Photos From The Inaugural Radio Conference Call Meet-Up

Overheard at the Radio Meet-Up on Saturday, August 27th, 2022. This just scratches the surface…
John Maynard says Robyn & Maynard show prep took about 5 hours every day! You may know John Maynard as Buzz Lawrence from his days on Spokane area radio stations like KJRB.
You know you are in a room with radio jocks when you hear Nic Scott and Glen Harris. Great story-tellers…Ken Johannessen has enough old broadcast equipment to fill a museum…It was great to finally meet Leonard Barokas who has moved on to a much better job since leaving radio. Congrats!!
Talking Top 40 personality radio gigs with Joe Michaels and what he is up to these days…

The Legend: Victor Stredicke, longtime Seattle Times radio columnist. Did you realize that Victor also wrote the TV listings for the daily paper. I told him I recognized some of the humor and sarcasm in those descriptions…

Ron Erak said his time at KUBE was the most fun. Isn’t FUN one of the main reasons we all got into this business in the first place?

John Sattgast handles all radio broadcast communications for Washington House Republicans, including radio feeds, podcasts, Capitol Buzz Headlines — a weekly radio legislative news roundup and a three-minute produced legislative update program for radio entitled, “Capitol Report.” Talk about the best of both worlds, broadcasting and a government pension!
Jackson Dell Weaver opined on radio transitioning to the web and podcasting. Catch the Media Insultant podcast with Jackson Dell Weaver and Keith Samuels wherever you get your podcasts and at their website, InTown Media.
It was nice to meet some of the wives or girlfriends, and did you know that some disc jockeys have entourages, body guards, and handlers. You will have to attend our next meet-up to find out more. My compliments to Randy Roadz and Paul Thompson for putting the event together.

Back row: Jason Remington, Nic Scott, Ron Erak, Von Williams, ___. Middle row: John Sattgast, Jackson Dell Weaver, Randy Roadz, Glen Harris, Klem Daniels, Paul Thompson, Bryce Thompson. Front row: Ken Johannessen, Jimmy Powers, Ty Rosenow, Bill Wolfenbarger.

Jason Remington, Bill Wolfenbarger, Jackson Dell Weaver.

Glen Harris, John Sattgast, Jimmy Powers, Nic Scott — Jimmy Powers, Glen Harris— Victor Stredicke, ___, Von Williams, Nic Scott

Nic Scott, John Sattgast, Ty Rosenow, Ken Johannessen, Glen Harris, Randy Roadz.

Randy Roadz, Leonard Barokas, Paul Thompson.

Bill Wolfenbarger, Jackson Dell Weaver, Ron Erak, Randy Roadz, Glen Harris, Leonard Barokas, Paul Thompson.

(Back Row) Jason Remington, Paul Thompson, Joe Michaels, Von Williams, ___, Klem Daniels, Nic Scott. (Front Row) Jimmy Powers, Ty Rosenow, Randy Roadz, Ken Johannessen, Glen Harris.

(Back row) Jason Remington, Nic Scott, Ron Erak, Jimmy Powers, ___, Klem Daniels, Von Williams, Paul Thompson, Bryce Thompson. (Middle row) John Sattgast, Jackson Dell Weaver, Randy Roadz, Glen Harris. (Front row) Ken Johannessen, Ty Rosenow, Bill Wolfenbarger, John Maynard/Buzz Lawrence.

Author: Jason Remington

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12 thoughts on “Photos From The Inaugural Radio Conference Call Meet-Up

    1. We hope to see Joe Coburn and many other new faces at next years event. We meet up again Saturday, September 16, 2023.

  1. It was wonderful to meet all these great radio icons of the Pacific Northwest. Thank you, Jason and Randy, for organizing this. I was able to get caught up with three of my longtime radio friends, Ken Johannessen, Nic Scott, and Glen Harris, and meet folks like Bill Wolfenbarger, Ty, Randy, and you. I am humbled and honored to be in this group. See you next year!

    1. I hope so, too. I think, in many ways, Saturday’s meet-up took inspiration from the OFC. My takeaway was that our gathering kept the spirit of the OFC, but cast a wider net. My inclusion in the event is a great example. While I don’t have a history in the Seattle market, I’ve worked in the Puget Sound region for 30 years, and I have connections to some members of the OFC, as well as to others who attended. I look at Saturday’s gathering as the logical evolution of a tradition started by a wonderful group of jocks. I don’t know you all, but I hope to in the months and years to come.

  2. Kudos to all creating and attending, So long overdue. Pandemic catch up with Seafair Airshow , my daughters wedding (finally) and some family priority among August being many days of long hours. See you all for sure next time. Thanks for posting pictures. Such happy smiles!

  3. It was a lot of fun! Lots of great stories to share. Everyone was so welcoming. I look forward to next year’s gathering.

  4. Have you ever had a ‘brush with fame?’ Well, be with us next year when we meet-up again. Radio people are a special breed and I enjoyed yakking it up with everyone.

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