Jimmie Fidler In Hollywood; Ken Niles, Announcer from Seattle

Jimmy Fidler column, Los Angeles Times, 1940

Jimmie Fidler was a columnist, journalist, movie extra, radio and television personality. Fidler had a 15-minute NBC radio program in 1933, Hollywood On Air. He was regarded in Hollywood as a genuine threat to gossip queen Louella Parsons, especially after he scooped her in November 1935 on a major story about Clark Gable, an incident so embarrassing to Parsons that she lied about it in her autobiography.

Fidler interviewed film personalities for the Hollywood segments of Fox Movietone News. Such was Fidler’s influence that a negative comment by him could affect the box office drawing power of a star.

By 1950, Fidler was earning more than $250,000 a year and was heard by 40 million listeners over 486 radio stations. During 1952-53, he hosted the live television drama series, Hollywood Opening Night on NBC.

Fidler continued his radio program in independent syndication until his retirement in late 1983, at the age of 85. (Wikipedia)

Jimmie Fidler NBC program [1944], sponsored by Arrid deodorant (13:30) Carter’s Liver Pills adjacency

Ken Niles

Ken Niles debuted in radio on KJR in Seattle, late in the 1920s. He began a series of original radio dramas called Theater of the Mind in 1928. Niles subsequently narrated, or served as announcer, in several feature films. His most notable film role was the murdered lawyer Leonard Eels in Out of the Past (1947) with Robert Mitchum.

Niles also served as commercial announcer and foil for Bing Crosby in the Bing Crosby Entertains series (1933-1935) and also on several series sponsored by Camel Cigarettes, notably The Abbott and Costello Show. Niles was frequently paired in comedy skits opposite Elvia Allman as his fictitious wife Mrs Niles. Niles was also the announcer for The Amazing Mrs. Danberry.

For his work in radio, he received a “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was dedicated February 8, 1960. (rokitradio)

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2 thoughts on “Jimmie Fidler In Hollywood; Ken Niles, Announcer from Seattle

  1. Carter’s Liver Pills had not yet become Carter’s Little Liver Pills and then, following a lawsuit, just Carter’s Pills. It was also before the immortal slogan, “Don’t . . be . . half safe. Use Arrid to be sure!”

    Jimmie also mentioned five-year-old Patrick Wayne, who went through U. S. Coast Guard boot camp in the company behind mine in October 1961.

    Jimmie Fidler had a five minute show I listened to weekday mornings on KVI in the late 1940’s.

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