Robin Anderson Exits The Men’s Room (KISW)

It only took a worldwide pandemic and the subsequent economic pitfall, but my time in radio has found its finale. As of June 11th, I no longer get to be a part of The Mens Room. Let me first note that the guys had nothing to do with this decision, in fact, we’ve very much been in touch and are collectively working our way through this blow. It was sudden, still feels surreal and I like to think I miss them almost as much as they miss me on the team (I brought snacks and managed our condiment inventory, after all ☺️)

Just 2 months short of a solid 16 year on-air run (my OCD will never forgive that), but an absolute lifetime of memories ranging from exhausting to exhilarating. It’s actually 20 years in all, but let’s not date ourselves, huh? I feel so fortunate that this career has gifted me friends all over the country, but most of all, it led me to Seattle where I not only met the love of my life, but got to work with the best crew imaginable. These four guys have built an empire here and I’m so grateful to have been the point guard for their national and local success, even if my time there feels to have been mUch too short. Keep supporting them if you already listened or if you haven’t yet given their brand a shot, DO it..and of course, the other stations in the same building. The people I got to befriend there continue to work their asses off and deserve all the credit possible. But hey I’m more than a little biased 🙂

Thanks for the kind messages from colleagues and listeners alike. I’m still grappling with just how deep my ‘I miss you’ goes for these people and this industry. I feel like this is the part where Boyz II Men slowly fades in with “End of the Road” and we all cry into our beers. Am I close?

I think the guys do a hell of a job covering how we all feel in the clip below.

Sidenote – if your company is looking for someone to elevate a brand or product on a digital front, call me.

Posted by Robin Anderson on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Author: Jason Remington

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