Spokane’s Nattily Dressed TV Newscasters & Champions Of Charity

Rania Kaur – KXLY TV 4/Spokane
After successfully completing one month of employment, Rania Kaur has received her KXLY/Spokane tv news reporter gear. You can’t really cover a news story without it, and you can’t get it without earning it. Rania comes to KXLY from KPLC NBC/CW 7, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Congratulations, Rania!

I like the KXLY baseball cap, but I harbor no envy. For I have owned a KJUN/Puyallup crew jacket.

Derek Deis & Robyn Nance – KXLY 4/Spokane
And that beats this outfit worn by Derek Deis of KXLY 4. Note the baggy pants. Superman wore tights, man! Robyn Nance looks mighty fine, dressed as Supergirl. The photo shoot was not a promo for KXLY’s newscasts, but a charity for Children’s Miracle Network.

The Supes are two characters from the DC Universe. DC Comics mostly focuses on characters representing gods and other mythical beings. While Marvel follows the theme of mankind trying to achieve the higher power. Marvel characters include Spider Man, Iron Man and Captain America.

Since KXLY 4 went for DC characters, maybe KREM 2 or KHQ 6 would choose Marvel characters. Maybe not for charity, but to promo the newscast. The way tv news is going, I wouldn’t put it past them. Any suggestions on which news anchor would look best as Wanda Maximoff?


In studio earlier today, 88.5 KNKX news director Florangela Davila, along with Ed Ronco, during that station’s membership drive.

Ed Ronco & Florangela Davila – 88.5 KNKX

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