I just added a reply to a Comment here on the blog. When I clicked POST COMMENT — it seemed to disappear, it did not post. As an administrator, I could not find my Comment in the system. So, I clicked to go back in my browser pages (page back), to the post and there was my Comment. I hit POST COMMENT again (with vigor) and it posted.
This is driver error, or call it browser error. The issue is with the user, not the blog.
In the future, if your comment doesn’t post:
1. It may have gone to MODERATION, which is normal in many cases and will be reviewed before posting.
2. Browser error– go back in your browser to the blog page you tried to Comment on. Your Comment should still be there, ready to post. Click POST COMMENT again.
3. Don’t see your COMMENT and re-post same COMMENT? That will definitely go to moderation and must be sorted out by the admin.

If your Comment doesn’t post and you page back only to find that your Comment is not there, BROWSER ERROR of the worst kind. I can’t explain it. This is a technical issue – consult the Geek Squad.

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