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5 thoughts on “Is This A Case Of Being First Even If You Are Wrong? I Will Just Leave This Up Here.

  1. That is really bad. If it were me, I would delete that initial tweet and post another stating it was replacing a tweet that had preceeded the press conference. On the other hand, I hate forums that are uneditable. Youtube is one where once a video is posted, find an error or if new info comes in and you are screwed. You can change the written description or delete it….which nobody wants to do if it has thousands of views. It does not get the big draw of YT but that is a cool thing about vimeo…..get a clearer copy of something or make a change and you can completely and seamlessly replace the prior video. My biggest hassle with uneditable forums is I comment, later see a typo, and cannot correct it. But Krem leaving up something so obviously wrong just makes them look foolish and unreliable.

    1. I guess the idea was when you screw up charge ahead justifying what you did. The only time I ever bought into that was when I knew I was correct. Not when I flubbed it.

  2. The whole ending on a specific date is really silly. The “science” does not indicate that going with or without a mask is safer the day before or after March 12.


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