewsRadio 620 KTAR.

KOOL 94.5 has changed owners six times in the last 20 years. Several program directors and morning teams have come through the station. A rare breed is one who can say he has stayed at one station for 20 years. Tom Peake celebrates that anniversary now. He’s also had a stint as PD during that time. Peake holds down the mid-day shift at the Oldies station. Congratulations!

That’s J. David Holmes, formerly KDKB, new to weekends at KOOL FM.

Tracy Lea moves to nights at KZON.


It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of William D. Pfieffer. Bill died in a car accident Wednesday evening (9/1/99). Bill has been moderating since 1991 and has been a constant in the lives of many readers. Every few days our email boxes were filled with news and opinions pertinent to broadcasters world-wide. His passion for broadcast was evident in all that he did and he was one of the most open minded and understanding people that I have ever met. He is greatly missed.

September 3, 1999

Tony Femino moves into afternoons at 620 KTAR starting Tuesday. Femino replaces Ted Simons. No word on where Simons will end up in the shake up that includes many changes at sister station KMVP. ESPN Radio 860 KMVP will feature ex-KGME personality Mike Golic in his new ESPN morning show. The program will air live 3-6am and will be re-broadcast between 6 and 10am. Doug Cannon takes over as program director when Kevin Ray takes on talk host responsibilities in the 10-Noon slot. KMVP airs a tape delay of the new Dan Patrick show from Noon to 3pm, starting September 13. Ron Wolfley and Dave Burns close out the local portion of the day 3-7pm. ESPN Radio programs fill the time between 7pm and 6am.

No word yet on a replacement for David Leibowitz at KTAR. He gave up his nightly talk show to concentrate on his newspaper column. Plus, the fact he recently became a married man may have influenced his decision.

Fresh from San Francisco, RON & DON hit KZZP September 7th. “We will still be doing the R&D; show as we always have. We can play music if we want to, or we don’t have to play any songs if we want to.”

Frank Pollack was a Valley broadcast veteran and promoter of “big band” music, having spent years as band manager for Woody Herman and His Thundering Herd. His broadcast career included stints at stations in Los Angeles as well as Phoenix. In the Valley, from the 60s through the early 90s, Pollack’s distinct radio voice was heard on stations such as KOOL FM, KUPD (before it was rock), KRUX, KXIV and Big Band KLFF. Pollack died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease October 24th, 1999. He was 80.


Rick Dees in the morning on KZZP? That’s the rumor we are hearing.

We get many inquiries from “out of towners” about North American Broadcasting. That is 1100 KFNX. They appear to be stirring up a lot of interest from potential clients and may be making pretty good money selling “infomercial” air time. But who is listening? KFNX has not made a showing in Arbitron ratings since they went on the air in 1998.

The usual suspects top the Summer 12+ numbers: Country KNIX-FM is #1 with 6.5 up from 5.9, #2 is Newsradio 620 KTAR.


…Excited about news of a KRIZ/KRUX Reunion Show soon! I’m sorry about the “loss of memory” as to the name of the KRIZ Charity Basketball team! Just because I do “ginkgo biloba” every day doesn’t mean it works!!

Hi Lee!

Danny Davis KOY


A little birdie tells me you will likely hear a KRIZ & KRUX DJ reunion show in the near future on Phoenix airwaves. Watch this page for details.

Hi again,

KSWG 94.1: The timespan for the KMEO 93.7 format was from 1993-95 and KBSZ 94.1 1995-96. It’s been satellite country KSWG (now ABC’s “Real Country”) since 1996.

KYOT’s calls before it was KQYT was KRFM (beautiful music in the 60’s/70’s).

KJZZ’s call letters after KFCA was KMCR.

Thanks again,


[I stand corrected. Earlier, I said Clark Howard’s consumer tips program was based in L.A., he is not, but Phil Hendrie is. Clark Howard actually comes out of Atlanta, where they get a huge dose of Clark Howard on WSB]

Clark Howard is based at am 750 WSB in Atlanta. His show is live Noon-3pm PT. We get 5 hours of clark from 1-6pm here in Atlanta and even repetes in the evening without Braves games. Considering that KFI is going to Clear Channel the Cox Clark Howard Show may lose its presence in Los Angeles. Phil Hendrie was with Cox for years working in Miami, Atlanta on Cox Stations. But since his show is syndicated by Clear Channel along with Rush, Dr Laura and Art Bell it is popping up on CC stations in Atlanta, Tampa, Louisville, Salt Lake City and Charleston also. IF CC owns anything in Phoenix then he will show up soon.



Crime reporter Rod Peterson [formerly with KTAR] has joined TalkRadio 910 KFYI. The KFYI schedule changes November 1st. Wake Up Arizona w/Ed Walsh runs 5am-9am, followed by one hour of Laura Schlessinger [tape-delayed], Rush Limbaugh live from 10am-1pm, Dr. Laura live 1pm-3pm, Barry Young 3pm-5pm, Grant Woods 5pm-7pm and Bob Mohan 7pm-9pm.

