Free Speech? Alison Morrow Fired From DNR Job Over Covid Videos

Alison Morrow quit her reporting job with KING 5 in 2019 and began media work for the Department of Natural Resources. In this video, Morrow explains that this ended recently due to agency policy and a conflict of interest involving Morrow’s off-duty video podcast.

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Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Free Speech? Alison Morrow Fired From DNR Job Over Covid Videos

  1. This is a tough one. I respect her right to free speech 100%. But if her free speech encourages anti-vaxers then it’s not just free speech…it’s public health. She can believe anything – from abortion to free college – and advocate for them. None of those topics are a deadly contagious disease. I wish her the best…

    1. Now we are parsing and redefining the meaning behind the Constitution. If my opinion influences someone, that is that individuals right to be influenced or to reject what I am selling. Maybe you are saying most Americans are too stupid to do their own research and form their own opinions, based on facts. Therefore, my opinion, which you oppose, is dangerous, and should possibly be outlawed (canceled). I think a lot of people should read Orwell’s 1984. He got it right. Opposition to the vax is not a threat to public health. Everyone that I know, personally, that has been vaxxed, has gotten Covid, except for myself, so far. So, the effectiveness of the vax? Questionable, to say the least. Free college? Such use of tax-payer money can result in a financial crisis. For everything you oppose or support, there is a consequence. Some just feel too strongly about the man-made virus from the Wuhan lab, which was funded by NIH. I suggest double or triple masking, quarantine indefinitely, and understand that free speech is free speech, regardless of the topic or that your disagree with that person’s opinion.

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