KBAM Longview – From Shady Deals To A Respected Member of the Business Community

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Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “KBAM Longview – From Shady Deals To A Respected Member of the Business Community

  1. This reminds me of something KLFF did when I worked there. They’d sell some spots on the all-nighter and, without telling the client, they would bonus them ten to one during the day. Happy customer then spent a little more money.

  2. Those guys made “a dollar a holler” sound like high finance!

    KAYO was known as the place for trade-outs in Seattle. When I worked there, it was common knowledge that Jessica’s attic was filled with motorcycles and other big ticket items that she doled at as birthday and Christmas gifts.

    1. I worked afternoon drive at KBAM as Lou Robbins. My buddy Dave Sawyer (Ryan) worked mornings. We were doing late-night recordings of a two-man show we wanted to peddle to larger markets. One Saturday night, after the station had signed off, we were in the middle of taping and station owner Arne Peterson walked in, staring at us through the window into the control room. Thinking fast, we told him we were practicing before pitching him a two-man morning show. All he asked was whether we thought it was humorous. We looked at each other and shook our heads YES. “Well, start this on Monday morning then. Great idea!” And he went off to his office. The following Monday, Ryan & Robbins premiered on KBAM, as Ryan & Ryan premiered on KAYO that same day.
      We ran with this for the better part of a year, sending out an occasional tape to Eugene, Portland, Salem etc. We got an offer from KUGN/Eugene. As fortune would have it, I had just decided to accept an offer from AT&T in Tacoma. Smart move on my part. Dave went on to do voice -tracking for IGM/Bellingham. He also spent some time at KIXI Seattle.

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