Hi Jason,

I just wanted to let you know that people who miss the Owens’ “Real Country” format from KCWW 1580 can now hear it on KSWG 94.1 FM out of Wickenburg. The problem is that this signal can only be heard in various parts of the West Valley (just like KRXS’ situation on the east side). There is also some history missing from this station. It went on the air in 1992 as modern rock KFMA on 93.7 FM with former KUPD/KUKQ staffers. The KBSZ new age format followed as well as the move to 94.1 FM. Thanks,


NewsRadio 620 KTAR will air Clark Howard’s consumer info program [yawwwnnnnn!] weeknights, putting Jay Lawrence back to weekends. The Clark Howard program [from KFI Los Angeles] is syndicated. I understand KFI’s Phil Hendrie program is in syndication. Hopefully, one of the talk stations will pick that up.


Some seriously confusing name thing going on! Concerning an earlier story here. Our newsgroup spy came up with some poop on KZZP nighttimer “Brian Marino”. The “mask is off”!!! It appears MC SCRAPPY is not using his real name at KZZP. A post on ALL ACCESS shows his full name to be Kurt (mc scrappy) Kreiger [as the newsgroup post reads]. Apparently, he just used the middle name at some of his gigs. Wasn’t there a cartoon character in the early 60s called “Scrappy”? My father wanted to name ME “Howdy” after some puppet show character. It beats “Kukla”. That’s my brother’s name. I’m serious, ask my sister, Clarabelle.

Mr. “Marino/MC Scrappy/Kreiger” replaces Naughtyboy Dave. Reliable sources tell me, Naughtyboy was his given name.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for asking about my book, TURN UP THE VOLUME, NOW BREAK OFF THE KNOB (The True Stories Behind the Radio Microphones) We’re in the editing process now. God…it’s like having dental work. Nothing goes fast, and everything hurts. I wish I could be specific about the art and photograpahs. Actually, the photos that will be used are also being discussed. Okay, sometimes the discussions get heated.

I’ve been able to come up with some interesting KRIZ era photos, and I’m also awaiting some additional photos from Phil Motta’s personal collection. One of my favorite photos was sent to me by Rich “Brother” Robbin. It’s a photo of Rich when he arrrived in Phoenix to work at KRUX. Despite the competition of the legendary KRIZ/KRUX wars, Rich and I became, and remain good friends. He was 24. Let’s just say, I was younger.

I worked at KRIZ in 1968-70. I left to go to KCBQ, but I returned to Phoenix briefly for personal reasons. It was during my second stint at KRIZ that I met Danny Davis. I read Danny’s E-mail, and he was wrong about the name of the basketball team. The team was always known as The KRIZ Whiz Bangs.

As I recall, the book features eight or nine KRIZ stories, including one about the day a lunatic with a loaded rifle got into our studio and announced he wanted to kill me, but instead, he attacked the jock during the reading of a live spot for Columbia School of Broadcasting. There’s also the story about the KRIZ Treasure Hunt Contest that was won by a KRUX jock. All True!

Thanks for your interest.

Lee Marshall

{When Lee completes the book, we’ll be sure to post info on this website about where we can can all get copies. Lee, stay in touch!]


It comes as no surprise that Mary McCann has been let go by The new ZONE. With a change in music style and delivery, the “Bone Mama” just didn’t fit into the new MIX. KZZP’s Valerie Knight takes the 9am-2pm slot at KZON. It’s upsetting to “Bone” fans, but it seems the handwriting was on the wall.

KZON PD Paul Peterson is also history. New PD will be Chris Ebbott from Tampa. Phoenix is a tough market, especially with acquisitions taking place right and left.

More changes? KZON is one of four AMFM properties now on the block. A lot can happen in the next 6 months.

The KPXQ/KCTK call letter switcheroo has been given the official stamp of FCC approval. That puts KPXQ at 1360AM and KCTK at 960AM.

New overniter at KUPD is Dennis Huff. He moves up from being a weekender at the Sandusky rocker.

KNIX afternooner/Valley veteran pronouncer Steve Goddard landed a huge weekend gig recently. He will host a syndicated Oldies program with his name in the title. “Goddard’s Gold” premiere’s on the Weststar TALKRADIO Network. This is Weststar’s first effort at “music” programming.

Marc Summers makes another appointment at KZZP. Former WQSH Louisville PD Karen Rite is the new ‘ZZP APD/MD/midday person.

Also at ‘ZZP, Naughtyboy Dave is history. M.C. Scrappy, comes on board as Brian Marino. (Real name? That’s refreshing!)

Diminutive TV star Gary Coleman started his radio career this week at KRQ Tucson. The event has been covered by a bunch of national TV news programs. Inside Edition, E! Entertainment Network and Entertainment Tonight had cameras at last week’s press conference.

I’d like to put the question to anyone who is reading this—-How does everyone rate KSLX as a classic rocker? Not just now, but compared to the past 5-6 years……Isn’t KSLX a heritage classic? I’d appreciate input from knowledgable radio junkies like myself…..

