STUDIO 13, A Studio, A Program & So Much More!

Mireya Garcia
Brian Flores begins his GOOD DAY SEATTLE weekday morning news anchor duties August 1st. He will co-anchor with Mireya Garcia from 4:30a-6a. Liz Dueweke and Bill Wixey take over from 6a-9a. Mireya Garcia and Bill Wixey anchor the 9a-10a segment. But wait there’s more! Liz Dueweke & Brian Flores will co-host the new STUDIO 13 segment of the FOX 13 morning news block which begins on September 12th, 10a-11a. FOX 13 will debut a new studio, now under construction, which will actually be dubbed Studio 13. Imagine a world where celebrity stories, TMZ-style gossip, lifestyle stories, plus food and fashion segments are produced. That is STUDIO 13, the show! (I’m so freakin’ excited!) Brian MacMillan continues as weather reporter and Adam Gehrke reports on traffic for GOOD DAY SEATTLE.
Set a reminder on your Apple watch or just say “Alexa, set a reminder to watch STUDIO 13 on FOX 13 September 12th.”
I’m doing both, I don’t want to miss a hot minute of all this tv news action.
Mireya Garcia comes to FOX 13 from FOX 25 in Oklahoma City. Prior to that Mireya worked at a station in Colorado Springs. FOX 13 adds Laura Freeman as a producer of the GOOD DAY SEATTLE news. Freeman comes from KFBB-KHBB the ABC/FOX combo covering Missoula, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena and all of Montana.
Cue the confetti!
Your Saturday night news on FOX 13 @ 5/6/9/10/11PM is covered by Matthew Smith & Hana Kim, with Lisa Villegas weather reports.

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Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “STUDIO 13, A Studio, A Program & So Much More!

  1. I too am SO excited…and thrilled…and over the moom! This is lifechanging! Jeeezzzz!

    This is just a way to add inventory for the tsunami of political advertising that has come to be the support for local televsion, though I do give them credit for trying to be local. They’d be better off IMHO by just running a continious full day of news and blending different elements in on a daypart basis if that even makes sense anymore.

  2. The folks at Fox 13 think new show names like Good Day Seattle and Studio 13 mean something to viewers. They don’t, and they are not ratings-influencers. Neither are new sets or graphics. Zero. The station was a sieve, losing Lorch, Kruse, Mayfield and others and the new GM from Minneapolis was dispatched to stop the bleeding. They have added new folks from here and there, incluing two from KOMO and one from KIRO for on-air positions, but bringing in someone from OKC to anchor will not move the needle. Cosmetic change and new faces are always called for when the status quo is sinking. We shall see.

      1. We so appreciate your insults hiding behind one initial. Your argument well articulated, too. You must be 13’s news director.

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