KGB 760 & XTRA 1360/San Diego Switch Frequencies Tonight

iHeart flips these two stations at midnight.

“760 AM is moving to 1360 AM, where it will now be home to The Patriot 1360 AM on Thursday, September 1. The Patriot 1360 AM will bring True American Values to San Diego listeners with a lineup of nationally renowned, conservative talk shows.”

“We’re excited to announce that starting on September 1, XTRA 1360 will move from its current position at 1360 AM to 760 AM where it will become San Diego Sports 760! San Diego Sports 760 will feature the same lineup that listeners were accustomed to on XTRA 1360, now with a vastly greater reach.”

Author: Jason Remington

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12 thoughts on “KGB 760 & XTRA 1360/San Diego Switch Frequencies Tonight

    1. WRONG … there are HUNDREDS of references and websites that STILL called 760AM KFMB since 2020, EVEN iHeart Radio web pages!

  1. How IRONIC …. the “Conservative” broadcasters that have been on San Diego (physically based Station and Antenna) on KFMB/KGB 760AM, will NOW be broadcasting from a Frequency that’s Transmitter and antenna in MEXICO!! Yes, that’s RIGHT (pun), 1360AM “Xtra” now The Patriot (Mexican Patriot?) has ALWAYS BEEN in Mexico! The Once Music then Sports XTRA 1360 has never been a K____ call sign radio station, because MEXICAN stations can’t use K___ or W___ call signs, even if they are owned by a American (iHeart) Corportation.

  2. When 93.3 KUBE flipped to branding as KJR, while those call letters legally stood at 95.7 FM, it was another example of branding confusion.
    In McCleary (branded as Olympia on air) KYYO-HD2 brands as KGY.
    Nothing is really as it seems. We are all part of the Matrix.

  3. How to ask Alexa to get 760 San Diego Sports. Before you just said Alexa play xtra 1360 San Diego Sports, and it came on. It doesn’t with the new 760, on Alexa.

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