Thanx….Evan O

[**Edited out was a shameless plug for KSLX. Evan, I like the music of KSLX as much as anybody else. I listen often. Especially to the PM show. That guy reminds me of me when I was a young “cracker jack” radio announcer.]


KGME alters it’s line up once more. Catch Tim Liotta in the morning with Chuck Powell now. Jim Rome 10-1 and Mike Jurecki and Vince Marotta in their 1-3pm slot. Jim Traber moves to afternoons with John Gambadoro and Paul Calvisi 3-7pm. Traber runs a show that airs in Oklahoma City in the afternoon so he will only participate in the final two hours of each day’s KGME broadcast. (The RADIO DIAL pages have been updated 10/18/99 with this and some info courtesy of Eric Stein.)

Hi Jason,

It came as a surprise that Clear Channel has decided to keep KMXP “Mix 96.9” in their Phoenix portfolio. Not only is this the lowest rated of their combined FM’s, but it’s the FM station which would bring in the least amount of revenue for them. I don’t see how a large radio company such as Clear Channel thinks that the “Mix” format will see ratings growth. Sure, Mix Radio (or McRadio, since these stations are popping up everywhere just like fast-food restaurants) operates with low-overhead, but KDKB, KSLX, and KZON all play some of the music which can be heard on Mix – the difference is that the presentation of the three stations I mentioned are more original and local than Mix. Will they ever crack the top 10 in the Arbitrons? I doubt it. McRadio may be a format which brings in an easy buck for Clear Channel, but I see it as a waste of frequencies which could be better used for something with originality.

-Eric Stein

[And another opinion]

I really don’t care who takes over what. I just wish someone in Phoenix would put together a decent FM station, musically speaking. It’s been lame for years. ZON used to have a great format back in the early 90’s (I still consider them the least of the evils, although not great). And we have no decent oldies station. I’ve heard talk of yet another emerging hispanic station, ho hum. Each time my sister visits Phoenix, she asks, “so, what 3 songs are they playing this time?” Wake up guys! Thanks for listening.




620 KTAR hit the air with first reports of the California desert earthquake this morning. The quake, centered out in the Mojave Desert, measured 7.0 on the Richter scale. The rolling effect was felt all over the Valley at 2:45 am. Both KTAR and 910 KFYI took calls from listeners on that topic during morning shows.


Brian Barks has become the news director at 620 KTAR. He’ll join Bill Denney and Pat McMahon in the “Mosh Pit” Friday.

Dick Clark joins Tony Femino in the studio Friday afternoon on 620 KTAR. [see related story October 4th]

[Shellie Hart checks in from Seattle] I love your obsession for radio…despite what you think…I loved programming in Phoenix, and miss the EDGE like crazy, lots of talent at that radio station. I do dig your site…wondering if you have a lead one similar in Seattle?

Shellie Hart

Hey Jason,

I found your web site for the first time today. It is pretty cool. I often tune-in to the middle of some radio personalities saga and I have a hard time finding out what is going on.

I have comments about KZZP and don’t know where to send them. The KZZP web site is lame,, and the only feedback choice is the registration page which requires too much info about me. So, you get to be my sounding board. Maybe you can help me find the right audience for my complaints…

I don’t enjoy listening to Man Cow or Howard Stern so I have been listening to KZZP and KKFR because they play music and the personalities were entertaining. Well, now I only stay on KZZP long enough to see if there is a song playing. I totally hate the Ron and Don show. I am amazed that KZZP management thought those guys had any talents other than being rude to people…

Ed Hager

Rumors, speculation and bare ass lies! Don Imus getting a shot on a Clear Channel Phoenix property in 2000. Imus is getting shuffled around or dropped in other markets.

Hearing increasing noise that funny man/talk host Phil Hendrie could replace Art Bell sooner than some people believe.

ABC, Bonneville, Cox, Emmis, Entercom, Jefferson-Pilot, Radio One and Susquehanna eyeing the stations on the block in the Chancellor/Clear Channel merger.

Jason…Ditto on what Lee Marshall said. Not bad “memory banks” for a “wrastler type”! Lee, been watchin and admiring your stuff for many moons now. You and I were the “point guards” and “ring leaders” of the short-lived charity basketball team called the KRIZ “Dirty Dribblers” in 1971! Gary Stevens was the GM, I hired Motta back to do mornings and brought Gerry Pederson in to cook early evenings. In 1972 I went back to KHOW Denver and the station went thru the roof thanks to Pederson and Buzz Bennett! God…I’m now at KOY working with my long time friend Charley Martin and still trying to convince my wife this is a real job! Thanks for the memories Lee …I don’t think we’re dwelling on them…we were THERE at the little BOX on BUCKEYE and had a great time …thanks to KRIZ! (Incidentally, don’t think it’s not weird sometimes to be dealing with this frequency change for KOY at 1230 on the AM dial, the old KRIZ address!

