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107 thoughts on “Travis Mayfield To Exit FOX 13

  1. I totally miss MJ & Travis & Ali – I liked their unique personalities & human connection I felt with these individuals compared to many on other local stations…..sad to not see them any more…..if Liz & Bill go, I’m done with 13!

  2. Don’t like the direction this channel is going. My hope is that it doesn’t follow the other FOX “news”. I will no longer be watching what use to be an enjoyable morning news program. Back to 4, 5, or 7.

  3. This is so disappointing! First MJ, then Travis…and I’ve just read that Brandi is leaving, too. I’ve been a morning show viewer for many, many years and have enjoyed keeping up on local/regional news and events with the Q13 family. The diversity of the on air talent was what made the show so enjoyable. Seems the new station ID “FOX 13” may be an indicator of the things to come. I will no longer watch the morning show. I will miss Bill, Liz and Adam but enough is enough. I refuse to support this FOX affiliate.

  4. I am so very sorry to to learn that you are leaving Q13☹️ I start my day at 0430 and the first thing I do is turn on Q13, even before my coffee is done brewing!!
    Miss MJ already and now you !!’ I love your humor and realism in such a difficult world of news reporting. I wish you much success and look forward to find out your next “assignment”!’ In the meantime, enjoy being a “stay at home Daddy” and know you will be greatly missed!!! I will be finding a new morning news show, as it simply isn’t the same any more!
    New Management should know that changing your role with Q13 was a grave mistake that is costing them a large audience that will no longer follow this channel! Miss Ali, MJ and now you Travis!
    May God guide you and your family as you navigate through this professional change that is unwanted by all your dedicated followers, and yourself!

  5. What a shame that Fox13 has upset what made them a good team ! Brandi and Travis! We loved them both. We are done with Fox. Sorry to say goodbye to Bill and Liz but we can’t support the shenanigans of Fox.

  6. Fox 13 is changing for the worst. Ali, Brandi, MJ, Travis -gone. Fox has been a morning staple for me for years. Management is doing what so many others have done. Tried to fix what ain´t broke. Not sure what I´ll watch from now on, maybe QVC. Sponsors – listen to viewers that have left.

  7. And instead they give us Chynna Greene, who should never have been allowed to leave her showgirl job in LV. Vapid, jokey, and she flips her hair. Just inappropriate for an anchor (behaves slightly better in the field) just give it to BFlo already and lose this one.

  8. I am really sorry to see the changes being made with new management at Q13 Fox. This is the ONLY Fox news program I have ever watched because of the balanced reporting. However, it appears that is going by the wayside and people are leaving in droves. Good solid journalists who have been at 13 for years. I will miss having news until 10 am, but have already started the adjustment to channel 7 or channel 5 in the mornings. I am done with Fox13. Losing MJ, then Travis and now Brandi… I’m done. I’m sure there are other opportunities out there that will honor you and allow you to soar. Until then, have fun with your children and take solace in knowing you made a difference to so many in the LGBTQIA community who loved seeing someone who represents their values at the Anchor Desk.

  9. Hey Travis, it’s your neighbor Pete up the street. It’s a bummer for all of us who enjoyed waking up to you on the morning news. Have tried to watch the last coup,e of weeks, but it’s not doing it. Have switched to another station.

  10. I know you all aren’t leaving because you want to and there is much more going on behind the scenes. Im going to bet there is much censoring happening and coercion and its no longer a “safe” place for you all to be. Heads up, you are all amazing and Q13 is going to lose a lot of viewers because of whatever the hell they’re doing to make you all feel like you have to leave. You were a great cohesive team.

  11. Agree with all the comments about!
    Why try to fix something that worked!
    Never watch this again, Brandi, Mj, Travis, each one had personality and made watching in the morning interesting!
    I’m done with the morning news!
    The only reason I will watch at all is Mr Rose in the evening.

  12. I never liked the guy, so won’t miss him. BUT what pisses me off is the new management banning Washington Most Wanted ! Which tells me that the NEW Fox in Seattle is WOKE sickness sucks. They will be dumped by the public for trying to shove nationwide propaganda and wokeness in a local broadcast network. Same reason Big FoxNews in New York has lost market percent going to News max. There is no real Right thinking for news in Skunk Vomit Seattle, Q-13 was the closest to that. They are losing a lot of good people..

  13. I will be missing you each morning as well as MJ with my morning coffee…I grown to love watching both of you and Bill,Adam and Liz if they go I will no longer enjoy watching…it was bad enough you and MJ left …oh can’t forget Brandy…miss you … enjoy your new journey in life🤗🤗🤗

  14. Been wondering what happened to Travis & MJ, I really enjoyed both of them. When I was able to watch more frequently I loved to see Travis’ different wardrobe & making things more lively & enjoyable to watch & listen. Will greatly miss you the most.
    Good luck!
    God’s Blessings for both of you & your families.
    Take care, stay healthy & safe.

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