KHQ Anchor, Matt Rogers, Speaks After Being Fired

Matt Rogers, news anchor at KHQ/Spokane, has been fired.

(See his video message here)

Matt Rogers joined the KHQ news team in 1997. Matt is a 1996 graduate of Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Matt’s first TV job was at a CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho, where Matt was a news photojournalist.

He became a news photojournalist with KHQ in the Fall of 1997. In 1998, Matt became the KHQ Local News Today “Action Cam”. In February of 2009, Matt’s position at KHQ evolved once again, when he was offered the opportunity to cover Sports.

Author: Jason Remington

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81 thoughts on “KHQ Anchor, Matt Rogers, Speaks After Being Fired

  1. History beat you to the show on that one. There has been a group called Overeaters Annonymous or OA for at least 35 years. It is rooted in AA. And there are similar addiction groups that use the same plan. I do not know them all. But there’s Gambler’s Annonymous, Sex (addicts) Annonymous, and groups for those dealing with narcotics and drugs. As with AA, results are great for some people and not so good for others,

    1. Strange that OA is not that well known. People should be made aware of this. Good to know there is such an organization.

    2. OA has been in existence for over 45-yrs (at least in the Puget Sound area … my sister use to attend). Good program, but for some it works, some not so much. Overeating is a very difficult addiction. Part of the reason is that you have to eat to live. Not so for other addictions. I know!

  2. Well good luck to him. These type of issues are not easily solved. Only a small percentage stay sober. But it is worth the attempt.

  3. According to Matt Rogers, he is an alcoholic, fell off the wagon last October, went through the loss of his job, a divorce, and recently ended up in the ICU after a drinking binge on his birthday. He has no remembrance of how the accident happened. He vows to stop. That video here:

    1. I just now read the paragraph about Matt Rogers recent life. I loved him on Good Day several years ago. We are fellow Cashmere WA people and we support each other always. Matt, every day is a blessing, ups and downs, good and bad. Blessings.

  4. We love matt and kjerstin!!what happened!?you guys keep doing your thing-you are AWESOME!👍❤

  5. I miss Matt Rogers and I remember him doing action cam and then going to good day! Khq messed up when they fired him!I hope to see him on kxly or krem! Good luck to you Matt and hope to see you on the air soon!

  6. Matt and Kjerstin were my morning wake me up. Stormy tries but not the same. Without knowing why i hope Matt can sue Good Day. No news on why or where the 2 have gone. Changed the channel.

  7. Its almost Christmas am wondering if Matt is doing ok. We live in Hermiston, Oregon. We watched him and Kerstin every morning. Good family fun.I hate Fox. Held our cable company last winter took off certain shows. Merry Christmas to you too.You’ll land on you feet.

  8. I felt the same, like a good brother/sister rivalry. Not the same now. Together they made a great team. I don’t know the details. But it seems like a mistake to me.

  9. I was so excited to find Matt and Kjerstin on TV after moving to Walla Walla from the west side. They were very refreshing,had great chemistry and weren’t uptight like all the Seattle stations. Need to find a new local station I guess.

  10. In a time like this i always looked forward to Matt n Kristin in the morning..if it was bad news they seemed to be empathetic and at least made it bearable..
    You want st r ike professionals..take it to top 5 markets..they’re all miserable people.

  11. I absolutely can’t believe Matt is gone, it was hard to see George leave that was there forever! Then Sean is to gone from the early show! I do love to see all the new early show! But what r you guys doing messing th I be up?

    1. We agree, but remember the early show is an NBC affilate and anything related to NBC is anti-American and far left!

  12. Well, my wife and I sure miss Matt and Kjirsten. And while we haven’t found another station to watch, we certainly aren’t watching Fox anymore. As far as we’re concerned what they did was absolutely wrong. Those two had a fun, almost sibling relationship that made them both quirky and entertaining. They were both professional while being human. We absolutely do miss them.

