M. J. McDermott, Q13 Meteorologist Retires

Adam Gehrke, MJ McDermott, Bill Wixey, Liz Dueweke
FACEBOOK: M.J. McDermott
Well, the time has come to say good-bye. I am retiring! After almost 19 years at Q13 (18 years on the morning show!), it’s time to move on and get more sleep! I think my last day will be October 1st. BUT, I may be on air a little on October 4-6 as I train our new morning meteorologist, Brian MacMillan. He is currently working at FOX 12 in Portland, but he and his wife are both natives of Western Washington and their families are here. With 2 young children, he’s thrilled to be closer to his kids’ grandparents.
Meanwhile, I will spend my last 2 weeks here reminiscing about my time at Q13. Here are a couple of photos of our morning anchor team! I consider these colleagues my friends and, over the years, we have shared some amazing times!

Meteorologist, Brian MacMillan, joins the Q13 morning news team.
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Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of QZVX, former broadcaster at KTOY FM/Tacoma, KVAC/Forks , KDFL/Sumner, KTTX & KWHI FM/Brenham (TX), KONP/Port Angeles, KBAM/Longview, KJUN/Puyallup, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KAMT/Tacoma, KASY/Auburn, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KTAC/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. -- Airchecks

112 thoughts on “M. J. McDermott, Q13 Meteorologist Retires

  1. MJ you were the reason I watched the Q13 News in the a.m., your personality radiated love for our four-legged friends. Have a wonderful retirement!

  2. Dear MJ, I miss you and your paw’s walk! I wish they continue that but I haven’t seen it so far 🙁 Thank you for making us see our crazy Washington weather from our pets’ eyes! We miss you. Enjoy your retirement!

  3. MJ, Adam, and Bill were the reason I watched 13 Morning News. Fun watching MJ over the years…she made the weather fun as well as informative…will certainly miss her. Bill was great and miss him. So glad Adam is still around. I’ll still check out 13 as it was always my favorite morning local news.

  4. We missed the word that you were retiring, thought maybe you were just on an extendo-vacation!
    You are SO missed by so many viewers & our pets. Know that we all wish you the best, have a happy retirement! WOOF!!

  5. I miss MJ and consider her a friend after years of inviting her into my home for her morning broadcasts. MJ, thank you for your stellar work.

  6. MJ , God gave you the charisma to connect with his people even if it’s the weather report, may sound overly religious. But god had a plan for each of us . Watch you each morning. God bless you. Diane

  7. The morning weather report, not only on Fox, but across the board in the Seattle viewing area is now missing the best.
    The thing that I really enjoyed about MJ’s time on camera, she was such a real and a genuine person. You always found her creditable and someone you would love to sit down and share life stories and a cup of coffee with.
    You are missed, enjoy your time and thank you.

  8. My goodness, I am missing MJ already and as a “some-timer” with channel 13 getting used to the new guy on the block will take some getting work. I will miss your doggy days and upbeat reporting. Take care and keep that great hairdo of yours flipping’.

  9. I was wondering where MJ went since I don’t watch a lot but when I do it was for her. Now my morning weather isn’t the same. I miss Mj!

  10. MJ, we’re really sad to see you go. You have been an outstanding member of the morning team and our favorite weatherperson in the Puget Sound area. We will miss your wit, your acumen, your astute forecasts, your knowledge of the area . . . pretty much everything about you & YOUR weather reports. Of course, we wish you every happiness in your retirement, and do not begrudge you some extra sleep in the mornings – enjoy! Please take care, be well, and accept our MANY, MANY THANKS for your spectacular career of service at Q13. You da bomb!

  11. First MJ and now Travis… I guess things change, but these two were a light in the mornings… Going to miss them both.

  12. Not since king five purged its staff of creators have I seen such an alarming change in staff. I will miss A.J, the little guy and all the others. As someone else said I hope you enjoy your retirement.
    william moore

  13. MJ is so missed. I was hoping she was on vacation. I hope it was twins getting older that made her decision and not management.
    If Travis goes too I may have to rethink my morning tv. Though I do like Adam and the rest of the morning team but MJ and Travis just made/make it special.

