Jason Remington: Airchecks

Lou Robbins (Jason Remington) joined the staff at KBRD FM in 1987. The Beautiful Music station was just down the hall from Tacoma’s KTAC 850. When Bobby Simon left KTAC, Lou Robbins was chosen to take over the morning show at the Soft Rock station. When Entercom management chose to scrap the Beautiful Music FM, switching format to Alternative Rock in 1991, Lou Robbins was asked to stay on, as KTAC began simulcasting the new KMTT “Mountain” sound. Under his real name Jason Remington, he continued a few courses at Pierce College and made the nightly trek to Metropolitan Park West, for an all-niter at the new home of KMTT. All while working full-time daily at AT&T. In 1993, he moved to Phoenix, where he picked up a weekend & fill-in gig at KOOL FM, the heritage Oldies station. The format was based on the personal record collection of programmer Jerry Osborne. Some programs were voice-tracked and syndicated nation-wide, to other stations copying the “KOOL” format and moniker.
It was in Phoenix that Jason Remington began blogging. The site was Phoenix Radio Dial (a history of Phoenix Radio). Upon returning to Washington 15 years later, Remington developed SeaTac Media, a site that became Puget Sound Media and now, QZVX— Yes, the one you are looking at right now. Jason Remington is retired and resides in Olympia, WA. (VICTOR STREDICKE)

Lou Robbins-Bill Ogden KTAC Tacoma May 1990

Lou Robbins-Bill Ogden KTAC Tacoma September 1990

Lou Robbins-Bill Ogden KTAC Tacoma 1990

Celebrity gossip and witty banter from Bill Ogden and Lou Robbins at KTAC Tacoma (4:45)

Lou Robbins and Bill Ogden KTAC includes a Frederick & Nelson spot (4:49)

Lou Robbins and Bill Ogden KTAC It must have been Pet Report day, there is a dog barking outside the KTAC studio (3:15)

Lou Robbins – KMTT Seattle 1991

Lou Robbins – KOOL Phoenix 1995 – 1997