Brandi Kruse calls out KING 5’s Cornelius Hocker for biased reporting

Best reporting regarding the not-so-peaceful protests at UW and the PNW regarding pro-palestine vs Jewish factions: Brandi Kruse and Jonathan Choe.
Brandi Kruse says: “News outlets that ignore violence in their coverage of protests are making a CHOICE to ignore it. It’s a choice that robs viewers and readers of a complete picture and, in Seattle, emboldens the same extremists who have assaulted countless journalists over the past decade.”

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Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Brandi Kruse calls out KING 5’s Cornelius Hocker for biased reporting

  1. King use to have the best news crews for years. They are pure garbage now. Will not watch at all anymore. There is a reason everybody calls them Woke5 news.


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  3. As a person who worked under the shadow of KING for 11 years. I saw the best. most authoritative, well-sourced, versatile reporters around every single day. Now, there is no reporter at K5 that I could confidently send to cover a big story like the one unfolding at UW. They just are not mature enough, informed enough or talented enough. I would have temporarily assigned the Investigators team to this entire situation, to get the best intelligent coverage, or moved Drew Mikkleson from the south bureau for awhile. IMHO Gotta match up the reporters with the powerful content.

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