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8 thoughts on “Matt Rogers Explains Job Loss & Divorce Situation

  1. Not sure why people want to air issues in their personal lives so publicly but I guess it may be a generational thing.
    I wish him well.

    1. Those born after 1965. Cameras make them dizzy. Me Me ME! All about me. Pay attention…to ME. I blame social media for feeding that monster and the cameras on phones.

      1. What is this, a resume tape?

        I think I missed the part where he explained his job loss. Oh, because he’s the first radio-tv superstar of such magnitude that ever got booted out the door? That’s the headline?

        And whatever’s going on in his marriage, may he find the humility to keep it to himself.

      1. air one’s dirty laundry in public
        If you say that someone airs their dirty laundry in public, you disapprove of their discussing or arguing about unpleasant or private things in front of other people. There are several other forms of this expression, for example wash your dirty linen in public, or wash your dirty laundry in public.
        Just my opinion.

  2. My wife and I visited the Grand Canyon last November. We were up early to watch the sunrise at the South Rim. Quite a crowd had gathered. We were among the very few that were actually facing the horizon. Most people had their backs turned with smart phones doing the selfie thing. It was strange and yet amusing to us. The sunrise was spectacular 🙂

  3. May the Big Man upstairs guide you through these tough times. He.
    Trust and Faith will make times like these smoother.
    God Bless You and your family Matt.
    Prayers are with you.

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