Thanks for the connection Jason…and thanks to Lee for his legacy & memory! The guys riding high in WFL these days in case there’s not a name connection to everyone. Great announcer/personality!


Danny Davis

AM/1230 KOY

PD/Morning Guy

Recognizing talent Tim Hattrick and Willy D. Loon picked up Major Market Country Personalities of the Year award at Billboard/Airplay Monitor show last weekend. Major market Country PD/Ops award went to Larry Daniels “formerly” of KNIX. Major Market Country Station of the Year went to….KNIX.

Picking up PD/OPS in secondary market mainstream Top 40, Tim Richards, for his work at KRQQ Tucson.

XM Satellite Radio, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Mobile Satellite Corporation is developing a new band of radio. The system will use direct satellite-to-receiver broadcasting technology to provide listeners in their cars and at home with crystal-clear sound seamlessly from coast-to-coast. The subscription service is scheduled to start during the first half of 2001 for $9.95 a month. [Hey, you can get FM for FREE!]

Former ‘ZZP morning jock Bruce Kelly called Ron & Don twice yesterday. The new KZZP morning duo hung up on Kelly twice. This morning, they said they were not aware it was really Bruce Kelly and that if he calls back they would gladly speak to him on the air. Unless Kelly started getting smart with them, they warned. In which case, they would take him out and wrap him around a tree. Don said Kelly should know what it’s like to be “wrapped around a tree.” After this comment, they took a call from an angry listener. She was not happy with comments they make that children can hear. They defended what they say and do, “Booty Calls” and all. This happens on a daily basis, Ron & Don answering complaints. They even argued with a Girl scout this morning about where the money goes for cookie sales. HAVE THEY NO SHAME!?@#? Sounds like there are problems between Ron/Don/Jackie West and a lot of KZZP listeners.

A couple more items…

Despite his constant bitching and moaning, Howard Stern’s threats about quitting at the end of current contract don’t ring true. In fact, count on Stern to be around for at least two more years, according to a recent contract agreement. Locally, Stern can be heard each morning on “The EDGE”. This week, “Edge” programming is being broadcast on three FM frequencies, 100.3, 106.3 and 106.5. Sounds like Big City may be ready to hand over the 100.3 channel to Educational Media Foundation pretty soon.

Tony Bruno has resigned from ESPN Radio.

For those that think HBC might pick up one or two Phoenix stations [the Chancellor FM channel sale] and take them Spanish: A couple Tijuana stations recently changed formats to English-language programming. X99, Fiesta Mexicana became Hot Country XHCR 99.3 FM and XTIM 91.7 FM, where Fiesta Mexicana had relocated, has become Galaxy FM playing Adult Contemporary hits. Imagine that!


Bad idea, encouraging old radio guy to talk about his first love.

I have an old Top 40 survey from KTKT, “Color Channel 99,” for week ending October 8, 1965. On air lineup: Jerry Stowe, 6-9 a.m.; Dan Gates, 9-noon; Tom Madison, noon – 3 p.m.; Frank Kalil, 3- 6 p.m; Joe Bailey, 6-9 p.m.; Ray Lindstrom 9-midnite; Dick Nelson, midnite – 6 a.m.

Kalil was program director and host of “Kalil’s Karavan.” Kept a real camel at a local ranch and would trot it out for special promotions. Kalil later was co-owner of “beautiful music” KAIR/KJYK, Tucson, and is now very successful station broker. One of his tasteless on-air gambits was collecting Ricky Nelson’s toenail clippings which he awarded to lucky contest winner. Nelson was at Old Tucson Studios filming “Rio Bravo” and celebrated his 18th birthday in Tucson.

Lindstrom and I formed southern Arizona’s first record label, Zoom Records, in 1958. We discovered and recorded the wrong Ronstadt, Pete, Linda’s older brother. He recently retired as Tucson Police Chief and actually appeared on several of Linda’s albums. Some of got together this past summer for 40th reunion of Catalina High School, 1959. (

One other memory where life imitates art (“Play Misty for Me”) was the slaying of KWFM morning man Bob Cook by listener who claimed Cook was personally broadcasting to her and the only way to silence him was to shoot him. He was killed following a weekend dj gig at local club. This was early 1980’s, I think.




