60 thoughts on “Rebecca Stevenson Moves to KOMO 4

  1. I don’t watch much of King5 anymore. All the good people leave. KOMO is my go to channel for news. The only reason I watch is for Rich’s weather report. Don’t much care for the morning news staff that reports. The station has gone downhill for several years. Again all the good people leave.

    1. Likely reasons:
      Insufficient pay
      KING 5’s preferential treatment of minorities versus white people (in hiring and in the workplace) This makes for a toxic work environment.
      Just two reasons, neither of which was given publicly by Rebecca. She kept the reason close to her vest. So, your guess is as good as mine.

  2. Rebecca, I think you are the first to present the weather on all the northwest tv stations, 4, 5, 7, and 13! Just know that I would follow you any where you decided to report the weather from even if I don’t live there. You add “spice” to the weather reporting! You give us sunshine on a cloudy day, and if it’s cold outside, you give us the month of May. You are our Weather Girl ❣💘💕

  3. Today’s news is dominated by biases. Those who can only see a bias to one side (because of their world view) are experiencing serious vision problems.

    1. Hi Mary!
      I miss her at King 5. She was robbed of Chief Meteorologist on Kiro 7.
      We need to get together.
      Mona Wright

  4. Why do all the weather folks move station to station in the local market. I think she started at KING went to KIRO onto Q13 I think, back to KING and now KOMO

  5. Hey KOMO is what it is but I can at least watch the weather if Rebecca is delivering it. I used to watch her when she was on Fox Q13 decades ago. She looked great today and happier than on King lately.

  6. I watch news and weather based on truthful reporting. The fact KOMO may be conservative doesn’t alter facts reported. But narrow minds may choose not to watch. Is there a litness test for truth?

  7. I ‘m sorry Rebecca left King. I don’t watch Komo. Owned by a very conservative company much like Fox. Bad move by her far as I’m concerned

  8. My eyes almost pop’ ed out of my head, Rebecca Stevenson on KOMO 4, YES !Such a consummate professional and a delight to watch.
    KOMO 4 News , Traffic and Weather you had me at a”Hello!”

  9. Wow! T&A with weather and traffic?…You really melted my snow cone with that one!…lol….however, Even the very professional Rebecca and Shannon are competitive in that regard…they just do not flaunt it.

  10. Geez, who is the dumb sh– at King? There just a couple of weather people I like to watch and Rebecca is one. I’m tired of all the T&A with weather and traffic (Adam you are the exception). You don’t need five inches or more of cleavage to get me to watch. Rebecca and Shanon are in a class of their own. FOUR you got me!!!

  11. Rebecca has been the consummate pro and an absolute delight as a broadcaster. She has this uncanny ability to present the weather forecast in a way that is always positive, where a negative forecast never sounds that bad. Now that is a special talent. Being a longtime viewer of King5, I am extremely disappointed that they couldn’t see the value of their best on-air talent. And yes, that includes good ‘ole Rich Marriot. I may have to turn to KOMO for my Rebecca fix.

  12. Shannon O’Donnell and Rebecca Stevenson on the same team? This is like having the Beatles and Led Zeppelin on the same bill. Holy Cow!!!!

  13. Things I like about Rebecca.
    Does her job well without a bunch of fluff.
    She has actually studied Meteorology.
    She dresses professionally.
    All her “business: isn’t plastered all over social media.

  14. I thought she was a good fit on KING5 but happy to see her on KOMO/still in Seattle. Shannon O’Donnell was also once on KING5 but I believe she was laid off due to station budget cuts back in 2009. As a kid, I would always enjoy seeing O’Donnell do weather with legendary anchors Dennis Bounds and Lori Matsukawa.

  15. Thought I was seeing things! Rebecca seemed a bit off (health issue, nerves?) when on KING5. Now that I’ve seen her on KOMO, it’s the Rebecca of old again, same friendly smile without the nervous attempt at humor, concise, matter of fact, smooth! Welcome!!

  16. Glad to see Rebecca on komo with my other fav Shannon 💯 both are very talented let’s hope Rebecca will stay with her 🙏.

  17. We were getting used seeing Rebecca on KING, but happy that she is still in Seattle. Didn’t she start on KOMO?

    1. She started at KING then left for KIRO then NW Cable News then AL Jazeera then back to KING in 2019 a day now KOMO.

  18. I don’t know what KING is doing but all the good ones leave and some of the ones that SHOULD leave are still there. Rich is my fav on KING. However KOMO is now our go to station. Glad to see Rebecca there now.

  19. I was shocked to see her on KOMO 4 tonight. Really surprised me. I thought she was doing really well on King 5. They’ve lost so many good people. But I’ll watch her on KOMO now that I know she’s moved on.
    I enjoyed her when she was on KIRO and really enjoyed her weather reports remotely in 2020-2021 on King 5.

  20. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rebecca on KOMO today. It is a great addition to the already stellar team.
    Now there is no reason to tune into KING and KIRO anymore. 🙂

    1. King has better sports than KOMO (and more than one person) plus Joyce Taylor. I like KOMO’s weather but the rest seems better with KING these days.

  21. so glad she will be on komo, will start watching komo hope she is there soon.

    i really like mike everett on king

  22. I’ve been an admirer of Rebecca’s since she started at NWCN! As mentioned in other comments she is very upbeat and gives perky forecasts. Continued success my friend🙏

  23. Congratulations Rebecca! You were such a vivacious, intelligent and welcoming meteorologist on King 5. It took several days to locate your new position w/ KOMO but I’ll definitely tune in.
    Best wishes for continued success ! Hoping you’ll continue your career here in the Pacific Northwest.

  24. Rebecca Stevenson is the best. Up-beat. Happy. Intelligent. Always looks very nice. I only watch the Channel she is associated with. Thank you KOMO4. Now if you could only get Preston to SLOW DOWN. Talks way too fast.

  25. I really enjoyed Rebecca’s broadcasts from her attic last year. She’s so upbeat and brings a positive note to her work. That’s always a welcome attitude, in my book. As a longtime viewer of KOMO, I will welcome her presence there with the already fine crew,

  26. I confess..she is my favorite eye candy…I guess she did not sign a local non-compete clause this time around…she was also on the defunct NW Cable News…my god, it is just have paycheck, will travel in this unstable business!

  27. Gee, where will she end up next?….lets see…..sh’es done KING 2 times, was, at KIRO until she got yanked off air because of the non-compete clause in her contract with KING the first time, then she was off to that foreign network (Algeriz?..not sure of the spelling), then she returns to this area and tries out FoxQ13, then to King for the second time and now….well,she thinks “I’ll try KOMO since I haven’t been there yet”.She is out of stations here now so if it doesn’t work at KOMO (I doubt it will) maybe she can try the east coast with all the stations based there.

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