KIRO FM names Stine, O’Neill, and Skorheim to midday and night slots

The KIRO midday show will now have Jack Stine & Spike O’Neill as permanent hosts. The decision comes after a long search and various guest host try-outs. Previous midday host Dori Monson died in 2022. Spike O’Neill is a veteran radio host, co-host of the Bob Rivers morning show on KISW, KJR and KZOK for many years. Stine joined KIRO in 2020, taking over as KIRO Nights host in 2021.
New host of KIRO Nights is Jake Skorheim, a recent addition to the KIRO lineup.

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “KIRO FM names Stine, O’Neill, and Skorheim to midday and night slots

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  2. Larry has it right. They’re BOTH terrible – ESPECIALLY the WILD LAUGHING AT NOTHINGNESS. They’re both neophytes with THIN veneer and they’re just not going to be a replacement for Dori Monson. The ONLY time I tune in to KIRO 97.3 FM these days is to catch the CBS lying news about the ‘new’ so-called COVID variants from the so-called experts, when it’s the JABS that have been killing people left and right. The media is totally complicit in the crimes of murder, as described by Dr. David Martin whom you can watch on YouTube, Bitchute and other platforms. Enuff already of the BS. Oh, I forgot. I also listen from time to time to John Curley and Dave Ross, but the rest is just filler.

  3. First impressions of the new KIRO line-up: I agree, Stine seems to lean Left when paired with Spike. Stine was OK alone in KIRO Nights, where it seemed he was more Conservative in his views. I like Jake and agree that he would have been a better choice as midday co-host.

  4. I’m not sure Stine will be. Pretty socially liberal and makes his history of drug use a recurring topic.

    I’d say a better pairing would have been O’Neill and Skorheim. Honor the legacy with his long time producer, and more ideological variance between those two.

    Stine’s obviously very intelligent but has got to stop making the show about himself, and give his co-host who has the greater history in Seattle radio, the chance to lead a bit. I’m surprised they put Stine’s name on the show first.

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