McMahon Leaves KTVL; Former Broadcasters Existing In A Strange New World

Meta (Facebook and associated companies) is laying off 13% of its staff, or more than 11,000 employees, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees Wednesday…Lay-offs at corporate radio will be next. It is the method to their madness…John McMahon, AM Anchor/Reporter for KTVL Medford, OR., has accepted an offer from KGAN 2/Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His final broadcast for KTVL was this morning.

WTH???? Tracy Taylor needs to step up her game. Since leaving KIRO Tv, as terrific traffic reporter, Turner may be falling into the trap many office workers find themselves in. Tracy now works for the City of Kent, and Tv viewers miss her terribly. Tracy Taylor will need to get up an hour earlier or have a dresser/stylist on staff. Less should not be tolerated. We don’t want her going the way of so many, wearing sweat pants to the office, hair in curlers and a net, mustard stains on her I Have A Case Of The Mondays hoodie. Imagining the worst case scenarios, but I have seen it in other offices. This cannot stand! Former 810 KGO/San Francisco, now YouTube podcasters, Mark Thompson and Nikki Medoro, are monetizing their daily programs with what are called Super Chats, which are online donations, anywhere from one dollar upwards. Many donations of $50 or more come through daily, while most are in the range of $2.99-$20. At least Thompson has the backing of tax accountant Steve Moskowitz as a regular sponsor. New territory for radio personalities no longer receiving a paycheck from Cumulus.

Former FOX 13 KCPQ morning anchor, Travis Mayfield, has set some boundaries for behavior in his home to curb tattling, lying and whining. Penalties include chores like dusting and sweeping. In our house, we have found the most effective threat is losing wifi connection. With that, we can go weeks without any upsets. Know their weaknesses.
Madison Macay has been with KRNV 4/Reno, NV., for two years today, as a general reporter. Prior to coming to KRNV, Madison interned at KTVU Fox 2 News in Oakland, California…After more than two years, Kris Hooks leaves CapRadioNews/Sacramento for the Boston Globe…

Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “McMahon Leaves KTVL; Former Broadcasters Existing In A Strange New World

  1. Someone asked…No, Mark Thompson, formerly with KGO is not the Mark Thompson of Mark & Brian fame (KLOS and KSWD The Sound/Los Angeles) — The KGO Mark Thompson previously co-hosted with Tim Conway Jr on KFI Los Angeles, and has worked at KABC, is also a veteran TV news personality, in Denver, Los Angeles and New York, and eight years at San Francisco’s KRON-TV.​

    At this point, he continues his Youtube podcast and drops in on the Conway show on KFI 640.

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