13 thoughts on “Radio Welcomes The Seattle Pilots

  1. Now we have the Bellingham Bells, which was a team around when I was a kid. It came back into being after the Baby M’s left. It is advanced college level, but many good players. A few of them get signed to the big leagues each year. Two years back we had this kid who had been offered 2 million as the Diamond Backs #1 draft pick. He turned them down to go to UCLA and we had him for the summer. Anyway, he was exceptional to watch…fielder and hitter.

  2. Another team that plays Bellingham is the Portland Pickles. Weird name since Portland has no significant connection to pickles. Their logo looks a bit suggestive. One of the best names is Wenatchee Apple Sox. At least it has a good connection to the home town and is not embarrasing.

  3. It appears that the Milk Maids didn’t let the name hold them back. Now, the Spokane Prancing Prissies, that is another story.

  4. The Milk Maids came in third in the 1948 World Series.

    In 1949, the Bellingham Bells came in fifth.

    In 1988, the Everett Merchants won the series. Their home field, Everett Memorial Stadium, was home to the “World Famous Merchant Burger”. Over the years, seven former Everett Merchant players went to the majors.

  5. The Walla Walla team that comes to Bellingham to play our Bells is called the Walla Walla Sweets. I get the tie in to onions but it does not make them seem very imposing. A baseball team from long ago, worst name ever and I am not kidding….Mount Vernon Milk Maids.

    1. Every time they lost, it was a Milk Dud and boy, did it put ’em in a sour mood. They never lost a close one, they just got skimmed. They played a lot of games under a buttermilk sky. Sometimes they got a fast ball, sometimes a soft serve. The cheerleaders’ most requested routine was the Milk Shake.

  6. I find the name Blue Devils offensive. We know the devil is red. Calling the team BLUE devils is a misappropriation of the devil’s culture. Blue signifying a coldness. The devil’s environment is HOT. Hotter than blue blazes, the preacher says.

    I hope that no Bears or Phillies (horses) were harmed in the course of the many seasons the Walla Walla farm teams played.

    How do you like the new me? I’m a social justice warrior and a member of PETA.

  7. I was a faithful Pilots fan. I listened to the games on KUJ, which also broadcast the Walla Walla Bears, later to become the Walla Walla Phillies. Then several other affiliations with Major League teams, but I digress.
    I was broken hearted when the Pilots moved and it took me a long time to warm up to the Mariners.
    Back to Walla Walla, most other sports were carried on KTEL. For instance, Walla Walla High School Blue Devils.

  8. An amazing amount of religious programing, even on KOL-FM. KING-FM is still broadcasting the Sunday compline service at the same 9:30pm slot.

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