Standard General-Tegna Merger Details Regarding Personnel Changes

(Broadcasting & Cable) The Federal Communications Commission is currently on day 246 of its unofficial 180-day shot clock for vetting mergers. In a letter to the FCC Friday (December 23), a copy of which was supplied to Broadcasting + Cable, the company committed to no journalism or newsroom layoffs for at least two years after the merger is approved and closes. (This is the Tegna merger which would affect members of the KING 5 Home Team if the deal is approved.) And given the concerns from unions — some of which have challenged the deal — about jobs, the company also told the FCC that Tegna would “recognize each of the labor unions currently covered by a collective bargaining agreement with Tegna as the exclusive collective bargaining representatives of those bargaining unit employees,” collective bargaining agreements Standard General said it would require Tegna to honor.

Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “Standard General-Tegna Merger Details Regarding Personnel Changes

  1. I don’t understand how everyone didn’t get fired since it should be general knowledge the ratings are a load of crap.
    No way they are even this good anymore. No way.
    Not with 500 channels and 25 AC stations per city and endless downloading and streaming everywhere.
    No way.

  2. I am sure the revolving door will continue at KING5 regardless of who the owner is. Rich Mariott should be safe for a few more however.

    1. If they don’t buy him out at some point, I have a feeling Rich Marriott will be there until he’s in the Dick Goddard/Woodie Assaf league of weathermen that worked into their 80s. That’s also assuming that KING will still be a going business concern in 10 years!

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