Strutinizing The Game Shows; Shante Sumpter KING 5 Morning News

Adding a new word to the English language? No, just another young news reader mangling a word. It’s a poor education or culture that gives us this.

Let the apologists step up in support of this newscaster, but she needs speech training, as do so many others being hired in tv newsrooms. Plain and simple.

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Strutinizing The Game Shows; Shante Sumpter KING 5 Morning News

  1. I see typo’s on news crawlers all the time. I doubt spell check is even used. When your primary communication is a text or a tweet this is not surprising.

  2. Never heard that one. On the other hand I have heard enough major market announcers, singers and actors mangle words it just seem to be one more. Frequent ones are eKscape, pitcher for picture, libary, Warshington. The one that always bugged me, and it is rampant, is turning the “ing” sound into double E. He was work-een…it was happen-een….the turtle was snap-een….in Wash-een-ton. It has become acceptable, but I always notice it and that goes back 50 or more years.

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