Ex-Rocker Slinging Weather Forecasts @ KING 5

Today was the first day on the job for Mike Everett at KING 5. The weathercaster has dual citizenship. The Canuck recently arrived from NBC Palm Springs, KMIR. Mike Everett was a member of an 80s cover band and moved to Seattle with his wife and family after 4 years in the desert. Just in time for winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest. (Paul Thompson gave us the heads up on this. Thank you, Paul)

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Ex-Rocker Slinging Weather Forecasts @ KING 5

  1. I see he is a British Columbia boy. He might have had a hiatus in the desert. But as a kid in Burnaby and Vernon he is pretty familiar with PNW weather. What we get they get, but usually it’s a bit colder and more snow up north.

  2. Going back into the mid-1960s….a then 14yo Bob Branom (who eventually went on to work at KIRO TV as a reporter, during the 70s and 80s} was the lead singer for my brother’s first Rock band…they were all kids from Wilson Jr. High, in the N. End of Seattle. Those kids were pretty good, and played a few gigs around the Seattle area…Bob was quite the dynamic singer, and definitely enjoyed the spotlight!..It figures, that he would wind up in front of a TV camera.

  3. Welcome to the Great Northwest, Mike! We will miss you in the desert. (From a “snowbird”). Will you be teaching around here?

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