Abby Acone Leaves KOMO 4

Meteorologist/reporter, Abby Acone jumps into the fray at FOX 13. As one door closes, someone from another station walks in, as they say. December 2 is her final day at KOMO tv and her next stop is duty at FOX 13 KCPQ.

Weathercaster/reporter Nikki Torres hit her one-year anniversary at KATU 2/Portland and says “Let’s go for a second round.”

This is a troubling thought from KIRO Traffic gal, Tracy Taylor: “Brain injuries are something. Was having a conversation, where I totally blanked. Totally forgot. It sounded like I didn’t know what I was talking about. This has been happening more often since the crash a few years ago.”

I can tell you it may just be old age, Tracy. Sorry to say.

Bob Barker will be 98 on 12/12, Dick Van Dyke will be 96 on 12/13, and Betty White will be 100 on 1/17

Former KING 5 reporter, Joe Fryer and Peter Alexander, formerly with KCPQ 13, join Kristen Welker on Black Friday at NBC’s Today show.

Author: Jason Remington

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37 thoughts on “Abby Acone Leaves KOMO 4

  1. Part Time.weekend —— Full Time daily. Don’t overthink this. Fox scored with Abbey in the mornings. Not much of a Komo fan anymore.

  2. KOMO losing its grip. To many unhappy people leaving. Management problem? Lack of news, State and Local. to much weather. Sorry.
    Went to Fox 13 .

  3. BTW: All the women on KOMO are personable, professional & friendly when they are off the job site & out in public.

    1. Since Walt is staying with KOMO,he should be glad to see Rebecca Stevenson soon.According to reports from sources,she has left KING for a 2nd time and jumped to KOMO.Insiders at KING also have said this is the case and I guess we all will know when she shows up on camera at KOMO.

      1. Yes Was shocked to see Rebecca Stevenson on Komo tonight, – Taking Abby’s spot i guess! We see Abby on Fox- She’s doing just great there. And I Like Rebecca too- Sorry shes now Low man on the totem pole on KOMO though.

        1. I remember when Rebecca Stevenson hosted the hot rod show on Sunday mornings, on Channel 9.
          That must’ve been 1987 or ’88.
          She once recounted that as one of her first experiences on air.
          I think she like 18 or 19 years old at the time.

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