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C L M CALL LETTERS MATTER — Well, some of us still think Call Letters Matter. There is the pack who poo-poo the use of call letters, preferring that stations have mascots like (cookie-cutter formats) The Eagle, The Jet, Jack, or Your Mama. The listener isn’t as stupid as they think and can retain information, such as dial position and call letters.

Those KUBE call letters at 93.3 will soon be moved aside as the KJR call letters move to 93.3, the new home of SportsRadio KJR. Stations should be proud of their call letters. If not, maybe the problem isn’t the call letters but the content on the air.

950 AM KJR will maintain a Sports format, but with national content. All local hosts will be heard only on FM. 1090 KFNQ, which they call 1090 KJR? The Fan? CBS Sports 1090? Or maybe just use the actual KFNQ call letters.

The call letter argument is similar to the cry for Oldies on AM.

Then there is the question of how KIRO 710 might move to some FM frequency in order to compete on a level field with 93.3 KJR. Again, this brings up the call letter issue, as there is already a KIRO FM. There is no chance KIRO would cancel Talk for Sports on 97.3 FM.

Author: Jason Remington

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