  13. Interesting reading the comments supporting Matt. And he is a very good journalist and was fun to watch in the mornings. However now the anchors have changed Fox will continue to have ok numbers in the mornings. BTW They just added a new female anchor and it’s gonna take her a while to settle in. 😳😁
    Because truthfully their only local competition on broadcast is the CBS station in town and their morning crew is so so. Unless you want to watch the national talking heads/mouths. 😟

  14. What the heck is the matter with you KLEW? You ruined the show when you fired Kjersten! We loved her bubbly personality and beautiful smile. She and Matt made a good team as she keep it light and always interesting! “Fight On” Kjersten!!! KLEW just turned into a dump! Sorry Majestic you’re a doll but, they’ll knock you off too!

  15. So sad loved Matt Rogers!! What on earth did Matt do to get fired?? They were so fun to watch in the morning! The new brown hair girl bugs me for some reason! The one that does the weather and sometimes the news not the blonde, the short brown hair girl! She is so annoying!!!!

  16. Since Matt Rogers has been fired, none of my family watch Good Day. It has turned into a joke. If it was not bad enough that Kjerstin was fired or left, but now Matt. It has become a show with no personality

  17. How sad, Matt Rogers was the only reason we were staying with KHQ he & Kjerstin were a great team & have been much missed. Now with Matt gone we no will longer watch KHQ or KAYU. What a delightful young man; maybe you should looking into a change with your evening people.

  18. How sad, Matt and Kjerstin were a great team and have been much missed. I no longer watch KHQ or KAYU. They didn’t turn every news story into an editorial. They can’t be replaced, you stations messed up!!

  19. I loved watching Matt and Kjerstin, in the mornings, we don’t watch national new. I hate the new people on the mornings.
    Especially the one who does the weather. She speaks so squeaky and fast a person can’t hear her. We won’t be watching.

  20. For what it’s worth, here is my comment in regards to Matt and Kjerstin leaving Good Day Spokane.
    Once I discovered this energetic twosome, I was hooked. I find myself waking up earlier just to watch n listen to them on Good Day Spokane. They were so compatible plus there was a freshness about them which made for a great fit. I found their playfulness an affection was a wonderful start to my day.
    I understand that Kjerstin moved, and Matt well,, will we ever know the truth of why this dynamics twosome are now gone? Sad to say the stations ratings are probably way down, that’s why I no longer watch this program.

  21. We always looked forward to seeing and hearing from Matt and Kjersten in the morning. Its sad that people who brighten up your day with a smile has been fired. we will not be watching this news channel in the mornings. . Bring them back

  22. I am so dumb founded by this news. I was wondering what happened to Matt and just learned, thanks to google, he’s been fired. Why? He was real and the most authentic guy on the show. He will be missed. I loved the guy and have been watching him for years. Fox and Q 6 you got this one all wrong. Matt I hope you will see this and hope you will land in a place that will appreciate you and your talent. You will be missed.

  23. My husband and I look forward to watching Good Day. Matt Rogers is a good journalist and he and Majestic were a good team. They both do their jobs professionally yet are fun and personable. When you have personalities that work well together and relate so well to all age groups you don’t destroy it. We don’t know what happened but you need to know how much Matt was appreciated by his audience. Good Day gave us the news for Tri-Cities as well as most of the Inland Empire. We have family and friends over the State and with viewing one program we were informed of news and weather for the day. Matt is a journalist in the real meaning of the word. Losing Matt is just one more disappointment in this crazy year.
    We will tune in for Majestic and not watch the rest of the segment.
    What were you thinking in letting Matt go?

  24. Matt Rogers was my Good Morning bite of reality to start every day with energy, knowledge, and keep in touch with Spokane. No longer watching Fox, they lost a good man when Matt Rogers walked out of their doors. Matt best of luck and incredible life ahead!!! Thank you for all the years of hard work and honest reporting and sharing your life. God Bless you and your family.

