1974 – Bob Hardwick On Being Happy At KVI

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “1974 – Bob Hardwick On Being Happy At KVI

  1. My station manager called me the day after Hardwick stopped by KQBE FM looking for job. He said did you hear about Hardwick? Apparently, not getting a job in Ellensburg was the last straw for him.

  2. I occasionally gave Hardwick a listen, back in the early 1960s…as a young teen then, I just could not relate to his banter, his promotional efforts. I felt like he was talking mostly to my father’s generation…and KVI back then, was definitely more of an “easy listening” type of radio station…But I do remember being shocked, and sad, that such an adventurous man would commit suicide…IMO, he was probably suffering from some level of “manic-depressive” behavior…I mean, the article mentions that he–a man who performed entertaining pursuits for people’s enjoyment, said that he really did not have close friends, and did not seem to need them…clearly, he needed some sort of attention/stimulation that was eluding him. I enjoyed this article, it gives some insight into this complex, but essentially good person.

    1. I was not a Hardwick fan, more of a Morton fan and others there at KVI. Still, such a shock to hear that he chose suicide. Life can be a roller coaster, for sure. His choice to burn bridges along the way didn’t help. Such a complicated guy.

      1. Morton was really a funny guy. I always remember one time he had a traffic report from Cliff Murphy who was flying out by Midway or somewhere. After Murphy finished, Morton said, “Thank you, Cliff, for that report on your south end.”

    2. About organized crime in Seattle in the 60s: There was no mafia in Seattle, per se. Crime was organized by the police department and the county prosecutor’s office. Not sure who’s running it now…

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