UPDATE: Ali Bradley Quits Q13

Expect Q13 to have at least one segment focusing on #MentalHealthMatters

Where am I?!

I have been away for a couple weeks, and will be for a couple more. I felt you guys deserved to know what was going on 💕 Thank you got the continued love and support!

➡️ I need to add to this — I didn’t talk about @jennyblue63 role in my journey because it makes me cry (yes, even more) but my mom has been my rock through this entire thing *tearing up* From the day I temporarily moved in with her last year, until today (I just dropped her off at her house) she has called or texted every single day. She comes over and stays the night with me weekly… We meet up after my counseling, we go see my grandpa (those moments are gold), we go on long walks together, we sit and binge Dexter…
She stays with my dogs when I need to go turn everything off (all responsibility)… She calls me when she doesn’t hear back from me… Sometimes I worry her.
Since last year, she has soaked up every tear and listened to every story… I’m so beyond grateful for my mother. I thank God for *this part of the journey— I have so many new memories with my mom.


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36 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ali Bradley Quits Q13

  1. I miss seeing your smile and your great personality on Q13. The show isn’t the same without you. Good luck in your future pursuits.

  2. I believe that there is no one issue….and I also believe it is generally internal: in mind and body chemistry; NOT external: single mom pressure, station micro management, etc. External can exaserbate, but not cause. There are wonderful programs for dealing with these kind of issues….please seek them out. There is one here in the PNW called The Center – A place of Hope…..all those with debilitating mental health issues should check it out….and others in Washington State and across the nation. Depending on severity, there are effective anti-depressants, but therapy should be included. Been there, done that……Not easy, but very possible to overcome given all the above and time.
    Patience and dedication and the proper medications and therapy. Believe!! Hearts and hugs to Ali and her family.

    1. As one who suffers from severe depression I respectfully disagree that it is a physical problem. It could be a chemical unbalance.

      Also the first word you describe her is “beautiful.” I find that disappointing that you believe only non-beautiful people suffer from depression.

      Do you suffer from depression? It can be debilitating. Thankfully I am on medications that help me keep an even keel.

      Also I didn’t appreciate the opinion of that poster (not you) that the first way to describe her as “beautiful “. I assume he meant that beauty challenged people are the only ones who suffer from depression.

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