  25. You said good-bye to Matt and Kjersten, so now after 50 years of watching KHQ, we are saying good-bye to KHQ. Matt and Kjersten were a cheerful way to wake-up with my cup of coffee in the morning. Stormy is the only one left to enjoy. On to KXLY. 😢

  26. We, my wife and I, are completely shocked. We had been waiting for Matt to return, thinking he was on vacation doing something fun and now we find out he’s been fired. Dumb move khq, oh yes, they are an nbc affiliate, far left and in the hole. Shouldn’t be a surprise.
    Matt made our mornings. We would switch from our local news in the Tri-cities, which at that time was going to National morning shows, to our channel 11 Fox and watch Matt every morning! We still watch, but not long. The two girls aren’t bad, but their not Matt. He was the draw! Again dumb move nbc(khq) small letters on purpose.

  27. We also are Tri-cities people who would switch from our local stations to watch Matt. Stupid move from khq, small letters on purpose.

  28. I agree with the others: No Matt, we will be watching KREM for our local news. They are thorough & professionals. It’s hard to believe we won’t have our great line up for our news on Fox 28. But life goes on…..without our friends.

  29. I was wondered what happened to Matt, KHQ have you lost your mind!!!!???? Matt WAS the morning show quarterback for this station, don’t know what he did don’t care, I live in the Tri-Cities and would tune in everyday because it was a tell it like it is, report the facts and move on. News is new and I think Matt did it as good as you could do it. Well, hate to see him go I think your (KHQ) will suffer a great deal with letting him go. Everyone I have told to check out KHQ morning weekday news show loved it and everyone I told that KHQ fired Matt said they are switching stations. WAY TO GO KHQ!!! Maybe management will be on the chopping block next for such a dumb move! I hope.

  30. Well KHQ, bad move. You should let that annoying Majestic Storm go. She needs to grow up and get over herself. My 4 year old granddaughter is more mature.

    1. We completely agree! He was apart of our morning every morning! What’s wrong with KHQ? Oh, yes, it’s nbc an affiliate .

  31. Matt Rogers was the only reason to watch this show. Not the liberal biased crap on KHQ. He brought a middle of the road manner that was friendly and on point.
    No more will I watch KHQ or the fox morning show. I will look forward to finding and following Matt’s journey.

  32. Matt and kjersten we’re the only reason we watched the morning news… a more local station would have been the logical choice, but their professionalism and chemistry won out to more local news. The station management should know their audience is not a bunch of 20-somethings, but are more mature in age who do not appreciate giggling barely past their teen age girls playing trusted news casters. No offence, both curruent gals would do great hosting MTV or another show aimed at barely college age audience. I will watch KIMA from now on.

    I found Matt Rogers to be a bright spot on the Fox News rotation. I too wonder what truly happened. he spoke against some of the health districts mandates and that may have gotten him in hot water with management. By the way management is KHQ TV. not Fox. For the most part. Fox contracts with KHQ to provide news for them. Curious…in having 2 of their anchors leave being replaced with someone who has very little experience, it’s a way for the company to save money. cost cutting is job one for administrations now. I don’t watch Fox in the mornings now because Matt is gone. He was able to go from serious read to light-hearted conversation. He’ll be miss. Please keep us posted as to his where abouts.

  34. Seriously have you had one positive reaction to fireing Matt or Kiersten? Hope they both show up on your competitors channels and drop your ratings off the chart!

  35. What in the world is going on – are the owners of this station nuts? Or could it be that Matt wouldn’t simply goose-step into the station owner’s goal of subverting simple truth in order to further their agendas?

    Seriously, when the majority of news reporters and commentators today are so clearly twisted into distorting the truth by the big money propagandizers, Matt Rogers was one of last the bastions of honesty and integrity to whom we could look.., a virtually-solitary voice in whom we could trust – that breath of clean-fresh air that we all so appreciated. Ah yes, perhaps that’s it. So, if you’re an honest guy or gal trying to share the simple truth then watch out, because they’re coming for you next.

