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9 thoughts on “Fox 13 Meteorologist Abby Acone

  1. Seriously!…She is beautiful, but would be even more so, if she would just stop with the “model” look. I hope she is not suffering from some eating disorder.

    1. Jack, humor is lost on so many. SJWs are why professional comedians avoid college campuses these days. The SJW, far-Left Lib mentality is dominant there and the tolerant Libs won’t tolerate any commentary they disagree with. Crazy!

    1. Abby left KOMO and was given a warm send-off from her friends there. She was given a star’s welcome at FOX 13. She has great personality and a huge smile. Seems that everyone likes Abby.

  2. People are so easily offended by everything these days. Speaking your mind is not tolerated unless you agree with the prospective offendee. (sp)

    I see many things I don’t agree with written here. I mostly let it go as someone else’s opinion. A few things may cross the line but really if it bothers commenters so much then I would suggest there are plenty of places to go with like minded people.

    As for Abby and so many in the visual media that insist on the “Model shots”, comments will always ensue (whether right or wrong). Social media pages of Seattle TV “personalities” are filled with these. It seems like an addiction with some. It mostly leaves me smh.

  3. This post attracted a few trolls. For future reference, know that we mark those comments as SPAM.

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