KHQ Anchor, Matt Rogers, Speaks After Being Fired

Matt Rogers, news anchor at KHQ/Spokane, has been fired.

(See his video message here)

Matt Rogers joined the KHQ news team in 1997. Matt is a 1996 graduate of Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Matt’s first TV job was at a CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho, where Matt was a news photojournalist.

He became a news photojournalist with KHQ in the Fall of 1997. In 1998, Matt became the KHQ Local News Today “Action Cam”. In February of 2009, Matt’s position at KHQ evolved once again, when he was offered the opportunity to cover Sports.

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Author: Jason Remington

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84 thoughts on “KHQ Anchor, Matt Rogers, Speaks After Being Fired

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    1. Strange that OA is not that well known. People should be made aware of this. Good to know there is such an organization.

    2. OA has been in existence for over 45-yrs (at least in the Puget Sound area … my sister use to attend). Good program, but for some it works, some not so much. Overeating is a very difficult addiction. Part of the reason is that you have to eat to live. Not so for other addictions. I know!

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