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6 thoughts on “1972 KQIN DISC JOCKEYS

    1. Burl was on KOL when KQIN went Country in 1972. I will keep watch for any articles mentioning Burl at KQIN.

    1. Brian Calkins was on several Seattle area stations, and was hired right out of WSU’s Broadcasting school at KASY Auburn.

  1. In 74, Burl worked weekdays at KQIN and weekends at KOL-AM as did Jim Hewett . At KOL Hewett was Robin Sherwood. Don Chambers also worked weekends at KOL.

    1. Thanks, Ed! This clarifies the question of Burl at KQIN. As I recall, I was living in Texas at the time and was out of touch with the Seattle radio scene.

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