Hi Jason,

I found your web site while doing some research on my newest book. As you may (or may not know) I’ve been very fortunate to have worked at some of the so-called “legendary” radio stations during my career. Even though I can boast of call letters such as KCBQ in San Diego, CKLW in Detroit. and KDAY, KHJ & KABC in Los Angeles, my personal favorite was the time I spent at KRIZ. The impact made by KRIZ during the late 60’s is not properly validated. This is sad, but I suppose, it is also understandable. After all, how hip could Phoenix, Arizona possibly have been in 1968-1970? We were not exactly KHJ or WABC, right? KRIZ had jocks such as Pat McMahon, Phil Motta, Don Pietro (the original Johnny Rabbitt), Joe Light, W. Steven Martin, Doug Cornett, and (the real) Tony Evans. It was my pleasure to have been News & Sports Director of KRIZ (I was 19). 1999 marks a very special year in the history of KRIZ. It was thirty years ago when this under powered, under appreciated crackerbox on Buckeye Road made radio history. It was thirty years ago when it was announced that the 1969 Billboard Magazine Major Market Personality of the Year was Don Pietro. It was thirty years ago when it was announced that Billboard Magazine’s 1969 Major Market Program Director of the year was Pat McMahon….and…as the suits from WABC, KHJ and the rest stood with their mouths open, it was thirty years ago when it was announced that Billboard Magazine’s 1969 MAJOR MARKET RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR WAS…..KRIZ. This triple play had never happened before, and it has not happened since. Like I said, not too bad for a crackerbox on Buckeye Road.


Lee Marshall

Malibu, CA

Re your listing of KIKX. The tale of the news parody is true. Arthur Gopen aka Gary “Crazy Man” Craig staged his own kidnapping. Ironicially, the station owned by Walton Broadcasting lost its license but Gary kept his. He went on to work at WTIC-FM in Hartford, CT and is still in that market. Very creative guy.

Burt Schneider

worked with Gary at KAIR in Tucson in the late 1970’s following the incident

[Editor’s note: Thanks guys! There are a lot of stories in the naked city and we want to post them here. If you have some personal recollections of the rock ‘n’ roll years of Valley AM radio, send us some email. If you know of someone who has a story to tell, let them know about the website.]

We also received a little more info on Gary Coleman and KRQ from PD Jeff Dauler:

“Gary is interning for Mojo and Betsy In The Morning. His first day was last Thursday, and it was covered by local and national press. He will work 3 days / week, when his schedule permits.”


CBS/Infinity, ABC/Disney, Hispanic Broadcasting Company, Z Spanish. Who will buy the 4 stations being spun off [KYOT, KKFR, KOOL & KZON] in the CLEAR CHANNEL/CHANCELLOR merger? That answer may come very soon. This helps clear the way for FCC approval of the merger, possibly by mid-summer 2000.

Will Clear Channel, now with both Phoenix country stations, keep the format on both KNIX and KMLE to ward off challengers? Is the “Mix” format so unique and profitable that they chose to keep that rather than KZON or KYOT? KZZP plays virtually the same songs as “Mix 96.9” does.

Whether formats are kept or changed by new owners remains to be seen. A lot of Valley air talent question the future of the stations involved and their place in all of it. One Clear Channel employee had kind words for CC management. “The good thing about Clear Channel is that they allow their individual stations and markets to remain relatively autonomous. As long as we send enough money to San Antonio, they really don’t care what we do.”

When sales are finalized and format decisions are made, watch for reaction at other Valley stations. We might expect new players to emerge and consolidation to continue. Now, more than ever, an “out-of-work” air personality has fewer choices of radio companies to choose from.

Internet journalist MATT DRUDGE reports: Los Angeles talkshow host Phil Hendrie is being groomed to take Art Bell’s overnight radio slots. Drudge, in a story earlier this week said “According to senior network sources, Hendrie is being groomed to replace Bell — if Bell pulls the plug on his show, heard nationwide on 486 stations.” This is news to Art Bell who took exception to the story on his program Wednesday night. “I talked to the president of PREMIERE RADIO NETWORKS about 15 minutes ago and he didn’t know about it yet,” Bell told his audience.

Drudge insists that “conversations about moving Hendrie into Bell’s slot — if Bell vacates — have, in fact, taken place at the highest levels of the network.”

The syndicated “Phil Hendrie Show” is airing weeknights at 10 eastern, right before Art Bell’s show which starts at 1am eastern time on the Premiere Radio Network. Bell has cut his program back to just three nights per week. Drudge says top affiliates have expressed disappointment that Bell is no longer a full-time personality.

A Prairie Home Companion is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary. The host, Garrison Keillor, says “in the Darwinian world of radio broadcasting it’s an eon, and the long life of “A Prairie Home Companion” is a real accomplishment, just like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. You keep on winding your twine, and it gets bigger and bigger, and pretty soon your home town erects a sign, “Home of Wilfred Sneed and His Twine Ball – 100 yds straight ahead on left”. It’s like Keillor to make such comparisons. His program is a collection of music, commercial parody, home-spun family-friendly humor and Keillor’s imaginative tales of life in “Lake Wobegon.”

“I used to resent the show because it was keeping me from realizing my destiny as an Important Writer, the sort whose books reviewers describe as “lyrical…audacious…stunning and yet nurturing,” and then in 1987, I made the mistake of quitting the show and giving myself every opportunity to be a I.W. and after a year of waiting for importance to strike, I couldn’t get back to radio fast enough. So here I am.”