  14. Yep Q13 has made a big mistake letting her go.
    Brian, seams to know his stuff! But he will never fill the shoes left behind by MJ

    YEP! add me to the growing list of thoes that dearly miss you!

    It looks as if there’s a real shakeup going on at the “Q” they are dumping Travis too….
    What the heck is going on…,

  15. What a dumb move on the part of Channel 13. M.J. was and is a morning boost…so enjoyed watching and listening to her report daily. If a genuine retirement then I wish her well, although she will be missed. Again, if the result of changes at the channel (as another member of the morning team is leaving – Travis) is due to management, well, as far as I am concerned you have lost and will loose part of a great team.

  16. I had to Google where you were… must have been on vacation when you announced your retirement …had no idea! Congratulations!!!
    We’ll all miss you & your bubbly personality!!
    God bless …

  17. Boy your already missed your bubbly face your bubbly actions your a great person god bless you on your retirement

  18. Too much energy to retire MJ. You were a morning lightning bolt!! Remember seeing you at KOMO when you were an Intern.

  19. I have been on vacation in Idaho/Utah for several weeks and did not realize you were retiring. So sorry , I always looked forward to watching you with your bright smile and positive attitude. Good luck sleeping in, I retired 12 years ago and wake up every day at 5 AM. Bruce Benson

  20. MJ you will be missed first thing I do is turn the tv to chanel 13 and there is your smiling face and your happy joking around you made weather fun. You will very much be missed. I wish you the very best on your next part of your adventure in life. Whatever that might be. Good luck

  21. I have been pouring through MJs CV and had no idea how blessed we were to have her doing our weather. What a cool history of accomplishments. Actress, writer, math tutor, meteorologist and a sensible shoe gal. Now I know why I enjoyed her so much. She was extraordinary. We are going to miss you, MJ. I wish Q13 weather had reruns so I could watch you forever!

  22. Congratulations, MJ! I missed your goodbye tribute, but will miss your forecasts more! Always encouraged by your bright outlook on life during these difficult times.

  23. MJ – you will be very much missed. I have watched your weather broadcasts for so many years that you have become part of my life. I wish you all the very best in your retirement. 🌺🌻❤️

  24. I enjoyed watching MJ almost daily, she was such a breath of fresh air, always bubbly and interesting to watch as she did the weather report; as well as posting pictures of animals and our beautiful PNW. I will miss her…….and wish her the best in her retirement……enjoy your life!

  25. Just watched the end of the morning news with it’s touching and beautifully done goodbye to MJ. That speaks well of FOX13.

    1. Yes, not all stations have allowed their outgoing newscasters a well deserved farewell, King 5, for example :(. One day they’re just gone.

  26. Yes, like everyone here, my husband and I will miss you. I just found out today that you’re retiring. Initially, I thought Adam was the one leaving! You are the best; second to none. Retirement is great. Yes, “sleep in”, but that’s easier said than done. Good luck, and hope to see you around the greater neighborhood.

  27. I have been watching you since I can remember. You are definitely going to be missed. But I do wish you the best. Thank you for doing an awesome job. Oh ya, GO HAWKS💙💚💙💚❤❤

  28. Best in the biz. I will miss your fun forecasting! Always cheerful and light! Also, so knowledgeable with our local crazy PNW weather patterns. You will be missed by us!!! Good luck on your endeavors and get some much deserved sleep!!

  29. You and Walter have been my weather idols for many years. Wish you the best in your retirement MJ. My dog knows your voice so waits for your Paws dog to be shown so she can bark at the TV. Fox 13 will never be the same with you both gone.

  30. Congratulations, as someone that is semi retired it is rewarding in so many ways. Sleep is the major one.
    Looking forward to hear and see what your future holds. Will miss my morning with MJ.😒

  31. The best to you MJ. I really enjoyed watching your weather report as I got ready for work. Loved your spunky personality. Enjoy this time!

  32. this is a heavy blow, I rank this news up there with the retirement of Edgar Martinez leaving the M’s….You will be missed. So what will you do with all of this free time on your hands

  33. Shoot! I am not a fan of change and you, Adam and Bill have been part of my routine for a really long time. It was my excuse to drink coffee for 5 hours. You are relatable in a city that has undergone lots of change since I moved here in 1997. Walter, Tim and now MJ. Q13 has some big shoes to fill. Good luck.

