Personnel Movement @ Sinclair & Lotus Seattle

Mario Magaña, engineer at KOMO 4, announced that Monday was his last day, after 15 years with the station. Magana will be moving over to the new operations at Lotus Radio. Other personnel changes will be announced.

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Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “Personnel Movement @ Sinclair & Lotus Seattle

    1. There will be mandates, which will give preference and advantages to POC, in Seattle. Especially POC who are vaxxed. Seattle and King County councils will twist reality and common sense to fit their Leftist agenda.

  1. ” . . . rain will help to keep some of the pavement wet today”, according to an actual broadcast this morning on KOMO-TV. There was no credit given to possible assistance from errant canines or frightened residents out on their morning constitutionals.

    And here’s a challenge requiring an I. Q. higher than that of a dust mop: how many errors of composition, fact, grammar, syntax or spelling can you spot in the following story, currently on the KOMO website? I found nineteen. I acknowledge the fact that this is probably raw copy meant to be heard, not read, by listeners and viewers. Still, it is not fit to print for the public to decipher.

    SEATTLE — Two former Washington State Democratic governors are endorsing Ann Davison in the non-partisan Seattle City Attorney race.

    The endorsements come, as King County Democrats officially endorsed her opponent, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy.

    For long-time former democratic governors Christine Gregoire and Gary Lock— endorsing Ann Davison for Seattle City Attorney is about safety and denouncing anarchy.

    The governors endorsed Davison saying, “Abolishing jails, abolishing the police, and ending prosecutions of nearly all misdemeanor crimeswould make the people of Seattle less safe and would put our neighborhoods at risk.”

    “Having an anarchist in a leadership role who doesn’t believe in our country, who doesn’t believe in the Supreme Court, who calls our law enforcement community, ‘serial killers’ is not the answer to what Seattle needs right now,” Gregoire said.

    Gregoire said Davison’s rival Nicole Thomas Kennedy is not fit for the job after the abolitionist vowed to stop most misdemeanor prosecutions she said are borne out of poverty and addiction.

    She denounced Thomas’ controversial tweets praising violence on police and touting destructive riots as “a moral imperative.”

    “We can look at her opponent who is a self-declared anarchist if you look it up it’s the same as a terrorist,” Gregoire said. “Is that the answer to the security and safety issues we have in Seattle right now? I don’t think so.”

    The endorsements sparked disappointment from fellow King County Democrats.

    “We need someone who knows how to lead, who can run the office and who is going to carry out our progressive values and Ann does not do that. Ann is a Republican in the City of Seattle,” said Shasti Conrad, King County Democrats Chair.

    Davison is a former Democrat who ran for Lieutenant Governor as a Republican.

    But this race is non-partisan.

    King County Democrats officially endorsed Nicole Thomas Kennedy, saying the governors are out of touch with the future of what Seattle needs.

    They believe Thomas-Kennedy represents the progressive values of the party.

    “I think they’re stuck in the past,” Conrad said. The city has not gotten better under the types of leadership that are doing things the old way.”

    “If you don’t believe all of those victims don’t have a say and don’t have a right for justice to be served, I can’t support you as the City Attorney for the City of Seattle,” Gregoire said.

    1. ” . . . rain will help to keep some of the pavement wet today”, according to an actual broadcast this morning on KOMO-TV. ” At the same time, KOMO radio announced that there will be “enough rain to wet the pavement” today, up to an inch tomorrow. Not quite word for word, but close enough. Hey, some of the news stories on radio are taken directly from video running on KOMO tv. This won’t happen once the stations seperate.
      Reading through that piece from their website hurts my head.

        1. KOMO? Just a guess: I think they will keep the all-news format. It will be seen as too expensive eventually, the station won’t have the tv audio to fall back on and the format will change to a mix of news and talk or sports. But that is so similar to KVI. There won’t be room for two such stations in the Lotus Seattle group.

          Call letters? It better be memorable, call letters that roll off the tongue.

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