“I’ve learned to accept radio as a spiritual experience, like sitting and watching the river, which I did all the time as a kid, living along the Mississippi downstream from Anoka. While my friends worked their way up through the ranks of Scouting and Junior Achievement and Job’s Daughters and earned badges and accumulated terrific resumes that would later get them into Carleton and Stanford, I spent more hours than I care to admit sitting on a bank under some trees watching the river flow over a stretch of shallow rapids, sometimes under the pretext of fishing.”

“A Prairie Home Companion” airs on KJZZ-FM 91.5 Sat 5 pm & Sun 10 am and on these Arizona radio stations:

Flagstaff KNAQ-FM 91.7 Sat 6 pm Sun noon

Flagstaff KNAU-FM 88.7 Sat 6 pm Sun noon

Prescott KPUB-FM 89.3 Sat 6 pm Sun noon

Safford KUAZ-FM 89.1 Sun 10 am

Show Low KNAA-FM 90.7 Sat 6 pm Sun noon

Tucson KUAT-FM 90.5 Sat 6 pm

Tucson KUAT-AM 1550 Sun 10 am

“If you have nothing to do, there’s no better place to not do it than beside a river…. “A Prairie Home Companion” is much the same experience except every week you have to paddle upstream for a couple hours. It has been a great blessing for a lazy man.”

“EDGE 106” interim Program Director Smilin’ Marty is appointed APD/MD. Robin Nash continues as Assistant Music Director.

KZZP fired midday air talent Valerie Knight. No word on why Knight was let go, except that Marc Summers, new ‘ZZP PD, may still be “fine tuning” the station. Oddly enough, the new Ron & Don morning show has been causing lots of “static”. The heavy “chit-chat” doesn’t play well with many listeners. This could all change. KZZP is part of the Clear Channel/Chancellor merger. Though ‘ZZP will not be sold off, a format change is a possibility, once the dust settles. It’s too early to tell whether Ron & Don will pull KZZP up in the ratings. A replacement for Valerie Knight has not been announced.

Gary Coleman joins “Mojo & Betsy” in the morning at KRQ in Tucson. It’s not just a guest appearance. Coleman is part of the morning team effective October 19th. The “Different Strokes” TV star follows in the footsteps of the “Partridge Family” kid, Danny Bonaduce. Bonaduce, onetime Phoenix morning DJ, now works in Los Angeles. Coleman recently filed bankruptcy and listed living expenses as approx. $2000 per month. Did he live in his car? Hopefully he will be paid well as part of the award-winning KRQ team. Hmmm, remember Jessica Hawn’s foray into Phoenix morning radio? We wish them luck.

KPHO TV 5 has unveiled the “TalkBox” to Valley viewers. It is a system that will allow TV viewers the opportunity to voice their opinions directly to the station. KPHO has set up three Channel 5 TalkBoxes at the Arizona State Fair. To use the TalkBox, viewers must stand in front of the screen, press the green “go” button, and, in 30 seconds or less, speak their minds. Each day, comments from the TalkBox will be edited and shown in a daily news segment. According to station managers, TalkBoxes will be placed around the Valley at high traffic venues, from sporting arenas to shopping malls.


Bob Visotcky, AMFM’s Denver honcho has packed up and moved to Los Angeles. “Don’t let the door hit you in the…” say many current and recently “ex” employees in Denver. Rumor has it AMFM will pick Phoenix’s Terry Hardin to replace him. Hardin will have his work cut out for him. Visotcky tended to be very heavy-handed say many Denver folks. Vicious some say. Cold-hearted, muth– [you get the sentiment] 80 employees were “wasted” by Visotcky and community feathers were ruffled when Visotcky went on the air to defend comments made by Howard Stern [over the Columbine shootings] and admonish complaining listeners. Ouch!

Clear Channel Communications, Inc. has acquired AMFM, Inc. in a deal valued at approximately $23.5 billion it was announced Monday morning. The deal will create a media company worth $56 billion, and the combined company will have operations in 32 countries. The new company will retain the Clear Channel name and will operate stations in each of the country’s 20 largest radio markets. Clear Channel will also own AMFM’s 425,000 outdoor billboards and 19 television stations. Before having to divest due to ownership limits, Clear Channel will own 830 radio stations across the US. Clear Channel and AMFM plan to divest approximately 125 radio stations to secure regulatory approval for the merger. Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays will remain Chairman and Chief Executive, while current AMFM CEO Thomas O. Hicks will become a vice chairman of the new company. The board of the combined company will consist of the eight current members of Clear Channel’s board of directors and five of AMFM’s board members to be designated by AMFM. The deal is expected to close late next year.

Chuck Powell, formerly of the SportsFan Radio Network is Jim Traber’s new partner mornings on SportsRadio 550 KGME.

The station swap between Z Spanish and Hispanic Broadcasting is in limbo, if not dead. Z was to give control of 103.5 KLNZ to HBC. For this, HBC would give Z control of a station in Houston. However, that deal is now apparently in dispute. Z would have placed the LNZ format on a Florence, Az. frequency, KCDX 103dot1. Turns out, the 103.1 frequency does not adequately cover the markets. For this reason and the fact that the latest Arbitrends show KLNZ moving UP [see related story, look two places above KPTY to see LNZ’s numbers] may be cause for Z having second thoughts now.