  34. Congratulations, we watched everyday- watched you and the traffic so we knew what to expect. I retired last year – you will love it. We don’t care about the traffic anymore😎

  35. Thank you for making our mornings fun while watching the news. You are always so uplifting. You will be missed
    Enjoy retirement!! You deserve it

  36. Oh drat! M J I doubt if you have any idea how many people hold you dear. The wife and I don’t know how we’re going to face mornings without you. By the way, retirement IS all it’s cracked up to be. Any thoughts of returning to acting? Then your groupies could see you again. Already miss you dear. No pressure Brian.

  37. The flood of comments and compliments here, far beyond most PSM stories, is a testament to MJ’s reporting, professionalism, personality, and career. Many in today’s Seattle media could take a lesson.

    Enjoy your well earned retirement MJ!

  38. Hope you make some camios now and than!
    Loved your pet photos and I hope
    Your replacement will continue these!
    I will miss you!!

  39. Have watched you your entire time on air in Seattle and will miss your positivity and pet walk and oh ya The Weather. Happy Retirement to you MJ.

  40. Hi MJ. Congratulations on your retirement! You will be SO missed. I get up at 5AM to work out most weekday mornings and have for several years. Fox (Q) 13 News has been my workout companion that gets me through 2 hours of hard work. I have always found your weather reports and insights a pleasant distraction from whatever pain I was inflicting on myself. I looked forward to “Fancy Friday” and your tastefully attired guest, Jean Luc. You brought an infectious delight to what could have been a hum-drum segment of the news. I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I have mine. Get lots of sleep and take care of yourself.

  41. Honestly, my Husband and I watch Q13 morning news because of MJ McDermott. She is a real bright spot in our day. We will greatly miss seeing her. She is a funny, happy and positive person. We love her pet segments too! You don’t know us MJ, but we know you 😊 Enjoy your retirement!
    The Shannon’s

  42. We are really going to miss your beautiful smile & great sense of humor. Your cheerfulness when our weather turns sour, makes it all better. Enjoy your family & retirement.🤗😊

  43. My heart is broken! You have been my favorite meteorologist for years and years! It’s too bad they couldn’t move you to a different time slot! You were the most knowledgeable and accurate weather person! You were fun and perky and beautiful! You will be so missed MJ. Wishing you all the best!

  44. Wow! Just got back from vacation and I am happy to see that you are retiring but sad to see you leaving. I have always enjoyed watching you and your pet walk. Best wishes on the next chapter of your life.

  45. I have been in the commercial roofing business here in Seattle for the last 40 years. Weather has always been a critical issue and you are the best. Not just with the weather but YOU. Am watching your final show as I write this and you will be missed. It has been a great combination of MJ, Bill, Adam and yes even Liz. Just like with any great team it’s all about the combination of the players. Hope I can hang with Fox morning news as I experience the changes😎
    Best of times to you. Get some 😴

  46. MJ, Congratulations on your retirement. I’ve enjoyied watching you on ch 13 for years & of your weather reporting. You’ve always been informative, fun natured & a pleasure to watch. You will be missed. Enjoy your Retirement, have fun, be safe & well.

  47. My husband and I will miss you! We enjoy our Q13 in the mornings ! Wishing you happiness in your retirement.

  48. Wishing you an happy retirement MJ, from a fan of you from British Columbia.
    Enjoyed watching you every morning.
    Gonna miss you.

  49. MJ Happy Retirement. Going to miss you and the Morning News will not be the same. Even on the rainy pnw days you have always been the ray of sunshine 🌞 in my day. Thank you for your love and dedication to the weather and pnw. Make sure to have pizza on Fridays for all of us.

