Hannity Moves To 1090 KPTR

Sean Hannity has a new home at 1090 KPTR. The program now airs live at 12 Noon each day. Hannity was previously heard on a delayed basis on 570 KVI.

Kaitlin Knapp has left KXLY 4, moving closer to home, or just three hours away. Knapp is heading to Fort Myers to be a FOX 4 Now MMJ. “While I’m sad to leave my Spokane family, I’m thrilled to head back home to Florida.”

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Hannity Moves To 1090 KPTR

  1. What I see in that selfie is a T and A shot of a person that thinks she’s the hottest thing since a 3 alarm fire. If in fact she is a good journalist it will get lost in the sausage dress.

    1. The audio on KPLZ HD 1 is tinny and ear piercing, HD 2 is single channel only, way quieter than HD 1. HD 3 is quieter and distorted. Lots of work for the engineer to do on that frequency, sub channels. Researched Lotus Engineer, found it’s the same guy that had or has the overnight show on KVI about phenomena’s and stuff. Listed as Chief Engineer. Wonder what his RF, audio engineering, electrical, mechanical, component level and other troubleshooting credentials are. Does being a Chief Engineer at a major market broadcast group require an extensive electronics background with education in specific functions of electronic theory or can anyone just apply and get a job in such a position?

    1. Shouldn’t be surprised at all! Home of the EIB network…KFI and KEIB in LA…WOR…KTLK…WISN…KOGO and KGB…KFYI…Freedom 93.7 (Denver)…KTRH…WIOD…WFLA…WLW and WKRC…WTVN…WTAM…(the list goes on)

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