It’s come to this. Dick Clark, Mr. American Bandstand, will be coming to Mesa October 16th. Mr. Clark will be at the Superstition Springs Mall from Noon to 4pm to host the “Cholesterol Low Down”. Free cholesterol screens and dance performances by artists from “Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in “Da Funk Tour”, plus local entertainment. Proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association. You were expecting Frankie Avalon and Fabian?

TalkRadio 910 KFYI runs the MATT DRUDGE interview/news/call-in show from ABC Radio on Sunday from 8 to 10pm.

The Drudge Report also airs on these desert southwest radio stations:

Albuquerque KKOB 770

Las Vegas KNUU 970

Palm Springs KPSI 920

Reno KKOH 780

Sierra Vista, AZ KTAN 1420

Tucson KNST 790

Yuma KBLU 560

Slim pickin’s. No need to worry about the new NBC/PAX marriage. Only the “appropriate programming” from NBC that fits the PAX family-oriented theme will be shown. Programs such as made-for-TV movies, miniseries, and shows from NBC News and CNBC.

SportsRadio 550 KGME has the rights to, but chose not to air “The Fabulous Sports Babe”.

KPXQ KPXQ has completed the move across the dial from 960 AM to 1360 AM. The frequency swap with sister station KCTK puts Conservative “Compelling Talk” at 960 AM KCTK and Christian programming at 1360 KPXQ. The KPXQ website is now up. Click on the logo to go there.

Chicago Super Station WGN has been dropped by many cable systems across the US and now WGN is dropping the programming of the WB network. Locally, KASW 61 carries WB programs. That should not be affected by the impending sale of the station to A.H. Belo, a company that is also purchasing KTVK 3TV.

For the geek or a newbie, many computer questions can be answered by a simple twist of the radio dial. Area stations broadcast various computer Q&A; programs. “Computer Buyer Magazine” has a radio program each monday morning at 8 on 1100 KFNX. Saturday from 3-5pm NewsRadio 620 KTAR presents “The Computer Corner” with Ken, Brandon & Greg. No last names available, we’re on a first name basis apparently. Sunday from 12noon to 2pm the “Kim Komando Radio Show” airs on TalkRadio 910 KFYI.


TalkRadio 910 KFYI will broadcast “The Battle of the Talk Show Hosts” Wednesday at 4pm. The two hour face-off gives the local KFYI hosts a chance to air their differences.

KTKP 1280 PD Tom Brown has been fired over differences in station imaging and promotion. The station had switched from Christian programming to conservative talk. It is tradition in the Valley of the Sun to fire a successful program director. Go figure.

Ricardo Torres resigned as general manager of Z Spanish stations KVVA & KLNZ. His temporary replacement is general sales manager Manny Simo.

Speaking of “Spanish”, Big City Radio, having just merged with Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., will probably take the new 105.3 & 105.5 stations to a Spanish format.

Ted Simons is back on the radio. This time at 96.9 KMXP. He will be part of the morning team with Bryan Allen.


99.9 KESZ begins it’s holiday music at 9am today. The radio station plays Christmas favorites continually, through December 25th.



Just prowling around to see what’s happening in Phoenix radio and found your site. I worked at KCWW from 1989 to 1993 and before that at KLFF.

Hello to all!

Drop me a line.

Dick Ellingson

Dick also spent quite a few years on the radio in my home state, Washington. Read about his memories of Seattle area radio stations and his new life traveling the country in a motorhome at:

We hope to hear from him again with a story or two about his time on the radio in Phoenix.


Enjoyed your very informative site.

Sure have a few memories of my first year in Phx. with KRIZ & KRUX. One of them had a month (4 week) promo going on in April 1971, where they had a treasure hunt with clues to find the prize ($1000) located at one of their billboards. Never found a prize, but sure picked up a lot of litter, which was their secondary objective. That was a lot of money at that time and it got a lot of attention. I just can’t seem to remember which station though.

Not being a “radio person”, I did have some trouble trying to decipher some of the codes, such as CHR, AOR, and MOR. Is there a place (website or ?) that explains what these are?

[Contemporary Hit Radio, Album Oriented Rock and Middle of the Road are some of the designations. Another is AC, which stands for Adult Contemporary.]

I don’t forward chain mail and I don’t encourage it. The following is more than chain mail. It is creative use of the power of e-mail to advertise the 1310 KXAM morning show. I have no doubt this program will soon crack the Top 10 due in part to increased listenership as this message spreads.

Dear Lovable, attractive, friend/relative of mine:

I would like to ask of you a large favor. As you know, I am now doing a lovely little morning radio show with Bob Boze Bell, Buffalo Rick, and Heather the Weather girl. We have a crappy little signal @ 1310a.m. We are on each morning from 6-9a.m. The show is called Boze & Co. We are trying to do a little guerilla marketing here. Our situation is different than almost all radio show situations. We own the show. So we have to do our own sales and marketing. (A clever way of saying they don’t pay us a salary. We have to earn our own keep.) I would like you to email this letter to 10 of your friends/relatives/associates locally in Arizona. The reason it is such a big favor is that you certainly would not do it because of the quality of the show as we all lack talent, personality, and intelligence. We do generally amuse ourselves, however, and after all –isn’t that what’s important.