    Matt Rogers for Governor! (I’m just sayin)

  36. Kjerstin Bell was the lovely and lively morning anchor who like Matt disappeared without notice from her or a single word from the station. For a few days they carried on a charade, saying that she was taking the day off, lying to our faces. Eventually they just stopped saying anything. Matt and Kjerstin had real chemistry, they were fun to watch. Now they did the same thing to Matt, pretending that he was just taking a few days off, but after a while not saying anything at all. KHQ eviscerated their morning show- the remaining personalities have no chemistry, the humor is forced, their news delivery wooden. KHQ has lost my trust.

    1. Funny how we all have a different take on TV personalities. I literally stopped watching KHQ quite a few years ago (after being a decades- long fan) because of Bell. In my view, she was too quirky and fluffy to do the prime-time news and didn’t inspire any serious confidence in viewers. KHQ stood by her much longer than I thought they ever would. She seemed to find her place on the morning broadcast. The light news and fluff suited her very well and she was an excellent partner for Matt Rogers. I wish them both well, but it doesn’t surprise me that they have been replaced.

  37. We kept wondering, “Where is Matt?” Shocking that the fools at KHQ fired him! He was the only bright star on that program.

  38. Matt

    You are THE ONLY REASON we watch any Fox Spokane.
    Over the last 3 years their hiring of all the “teeny bops” straight out of college is a joke and a reflection on the station and its management! REMEMBER, they are CHEAP talent to get the job(CRAPPY) done.
    For the station (which is deteriorating) its dollars and no sense!

    The station is now so leftist leaning is losing almost all of North Idaho’s residents,

    With you gone, we will listen to good music in the am, and get real news(not skewed) off twitter and Parlor.

    You will be fine! God sometimes gives you a love letter in a black envelope! You will be be much better in a new position elsewhere!

    Good Luck! You will be fine… Come on over to Idaho! I think you belong here

    Craig and Deb

  39. Oh My God, Matt…I was shocked to hear this news. You will be missed so so much!!! looked forward to watching you on the daily morning show with the normal crew fox/28. With all the changes going on such a poor time to have to face this. I doubt I will watch it again, channel 6 is my new not so favorite channel. They have been well known for letting folks go for no apparent reason….If I were the staff there now I sure would be watching my back. Sometimes things happen for a reason and you will end up better off in the long run….First off more family time!
    Sending Hugs and all good wishes!!!

  40. Matt, you will be missed. I have followed you from the beginning. Hope you continue doing what you love. I was sorry to hear you are no longer reporting on the city I love. My best to you

  41. Without knowing the details – there’s just no possible way to know how to react to this. It has however been interesting to watch people – not on this site, but a couple others – project all their baggage onto this as they theorize as to the reason.

  42. Didn’t Rogers’s news partner Kjerstin Bell also leave the station recently?

    I don’t know if anyone takes local TV seriously anymore–

    1. Based on readers’ Google searches, local TV meteorologists are the center of attention. These posts get the most comments.

      1. KHQ has precisely ZERO merterologoists on staff. All their weathercasters are communications majors or former beauty queens. I have told them for years they need to hire professionals and they won’t.

  43. Without knowing if there was any shift in management, it hard to know what might have brought about his release from the station. This is a business of personalities … I’ve see more than one person in this industry, who’s good at their job, get the ax simply because some new management person doesn’t like the sound of their voice (or whatever) … so they come up with some wacko reason to give them the pink slip that just enough to make it past EOE. Speculation could go on forever!

      1. I feel that Newscasters should always leave their own opinions out of their reporting…and their employers should never force their political slant on the employees…I cannot tell what really happened here, but it sounds like someone did not remain neutral, while on the air. Then again, I never have really understood the fascination that locals develop over newscasters…they are not Hollywood stars!

        1. Hollywood stars, as well as sports stars and politicians, don’t deserve cultish worship either.

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