News Off-The-Grid: Alison Morrow Interviews Brandi Kruse

Former KING 5 reporter, Alison Morrow, talks with former FOX 13 reporter, Brandi Kruse, about her decision to leave mainstream media and turn to independent news reporting.

Alison Morrow on social media

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “News Off-The-Grid: Alison Morrow Interviews Brandi Kruse

  1. Brandi will block you on social media if you criticize her. Brandi claims her salary at FOX 13 was well over $100,000 per year.

    1. $39k-83k is the average salary for a tv reporter in Seattle, according to PayScale Salary Reports. Reporters are quitting due in a large part to crappy wages.
      If you were getting 83k to 100k+, would you be quitting your job to start a podcast? Brandi says she set an 18 month time to attain her goal, to build a news company, hire employees, etc.
      If Brandi reaches her goal, Mike, I will buy you a drink.

      1. Hey,

        Enjoy the blog. Im a tv reporter in another major market but familiar with the seattle stations. Fyi.. the average general assignment reporter starting salary right now in the seattle market is 95k-100k. A specialty reporter like investigative or political or someone who has been there a few years would make well over 100. Just for clarity.

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