11 thoughts on “Claire Anderson joins FOX 13 KCPQ

  1. It is wonderful to see Claire Anderson back on the news. She does such a professional job and brings enthusiasm to the weather report. Best of luck, Claire.

  2. So glad to see you are back.
    What is your air time schedule so we can watch your segments?
    Missed watching you while you were in DC.

  3. So glad to see Claire is back. I followed her while she was in DC and on vacation. The is one of the best at her job…Also her looks are at the top. I believe she could become an actress if desired .. Roof is the limit, she has it all.

  4. Hi Claire, we have not met but I used to work with your mom. At the time she was an RN at Enumclaw Memorial ED and I was an EMT for AMR. She used to love my brownies that I would bring in periodically and my wife’s chocolate cookies. This was a small attempt to insure the happiness and cooperation of the overworked staff.
    Glad to see you return to the NW. Hope the people you work with at Fox 13 are as nice as they appear on air.

  5. SO glad to see Claire Anderson back in the Pacific Northwest and on KCPQ FOX 13. Good move – and CONGRATS CLAIRE!!! “Weather Presenters” come and go – but REAL Meteorologists have this thing – especially the one’s who have experience, composure, intellect and good looks.

  6. FOX 13 already has 3 meteorologists plus one “weather reporter.” Adding an additional meteorologist to the mix would make it a tad crowded. Could one soon be saying bye-bye?

    1. -You could say that they were ‘awash’ with this type of reporting: like tagteam water skiing: They’re so professional that they never get their ‘lines crossed!’ Heh, heh, heh. [Water; the Pacific Northwest; adept reporting and a good cross-over in keeping the public interested in, ” What’s behind the boat making those weather waves…and all ! “]

    2. Brian MacMillan is now being referred to and labeled as Chief Meteorologist when he appears doing the weather reports. That position was formerly held by Lisa Villegas. The FOX13 website has not been updated to reflect changes yet.

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