  50. MJ – What can we say to the weather reporter who is a renowned meteorologist at the TOP OF HER GAME? The words come easy. You are fun, personable, witty, kind, and the one we trust to listen to EVERY MORNING. But most of all you are incredibly intelligent, not only about the weather, but about life in general. You’ve never needed a shtick to catch our attention or keep it. You are the real deal and a true ambassador for this region. We’ve been lucky to have you in our lives these past two decades, and we will miss you each morning. We bid you a heartfelt congratulations in your retirement and some well deserved “sleeping in” time. Thank you, MJ for your many years of service to our household and so many others! You are OUR Chief Metorologist and have been a bright spot of SUNSHINE in our morning lives. Jeff & Nanci

  51. MJ~ You will be missed! We have enjoyed you and your trusted reporting for many years. Please know you have been a true joy. All the best is wished to you. Happy retirement!
    Thank you~ The Werdall Family

  52. Am shocked and dismayed that you’re leaving MJ! You’re my favorite weather person. You’re fun and knowledgeable and I looked forward to my morning coffee and watching the weather and traffic. You should be the lead meteorologist.
    (not a fan of the girl with the clown clothes.)

  53. MJ happy retirement! Now you can sleep in, stay up late and enjoy normal hours! You’re full of quality, cheerfulness, positivity
    and a true local. You lasted longer than almost everyone looking back 19 years. I was so glad to turn on my tv and see you. I wish you all the best! Miss you already.
    ….p.s. little known fact, my husband had a big crush on you!

  54. I, too, will miss MJ in the mornings!

    I was saddened she wasn’t named the Chief Meteorologist. Regardless, she made Q13 a great place for the weather from a great professional!

    Wishing you well!

  55. I am so sad to not see MJ on the news in the mornings. I will miss her wit, her fancy Fridays, Star Trek spirit, and her incredible smile. I hope she gets rest, goes to the theater, and travels with her family. Cheers to you MJ and the positive impact you have on our communities. Happy retirement.

  56. MJ,

    Will miss you. You and your voice have been a delight in the morning when I’m working out in my basement. Always look forward to your forecasts. I do wonder if Brian will point out the rowers as much as you do. I always thought that was really cute about you.

    Take good care and enjoy your sleep! 🙂

  57. You will be missed. Your humour made me smile and laugh in the morning. And I love your haircut!!!!!! I wish you all the best. ❤️

  58. MJ,
    Regardless of how rough the forecast was, I’ve been comforted by your smile and pleasant personality. I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors. Thank you for always being a bright spot within the daily news!!!

    1. M.J. I wish you were not leaving. You are upbeat and you brighten up my day regardless of the weather forecast. I will miss you. Your quick wit is uplifting. When you are talking I listen intently. You are authentic. I doubt if you will be sleeping in for too long. Maybe you could begin your own TV talk show. Please return!

  59. I’ll missed sitting with my husband watching M.J. and wondering if she’d ever move on from the wedge haircut. Then we’d comment how in a world of weather often being reported by women in figure revealing outfits, M.J. stood alone. We would try to count just how many different baggy jackets from the eighties she owned to go with her baggy black slacks. It was/is what makes her unique and interesting. I always wanted to have a conversation with her to discover what went into the decision to present herself this way. If it was an effort to focus on weather rather than her appearance…it didn’t work for us. We’ll miss you!

  60. Wishing you all sunny days and rainbows. You will be missed and the pet paws. Stay healthy and safe in your retirement.

  61. No matter what the weather is, you have always brightened my day! We will miss you, praying for a happy retirement your journey is just beginning. Wish you all the best.

  62. MJ Thank you for helping keep my pets paws dry you will be missed ! I’ve been retired for over 3 years and it’s great welcome to the other half of your amazing life.

  63. MJ, I have enjoyed your enthusiastic optimism, and at times some funky outfits over the years. It seems so hard to believe it has been almost 20 years of watching you. Congrats, you deserve to sleep in and do what you want and when you want, best wishes in what ever is next for you and your family.

  64. Sad to see you go but time to enjoy life an do what you want now Wishing you all the best always will miss you in the morning for sure ❤❤

  65. My morning news will not be the same without you. But so happy you are moving on to take care of yourself and enjoy the life you have to live. God bless your retirement and future adventures. You will be missed!

  66. MJ,
    Sad to see you go, even though you really deserve the retirement life. Believe me, it’s great on the other side of work. However, IMHO , you’re right up there with the other notable weather casters. Bob Hale had his cartoons, Steve Pool was cool & MJ, you light up the mornings with your unique brand of energy, humor & style. We will truly miss you. Enjoy your future life!

