Radio raps TV

August 1961 – C.J. Skreen-Seattle Times
Television is receiving its lumps this week, in a familiar quarter–radio.
In a small-scale counterpart to The Times’ Gallup Poll, KXA–”the good music station”–began conducting a weekly poll on issues of the day, ranging from Jacqueline Kennedy’s hair-do to the resumption of nuclear testing.
As a starter this week, Art Primm, veteran newscaster, asked listeners to answer the question: “What is the effect of television on your children–good or bad?”
As might be expected in the present climate, 77.9% of those who responded by letter described TV as a bad influence; 4.7% regarded it as good and the remainder was divided.
Primm said the letter writers were “adamant”–if nothing else–in their opinions and that “most-intelligent” responses came from those in the divided group.
These letters rapped lack of parental supervision and use of TV as a baby-sitter. Although network programs aimed at children came in for brickbats, the local shows for youngsters received considerable praise.
KXA plans to continue its poll-taking activities each week, announcing results on hourly newscasts and reading excerpts from letters that are deemed more than ordinarily provocative. Next week’s question: “Berlin–war or peace?”
Local television stations, noting that the video medium bore the brunt of the first poll, may strike back by asking viewers: “Is radio a menace to society?”

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