Actually, I think we have a great show. It is a “Neighbors chatting over the back-fence” kind of show. We try and stay away from all the political/social/issue driven shows everywhere else on the radio dial. I would love it if you would give us a listen, please feel free to call us up and tell us what you think. I think we could generate a real buzz this way. If everyone would pass it along to 10 more people, and each of them to ten more, etc., we’d have the greatest listeneship in the universe. And don’t forget—we don’t rely on all the crutches other radio show use—i.e. talent, etc. At Boze & Co. talent is not an option. We’re just a bunch of self-indulgent, juvenile, egocentric entertainment industry wannabes. I thank you for helping us out.

With lots of kisses, and oddly inappropriate hugs I remain,

Gordon Smith, KXAM (1310) Morning Show Flunky

Ruben S. leaves the morning show at Power 92 to take the evening slot. “Chavo” vacates that spot to join Krazy Kid mornings at Power. Chavo will produce and cohost with Kid and Drea on the show.


### Correcting this report —

Anthony Gallegos, 38, despondent over a pending divorce, climbed to nearly the top of a KPXQ radio tower, where he hanged himself as spectators watched below. The suicide happened Wednesday after a two hour attempt by police, firefighters and the man’s estranged wife to coax him down from the tower. His wife had filed for divorce in early October. The three KPXQ towers are at the 7300 block of West Camelback Road.

KRQQ APD & afternoon guy Mark Medina is likely the “chosen one” to become PD when OM/PD/Regional Program guy Tim Richards leaves for WKQI Detroit this month.


Hey Jason! Cactus Jack from KMLE here. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how cool the site is! I especially liked the “Radio Dial” portion, and I’d like to see more history added to it. Keep up the good work!


All contributions are welcome. If anyone can add a bit of information to the history files on this site, please e-mail the info to us!


Congratulations, Bud Wilkinson! Sunday Showtunes makes the #5 radio market with KABL San Francisco. A press release, courtesy of SUNDAY SHOWTUNES producer/host, Bud Wilkinson:

Sunday Showtunes Bows On San Francisco’s KABL

Phoenix, AZ (Nov. 1, 1999) — “Something’s coming. Something good.” Those are song lyrics from the musical “West Side Story” but they also apply to the nationally syndicated radio program Sunday Showtunes, which premieres Nov. 14 on KABL (AM 960) radio in San Francisco. Sunday Showtunes is a two-hour program devoted to “Broadway’s Biggest Hits” – well-known songs that don’t often get radio airplay. “Sunday Showtunes provides a fresh listening experience at a time when the popularity of Broadway shows has never been greater,” says host Bud Wilkinson. “Interest in the show by stations nationally has been phenomenal and we’re pleased that KABL wants to offer this great music to its Bay Area listeners.”

KABL plans to air Sunday Showtunes between 10 p.m. and midnight each Sunday. The show officially premieres Nov. 14 but, in theater tradition, will have a preview performance on Nov. 7.

“Bud Wilkinson has brought show tunes back to the radio and we’re proud to join Sunday Showtunes for its second year of national broadcast,” says KABL operations manager Ed Ely. “The show’s a natural addition to KABL’s Sunday night lineup and a great match with our Standards, Swing and Big Band format.”

Sunday Showtunes began as a local show in Phoenix in late 1997 and now airs coast to coast on more than a dozen stations, gaining both critical acclaim and ratings success. “The growth of the program demonstrates the broad appeal of music from musicals,” Wilkinson adds.

Other affiliates include Boston’s WPLM, Denver’s KEZW, Seattle’s KIXI, San Diego’s KFSD and KSPA, Milwaukee’s WOKY and Phoenix’s KMYL. Sunday Showtunes mixes songs with giveaways and occasional interviews.

“We present a wide variety of music — from old favorites such as Camelot, My Fair Lady and The Music Man to new shows and revivals such as The Lion King, Annie Get Your Gun and Chicago,” Wilkinson says.

“We also encourage listeners to send us requests and invite them to visit our web site.”

As the lyrics in West Side Story suggest, “Something’s coming! Something good!” That something is Sunday Showtunes.


The remainder of the AZRADIO.NET/QZVX.COM archive, ending in 2006 could not be found on the old hard drive. R.I.P Phoenix Radio Dial!

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Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of QZVX, former broadcaster at KTOY FM/Tacoma, KVAC/Forks , KDFL/Sumner, KTTX & KWHI FM/Brenham (TX), KONP/Port Angeles, KBAM/Longview, KJUN/Puyallup, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KAMT/Tacoma, KASY/Auburn, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KTAC/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. -- Airchecks
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