(May 2021) Former KOMO News Anchor Bill Brubaker Passes

(MAY 2021) ——- From KOMO:

Former KOMO News anchor Bill Brubaker, who spent over two decades at the station as one of the main on-air talent, died this weekend. his family members said Monday. He was 85.

Brubaker’s daughter, Terri-Ann Brubaker, said he died peacefully in the hospital Sunday while surrounded by relatives. She did not immediately disclose the cause of death for her father.

Brubaker grew up in Spokane and graduated from Washington State University.

He arrived at KOMO News in the 1960s, working at the station during the 1970s and 1980s.

Brubaker shared the KOMO News anchor desk with Bruce King and Ray Ramsey.

Bill Brubaker served as a member of the Snohomish County Council and also worked as an assistant secretary of transportation for Washington state.

In June 2000, he was inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Silver Circle.

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “(May 2021) Former KOMO News Anchor Bill Brubaker Passes

  1. Brubaker was also a Naval Reservist in the late 60s and 70s…I was too!…and I was shocked a little, to see a local TV guy being an officer in our unit, which met down by the South end of Lake Union.

  2. ***Captain Mickey’s Quiz Time—- Besides Ray Ramsey, who were the co-anchors seen in this video with Bill Brubaker?

  3. I also have realized that Bill looked, and even sounded like, a not-so-funny version of of Bob Newhart!…and he certainly mastered the art of the “combover” hairstyle…I also had that in common with him. and like him, I eventually gave up on that. In my case, not liking that Conservative look, I grew what was left of my hair, and wore a headband–something Bill would never have done!

  4. He will certainly be missed – I remember him from way back, and remember his voice introducing movies in the afternoons and making the weather forecast enjoyable. As someone who has lived in this area for over 50 years, Steve Pool was constant – a smile was always ready for all of us. You will truly be missed

  5. Many years ago my youngest brother asked Mr Pool for an interview. My brother had some mental challenges that were obvious most likely to Steve, but he took the time to answer questions with my brothers tape recorder running. My brother was most proud of his taped interview. What a fine gentleman

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