Found Performance: “I’ll Never Find Another You” – The Seekers

Earlier I posted a Found Performance featuring that bright and uptempo sixties era Australian folk/pop group The Seekers. It was a hometown, Melbourne show, where they sang their big hit “Georgy Girl” (WATCH HERE). This next video “I’ll Never Find Another You” appears to have been filmed during a recording session. You’ll see lots of vintage studio equipment.

“I’ll Never Find Another You,” written by Tom Springfield (Dusty Springfield’s brother) was released in 1964 and it reached #1 in the UK in Feb. ’65. Across the pond in the US it was also big, peaking at #4 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the Easy Listening charts at Billboard Mag. The Seekers received considerable radio airplay — selling more than 50 million records world-wide. Other Seekers’ singles, in addition to this one and “Georgy Girl,” included “A World of Our Own,” “Morningtown Ride,” “Someday, One Day,” and “The Carnival Is Over.” The female lead, Judith Durham, had a mesmerizing voice you just had to pay attention to.

The best-known configuration of the group was Judith on vocals, piano, and tambourine; Athol Guy on double bass and vocals; Keith Potger on twelve-string guitar, banjo, and vocals; and Bruce Woodley on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and vocals.

I suspect that, like me, radio folks far and wide will enjoy this outstanding performance and find the background setting interesting and nostalgic. The video is at Vimeo. Click once to get to Vimeo, and a second time to start the Vimeo player.

Author: Steven L. Smith

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3 thoughts on “Found Performance: “I’ll Never Find Another You” – The Seekers

  1. I see that Judith Durham, the lead vocalist (with the shimmering soprano voice) of The Seekers, died on Friday (8/5/22) in a hospital in Melbourne. She was 79 years old and her death was caused by bronchiectasis, a lung disease she had a battle since childhood. This talented Australian folk-pop group really had stunning harmonies!

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