    1. So true – and can I add King 5’s “Larry Schick” to your list of notable weather casters? Larry was another forecaster at the top of his game. I’ve never forgiven King 5 for removing him from the show (1983 – 2003) at a time when he was part of the most watched morning news show in Seattle. He would don on ski cap and give the mountain forecast with a video of a downhiller running in the background. Maybe that’s why I LOVE MJ so much – she reminds me of Larry’s spirit.

  67. MJ,
    So sorry you’re leaving, but really happy you’re going to get to enjoy what a lot of us already know, more sleep is a good thing. You were always such a bright light on the gloomiest?days.
    Always wanted to ask, why the black pants ?
    Have fun, will miss you !

  68. In my youth I was devastated when the Beatles broke up, now as an adult I’m devastated my morning news team is breaking up.

    Seriously, thank you for helping to start my mornings off, here in Poulsbo.

    Best wishes for you in this next phase of life.

  69. I tried all of the other local morning shows and started watching the channel 13 morning news program just because of you!!!!! I like most of the other on-air personalities (…one of them drives me nuts…) but you are loved, and you will be missed very much. No matter how technically accurate your replacement is, he will never be able to match your way of sparkling up a gloomy morning and gloomy forecast. Please enjoy yourself and stay safe. Have I said yet that you will be missed?!?!?!

  70. O-M-G…..I just heard the news today, your last day, that you are retiring. I am in a state of shock. You will be missed so much. Your sense of humor and way you present the weather are second to none. You have some big shoes to fill. Good luck in your retirement.

  71. Dear MJ – You have been my weather person the whole time you’ve been at FOX. You have been so entertaining and a staple in my morning. I am excited for you to retire – it’s awesome and weird at first to get more sleep. Thank you for being the best and I will miss you tons. Best of everything to you and your family!

  72. I love the:morning team. They had such great chemistry together. I can’t imagine it without her. It is the end of an Era. She made understand the weather easy. I will really miss you MJ

  73. What? Have I been living under a rock? You’re retiring,!
    I’m very happy for you and I hope you catch up on your sleep.
    You’ll be missed

  74. We’ll miss you M.J 😔Enjoy your retirement. Remember, the kids had “Spaghetti with “Marinara Sauce” not “Marijuana sauce” 😂 Yes, I saw that day n we all got a good laugh. 😂 You’re a wonderful bubbly person n a great spirit. We enjoyed watching you. You will be missed. Hugs ! Have fun

  75. You will be missed. After asking you to move slightly to one side so those of us in central Washington could see the forecast better, you never missed a beat. Thank you for being so accommodating. Hopefully your instruction to the new person will include a note to include us over here in Chelan and Wenatchee! Best of everything to you as you retire!

  76. I loved her jackets.I couldn’t wait to see what she would wear for the day.Her fancy fridays were the best.You my dear will really be missed very much by me.Enjoy yourself kid,you deserve it.

  77. MJ,

    Sooo glad you made it to retirement!
    Alot of people (at your station) didn’t want you to make it. And it showed!

    But you showed them! Ha ha!
    Now enjoy your “now” time! 🙂

  78. Loved to watch M.J. in the mornings, her and Adam cracked me up! Since COVID hit they were part of “my alarm” and helped me start my day, lots of laughs for sure! Oh and PIZZA FRIDAY’S for ever!! Congratulations and enjoy sleeping in.

  79. Will miss her in our mornings..professional, warm, always a clear view of the upcoming weather, good luck in your retirement..!! You always made us smile!!

    1. There was the Ranger Charlie show on Channel 11. At least three different people portrayed Ranger Charlie. Charlie Burd, former radio and Channel 11 personality, Robin Lee Noll was the second ranger and MJ McDermott followed. A. Winslow Barger was the voice of Roscoe the raccoon. Robin Lee Noll went on to Hollywood and among other roles played Nurse Berman and two other characters on King of Queens.

  80. She was one of a kind and always made the weather report fun and worth watching. I do wonder though if the M.J. stood for Marilyn Jane.

  81. I always liked MJ and wish her only the best. I am glad she was able to leave on her own terms. She was good at what she did, always happy and upbeat, and very personable.

    In today’s environment Seattle TV is more concerned with how tight a weather a readers clothes are……..

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