5 thoughts on “November 3, 1965 – Spokane (Spokesman-Review) TV & Radio

  1. X denotes LIVE, Z denotes COLOR. Well we know the Dick Van Dyke show was not live at 10:30 in the morning.

    1. Nearly everything with an X by it wasn’t live. Even the live soap operas were being shown on a west coast tape delay. All the local shows that were live don’t have an X. Oh well… I’m sure the copy girl who put this together wasn’t expecting it to be analyzed 57 years later.

  2. Interesting that KHQ’s early evening newscasts were in color but the midday and late ones were not. I would bet that “Front Page News” had a sponsor that paid extra for color. Probably a tie-in with the co-owned afternoon Chronicle as well.

    1. The radio editor must have been anti-Top 40. Up until Victor Stredicke took over at the Seattle Times, little was written about Top 40 radio, except some negative articles. (That blasted rock & roll. It’s a fad.)

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