Brandi Kruse & FOX Management Disagreement Keeps THE DIVIDE Off The Air

After a big announcement last week that Brandi Kruse would return with her news-interview show, THE DIVIDE, on Sunday night, FOX 13 management pulled the show again. There was a disagreement between Brandi Kruse and management over elements and format of the program.
If we hear that the program might return to FOX 13 at any time in the future, we will take that news with a grain of salt.

Something like 25% of the staff at FOX 13 have moved on to greener pastures. What will Brandi Kruse decide to do next? As of today, Kruse remains at KCPQ 13, but she could decide to take her brand elsewhere. Kruse has a following and a reputation for solid reporting.

Brandi Kruse


Author: Jason Remington

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41 thoughts on “Brandi Kruse & FOX Management Disagreement Keeps THE DIVIDE Off The Air

  1. Brandi Kruse has always had my respect as a very bright political reporter. She now has more of that respect now that she has made a personal and moral stand on her duty to inform the public, and the direction she must go in order to fulfill that role better. I’m quite happy to follow her new venture and will be eagerly waiting for her independent venture to get underway.

  2. Brandi and Dori are the main voices in this failing state that gives me some hope. They are calling out the progressive BS for what it is doing to a once great state. Glad they don’t allow corporate to silence sane options. You go girl!

  3. I agree with CharEll. We watched Q13 because we liked the personalities as well as the reporting. We really looked forward to Brandi’s opinions and reporting. When MJ & Travis left (forced out?) it was like losing family. Typical big corporate actions. Anybody surprised the replacements are younger? Who’s next, Bill & Liz, Adam?

  4. Have watched this station for over ten years. Now that Brandi Kruse (total respect for her commentaries and insights), Travis Mayfield (great cheerful Anchor/reporter) and MJ have left. FOX 13 News in the morning is rather dull. I guess I will switch over to KOMO.
    Thanks Travis, Brandi and MJ. I will miss you guys.

  5. We have watched Fox 13 for a very long time. Missing the ones who have left. Could this have been the reason Walter left, a few years ago, maybe seeing the writing on the wall !!!!!

    And why no more 9:00 pm news on the weekend?? Who ever is making these decisions should re-think their new ideas. Hope we don’t lose anymore good people !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think the management at Fox need to rethink on there reporters ,before they lose all there viewers ,losing Brandy ( because the management didnt agree on her views & reporting) & people like Travis & MJ ,is a bad thing They were some of the best reporters on Fox13.

  7. Very hard to see these people leave the news room. One of the things I liked about Fox13 was the local reporting, Brandi’s “hard but open minded questions and the personalities of the staff. These folks seemed to enjoy what they did and had fun. Now the news is just that and there is no personality. In fact Liz almost seems either angry or sad. Too bad FOX corporate couldn’t accept these talented reporters and meterologists and their points of view. Guess I will have to switch back to KOMO or King.

  8. I love the new morning weather people, Brian MacMillan & Abby Acone. They are fantastic! As for anchors, you can not top Brian Flores who never seems to get a day off! He is amazing! Even though he anchors the weekend morning show.. he fills in for everyone. Love love love him! Q13 needed some new blood in the Monday – Friday morning show! Everything is more entertaining and fun in the morning now!

  9. Her brand of reporting with her lopsided comments and points of view will not be missed and is a breath of fresh air that Fox 13 cancelled this junk bogus reporting
    Thank god I can watch Fox 13 news again and not have to worry about her opinions

  10. Brandi was one of the few journalists in Seattle now that engages in real critical thinking and high quality journalism. I grew up in Washington, and we used to have many more people like Brandi in the Seattle PI and Times, and on radio and television. The Puget Sound news agencies have largely been gutted of competent people in positions of influence who practice Journalism with Integrity (A Jim Lehrer concept from his days at PBS). Instead, PBS Newshour and other associated national have replaced their good journalists with incompetent people. The local Seattle PBS station KCTS has been hijacked by divisive political activists at Crosscut who have completely switched the PBS station from a high quality organization and turned it into a station classic Us Against Them political activist group – what Brandi correctly calls the fringe. (KBTC in Tacome still does high quality journalism because Tom Layson is a traditional high quality journalist – a dying breed in the Seattle area). KING promotes their version of what John McWhorter in his recent book calls Woke Racism, along with a large dose of pseudoscience, misinformation, and primitive pre-scientific racial and tribalistic ideologies.
    Brandi’s program “The Divide” was one of the few remaining television programs that engaged in serious high level and complex thinking. She was an anomaly in the current changes in Seattle journalism. This is a shame. Seattle has all sorts of very smart people who can be excellent problem solvers and planners, but virtually all of local news organizations make it clear that they are not welcome. So they get jobs at Microsoft, Amazon, in biotech or other places that value competence rather divisive emotionalism and cultures of blaming.

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