Twitter Brawl Developing Between Brandi Kruse & Jeff Renner

We are not sure what started this, but apparently, former KING 5 Meteorologist Jeff Renner got his undies in a wad over something former FOX 13 News reporter Brandi Kruse Tweeted out. Social media is an outlet that allows the worst in everyone to shine through…

Author: Jason Remington

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9 thoughts on “Twitter Brawl Developing Between Brandi Kruse & Jeff Renner

  1. Brandi is a gift to the people who eat misinformation like candy and regurgitate it on various platforms. That’s what Renner was referencing.

  2. Renner’s snarky remark was uncalled for. I always felt that Renner was a bit of a pompous ass. Brandi didn’t link his response to any particular post of hers. Seems Renner was directly attacking Brandi’s qualifications as a journalist.
    Renner had his time in the spotlight, back in the day. Now, it’s Brandi’s turn.

  3. Just another example of people using social media to shoot arrows at other people, then duck down behind their computer or phone screens. Stuff like this wouldn’t happen face to face. It’s one thing I hate about social media.

  4. The majority of people can no longer accept or tolerate an opinion other than theirs. It’s sad.
    I am glad to have spent the majority of my life not having to deal with the childish behavior of Twitter, Facebook, etc….

    1. At the risk of sounding like a cantankerous old man, we didn’t have micro wave ovens, cable tv, cell phones, computers, Internet or robot-vacuum-cleaners back in my day, and doggone it, we liked it that way!

      1. Actually, microwave ovens were introduced in the early fifties. I watched a demonstration of a Radarange at the Northgate Bon Marche. A comely teenage lass would put a marshmallow in and turn on the juice. The marshmallow would become the size of a cantaloupe. Turn off the power and it would shrink back down but was no longer its original shape. Nobody in my neighborhood had a microwave. They were about $400. That would buy a lot of marshmallows. My dad made maybe $200 a month back then.

        1. The first working video phone was invented/announced in 1930. This at the same time television for home entertainment was being developed. It was not until 1965 that the television phone was perfected to the point that Bell Labs considered taking it to market. The cell phone with video capability was still years away.
          Some things took longer getting to market back then and still longer becoming accepted by the average wage earner.

      2. You or I may be “cantankerous” but the anger of people in the twitter/computer/smartphone world far exceeds my rotary phone days. I doubt people would be so angry and confrontational face to face. Easy to be disrespectful on a keyboard. I try to be mindful of that myself although I am not perfect either.

        I have a 40 year old niece with a facebook feed full of rants, f-bombs, and inappropriate memes. I have suggested to her it will always be there for all to see, employers, family (especially her young kids), insurance companies, divorce attorneys, etc. Leaves me smh as they say.

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