Abby Acone Leaves KOMO 4

Meteorologist/reporter, Abby Acone jumps into the fray at FOX 13. As one door closes, someone from another station walks in, as they say. December 2 is her final day at KOMO tv and her next stop is duty at FOX 13 KCPQ.

Weathercaster/reporter Nikki Torres hit her one-year anniversary at KATU 2/Portland and says “Let’s go for a second round.”

This is a troubling thought from KIRO Traffic gal, Tracy Taylor: “Brain injuries are something. Was having a conversation, where I totally blanked. Totally forgot. It sounded like I didn’t know what I was talking about. This has been happening more often since the crash a few years ago.”

I can tell you it may just be old age, Tracy. Sorry to say.

Bob Barker will be 98 on 12/12, Dick Van Dyke will be 96 on 12/13, and Betty White will be 100 on 1/17

Former KING 5 reporter, Joe Fryer and Peter Alexander, formerly with KCPQ 13, join Kristen Welker on Black Friday at NBC’s Today show.

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37 thoughts on “Abby Acone Leaves KOMO 4

    1. Since Walt is staying with KOMO,he should be glad to see Rebecca Stevenson soon.According to reports from sources,she has left KING for a 2nd time and jumped to KOMO.Insiders at KING also have said this is the case and I guess we all will know when she shows up on camera at KOMO.

      1. Yes Was shocked to see Rebecca Stevenson on Komo tonight, – Taking Abby’s spot i guess! We see Abby on Fox- She’s doing just great there. And I Like Rebecca too- Sorry shes now Low man on the totem pole on KOMO though.

        1. I remember when Rebecca Stevenson hosted the hot rod show on Sunday mornings, on Channel 9.
          That must’ve been 1987 or ’88.
          She once recounted that as one of her first experiences on air.
          I think she like 18 or 19 years old at the time.

  1. BTW: All the women on KOMO are personable, professional & friendly when they are off the job site & out in public.

  2. KOMO losing its grip. To many unhappy people leaving. Management problem? Lack of news, State and Local. to much weather. Sorry.
    Went to Fox 13 .

  3. Part Time.weekend —— Full Time daily. Don’t overthink this. Fox scored with Abbey in the mornings. Not much of a Komo fan anymore.

  4. Abby was great on Facebook live feed at komo and talked to her followers with a professional informative attitude thanks you will be missed

  5. That personally enjoyed her informative and personable approach not many newscasters have the same approachable demeanor she will be missed on my favorite broadcast

  6. I may be the only one who is happy she left Komo news. I couldn’t get over her sing-song voice and Pippi longstocking vibe.

  7. I Love femi doing sports news. . Sad komo didn’t keep him & replaced him after mike retired with Niko. Might be time to switch stations (kiro out) .agree abby thorough in reporting weather & news-refreshing

  8. She got a bit lippy, and the Head at KOMO showed her the door as it smacked her in the face. If you just do what you’re told then she would still be there. You just need to push aside the ego which will send most people in TV out the door. =)

    1. She worked at KOMO for several weeks after announcing she was leaving. If management had a beef with someone, there would be an immediate dismissal. Doubtful that Abby Acone got mouthy with anyone. The news staff gave her a warm send-off and there were no stories of discord among the ranks.

    2. KOMO always has a problem with weather casters ever since Steve Pool left. Even Theren Zahn left and went to another station in Seattle for a while then came back to KOMO.

    3. I saw this opinion and instantly thought…. this really needs no reply. I doubt very seriously that she had problems of any kind.

    1. Good question Debbie and the answer is…..she never really stated a reason for leaving (that I know of) and if you have read all of our postings/comments on this here, most of us really do not know.There is a lot of movement within the broadcast industry here locally and Abby was one of them.Maybe she got a better offer over at Q13Fox, who knows?…Maybe someone else here will add to what I have said “if” they have an actual reason for Abby switching stations.

  9. KOMO appears to be in major budget cut mode (I guess Sinclair must be broke). Femi was booted and not replaced (Mike Ferreri was replaced by the new guy). Now many KOMO 11 o’clock newscasts lack a sports report. (I emailed and Facebook messaged KOMO when they booted Femi and KOMO never bothered to respond.)

    It appears that Abby isn’t being replaced. Last night, KOMO didn’t even bother with a weather report and merely had Preston Phillips briefly read the weather. Shannon O’Donnell’s weather report is the most informative in town – and Abby was picking up on that – but if KOMO is going to drop that (along with dropping the better sports reports), it is probably time to drop KOMO news.

    1. I tend to agree with Tod Monroe’s comment concerning Abby becoming more informative in her weather reports. I’ve always favored KOMO, but maybe it is time for a change.

  10. I think a lot of them leave komo as they realize the chance for advancement is nil as there are too many people there with lots of seniority so the chances of moving into a prime spot is difficult. I am upset that they let Abbemefe go from sports. He posted it was due to cutbacks but they sure were quick to replace him with this new guy.

  11. These restrictive clauses can even show up for baristas!…One of my barista buddies told me that she had to sign off ab out not working within a ten mile radius of the stand she was applying to work at!…She did sign…but a few months later, she went to another stand, about a mile down the road…the owner of the previous stand drove by a couple of times, and threatened to sue her!…and all over a part-time job?…My friend ignored her, and she stopped harassing her eventually.

  12. re: no-compete clause

    I’ve never had a contract in any job. In 1975, I had been jaying dees at Kountry KAYO for four years. KOL was on the verge of turning country as KMPS. Our PD, Bobby Wooten, had already resigned and a new PD, though unseen, was on the premises. A few days before cleaning house, KAYO’s GM John Dimeo summoned the air staff to a meeting where he handed each of us a no-compete form, conveniently filled out and waiting for our signature. I don’t remember the specified length of time. I glanced at the form and asked John what we would be given in return for signing. Nobody else spoke up. He replied “NOTHING!!” I handed him my unsigned form and left, fully expecting to be fired before I got ten feet. I don’t remember how much later the firings began, but I was summoned a few days later for an 8:00 A. M. with the new guy. When I came out, Don Lane was waiting to go in. I don’t know who else did or didn’t sign, other than Ed Howell who went right to KMO and I who went to KMPS. I heard that Gary Vance sat out his no-compete and then went to KMPS.

  13. I actually saw Abby being a street reporter on KOMO, shortly after we learned of her leaving!?…Very confusing…..she was fully masked up, and it took me a few seconds to even recognize her!

  14. A quick look at Abby’s social posts would indicate she likes it at Komo. Promoting that brand seemingly up until the move to KCPQ. An amicable, classy departure. Maybe she’s going to work for both like Erin did. Guess we’ll see.

  15. A non-compete would not be a wise thing to sign. Maybe some of these young journalists should have an attorney present when they negotiate a contract.

  16. I am going to presume that a lot of these people locally who are moving between stations here __do not__have any non-compete clause in their contracts. I say this because they leave one station and show up on the new one within a few days.A non-compete clause usually will keep you off air for 6 months or more.

    1. Yeah…I remember that Rebecca Stevenson went through one of those “clause” situations here in Seattle, quite a few years ago..Interesting, that she has found her way back. Oh well, it must be all about the money situation. Abby is nice to look at, but she looks a little too skinny to be healthy.

      1. Eating disorder to look perfect. She hides her “secret” well…as a person who suffered with e eating disorder she shows the classic symptoms with her posture/bone..

    2. Not sure about their contracts however KOMO and Q13 (Fox 13) have had a few personalities that have worked at both stations at the same time in recent history. Ex: Erin Mayovsky.

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