Promoted: From weather reporter to news anchor; Destination KCPQ

As mentioned in comments on a previous post, Erin Mayovsky has been named as an anchor for Good Day Seattle on FOX 13 KCPQ. Previously, the KCPQ meteorologist had been a sports reporter at KOMO 4.

KCPQ 13 seems to be the go-to for anchors/reporters from other Seattle stations, after failed contract talks, no upward mobility or dissatisfaction with wages. Recent additions at KCPQ 13 include Lauren Donovan from KIRO 7 and Claire Anderson, recently returned from WTTG/Washington, DC.

General Manager, Sheila Oliver, left KCPQ 13 in July for FOX Chicago WFLD. Oliver had been GM at FOX 13 for just over 2 years. Her replacement, Amber Eikel, previously with KTVU-KICU – FOX/ San Francisco, was named senior vice president and general manager at KCPQ and KZJO in August.

Eikel received a bad rap from San Francisco TV blogger, Rich Lieberman (415 Media), but then again, who hasn’t? Lieberman wrote, “KTVU morale is the WORST its ever been under Eikel’s rule and was getting worse.”… (and) “Aikel’s (sp) position has come under more scrutiny, from both her boss at KTVU and from parent Fox News corporate, which will send to Oakland to investigate the current working climate inside the newsroom and beyond. The investigation, while not binding in scope, will nevertheeless explore the working conditions and overall work atmosphere at KTVU and Eikel’s particular managing style–its flaws and growing indifference and complaints from a broad portion of the workforce at the station.”

Maybe that was just a bunch of hot air, delivered Lieberman-style, along with the usual grammar and spelling flubs. How bad can it be at KCPQ with Eikel in charge? Anchors and reporters seem to be flocking to the Seattle tv station. Too early to tell, maybe. At this point in time, it seems there is a new Home Team in town, and it’s FOX 13 KCPQ.

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Promoted: From weather reporter to news anchor; Destination KCPQ

  1. Watched her on both Q13 and KOMO. She did both sports and weather along with occasional anchoring. Versatile and did a good job at each.

  2. Interesting. I noticed that Michelle Millman (KIRO mornings) hasn’t been on air and her bio was scrubbed from the website and no tribute videos found. My assumption was that she was going to take over at Fox13. Any intel?

    1. Michelle would be a strong addition to an already outstanding crew at FOX 13. KCPQ seems to be building an unbeatable team and Michelle Millman would certainly be a welcome member of that team.

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