Liz Dueweke, Pin-Ups & Poses – The It Girl

Disclaimer: I may have spent hours, on a Saturday morning, browsing Liz Dueweke’s Instagram. And it was time well spent, I must say.

Liz Dueweke – KCPQ 13
Sizzling hot, Q13 anchor, Liz Dueweke, in a photo from a costume-dinner-party last winter. Or is that Marilyn?

Liz Dueweke – The darker side

Liz Dueweke 1992
A much younger Liz Dueweke gets some camera time

Liz Dueweke and husband Adam Mertz on vacation in… Boise?

Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “Liz Dueweke, Pin-Ups & Poses – The It Girl

  1. Super pretty…but too much makeup!….and I know a few baristas that could give her a run for her money, in the looks department….it is interesting to me, that after nearly 60 years, Marilyn is still considered the iconic standard of feminine beauty…did you know, that Hugh Hefner’s burial site is right next to Marilyn’s?…He paid a lot of money to be there….of course, she helped him to launch his famous magazine in the early 1950s

  2. I believe that real beauty isn’t in a mascara tube. She could get rid of the false eyelashes and at least some of the mascara and still be quite lovely.

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