Margaret Larson Retires; B-Dub Inks Deal

Margaret Larson retires after 10 years with KING 5 as the “New Day” hostess. She and family will move to North Carolina. Larson worked as a reporter for NBC, until becoming a news anchor at KIRO-TV, then returned to NBC, while still living in Seattle, as a correspondent for Dateline NBC. From 1999 to 2002, she also anchored the 11pm news for KING-TV….KNUC Country 98.9 evening host Bryan “B Dub” Washington has signed a multiyear deal with Skyview Networks for his syndicated weekend show, now to be called B-Dub Radio Saturday Night.

Author: Jason Remington

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9 thoughts on “Margaret Larson Retires; B-Dub Inks Deal

  1. Today, Inslee Tweeted, “WATCH: I’m holding a media availability at 2:30 PM today.”
    News conference?

    1. We need to start building a consensus here on the spewing of catchphrases. At the end of the day, I think Dick Ellingson should take the lead on this 360 review. In the use of the English language, Dick is sticking to his core competency and can uniquely focus on this critical area. Reviewing other comments here, there are a lot of low hanging fruit, and we need to move the needle. We must be results-driven, no pushback because it is mission-critical. By leveraging our synergies, we can make a paradigm shift in terms of conversation. That having been said, Dick, please ping me when you feel it is time to revisit this subject.

  2. Nice article up to the point where the phrase “speak truth to power” was used. Then I had to turn it off. Buzzwords and catch phrases, please don’t.

    cloner hexers

    1. I totally agree, Jason! Don’t describe a friend that way. Better: “What a sweetheart! She takes B. S. from nobody! Politicians and other liars run from her!”

      But the politicrap that still burns me decades later is, “In my judgment” instead of “In my opinion”, used by judgmental politicians empty of judgment skills yet overflowing with opinions.

      schlep caving

  3. Wishing Margaret a happy retirement. As you know, we made a few appearances on New Day, the King 5 talk show. As I mentioned on another broadcasting blog, Margaret was always a pleasure to work with. I always enjoyed her producer Su, who was always very good at making us feel comfortable on the show.

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