7 thoughts on “Anchor moves from KEZI to KOIN

  1. Now I wish I would have made contact a few months ago when I passed her and another colleague when I was shopping at the grocery! Good luck on your move, Ariel! Always the professional. You have my congratulations. Mary Herman

  2. I miss seeing Ariel. She was a professional reporter.; interacted well with the staff
    She will be missed

  3. Aerial was a good reporter despite what people are reporting. Reliable, honest and truthful
    She will be missed.
    I have to ask why KEZI keeps loosing good honest reporters
    Do they not pay well is it difficult to work there what is going on

    1. Do they not pay well? No, the local media do not pay as well as many people think. Do you think they’re like public employees? Remember LTD employees giving themselves a 40% pay raise. So great for you Ariel. You deserve it.

    1. I have seen her field reports, She is fresh out of journalism school, maybe she will improve over the years.

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